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  1. I've had this game for a few weeks, and everytime i got good enough to do a little nm (never complete it, but get to wave 15 on a good day) you made some changes that put me back to wave 1-2 I was one of those raging about the shark last night, and now after sleeping on it, i was thinking, why not make a new difficulty? Instead of making the gap between insane and nm bigger, put it back to the yesterday settings (basicly without the sharken) and make a new difficulty with the sharken (call it Hell or w/e). Then the weaker players like me can fight and get better so we one day can do i
  2. Everytime i wanna start a survival on mistymire, it puts me back to the main menu. Am i the only one this has happend to or? i can make these survivals on all the other maps i've completed, but not this :(
  3. Or perhaps they did think about it. If these sharkens cant push beams, as you said, you'll have to use (and buy) the EV DLC to get those beam blocades, 3.99€ iirc. But imo the sharkens are ****, and please dont become one of those companies that only makes a game for the money. The game was awesome yesterday, but now i'm not so sure. They push physical beams like other towers. So they didn't make them to make us buy more DLCs.. The difference between insane and nm are just getting way to big now. A new player can soon do insane, but with the equipment he can find there, he'll never b
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