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  1. Rift mode survival maps now take roughly 50% longer to complete due to the mobs spawn rate adjustments. players are actually clearing regular survival faster than rift mode now. my average clear time for glitterhelm massacre hardcore rift mode from wave 23-25 pre-patch was about 7 mins flat. post patch it takes about 10.5 mins to clear, a drastic increase. other maps are yielding similar results. the 30-40 viewers in anthem td's stream were reporting the same issue in rift mode survival as well.
  2. glitterhelm has the highest value loot currently in game russman. the summit is very slightly less. if i recall correctly the best armor in glitterhelm massacre hc is armor with 418 upgrades whereas the summit is 417 upgrades. however it drops substantially on any map under the summit. also remember pets and weapons cannot roll as high as armor can, and accessories even lower. the 418/417 max upgrades was referring to armor only
  3. lots of good ideas here, but most of it would require drastic changes and i therefore doubt they will even consider it. The real problem is that someone at CG absolutely loves the hero deck. players have been saying remove the hero deck ever since dungeon defenders eternity and it falls on deaf ears. it creates massive problems and eliminates build diversity even w/o considering rift mode. the simplest solution? 1) xp toggles. players can gain xp on X number of heros which can just be toggled on/off. it's still limited but has nothing to do with a hero deck. done. simple
  4. i guess my question would be when will we know how to get from 73/74 to 74/74 achievements?
  5. After having played in rift mode for a while now id like to comment on what ive observed. Chromatic said they increased the minimum loot quality when playing on rift mode as it was a major player concern when grinding. So far in my experience what i've seen is that we now obtain a large quantity of "mid" tier items with absolutely no increase whatsoever in how many high tier items we see. I have run around 1000 glitterhelms with rift mode hardcore survival wave 25 since the patch. i average 8min 30sec per clear which puts me at around 150 hours of clearing that map. in that time the
  6. i disagree. all heros are required to be in the hero deck now which means i cant level up (cant gain xp outside hero deck) another apprentice to wear my old gear for when i want a flameburst tower. which means all my flamebursts are now built using my new fusion DST armor. the old gear is trashed. same with my aura monk now that electric auras are fusion. the only "old" gear i use is my waller and my trapper, but you dont need great gear for walls, anything with fortify so who cares. the trapper kinda matters, but since it's not fusion armor i only use it for gas or darkness, i would nev
  7. the biggest issues have already been beat to death by the community. #1) fusion towers require hero deck probably a solid 90% of players hate it. #2) raising the loot floor essentially requires playing rift mode (just like hardcore) which means ALL non fusion gear is now 100% trash. #3) requiring wearing terrible gear from Act 1 and Act 2 because it doesnt even drop on the hardest maps. nobody wants to downgrade 418 upgrade gear to 290 ups from ancient mines. all of these issues have been stated multiple times by many people. and now with DD1 redux coming out it will be very tough t
  8. are you serious? we only get 3 fusion towers when there are 25 towers in total and you think it's not reason to complain? i guess you're entitled to your opinion but that's crazy
  9. quote: "Fusion armor set bonuses are channeled only to heroes that are actively equipped to your hero deck, providing you the ability to use up to four Fusion towers at any given time. This means currently in multiplayer you can have up to SIXTEEN Fusion towers to absolutely decimate your foes. " Most of us have 6 or 7 builders we actively use. Terrible design. and secondly this statement is 100% not even factual. every player in a game will have a dps (or boost) type hero at all times meaning we're limited to only THREE in single player or TWELVE in multiplayer, not four and sixteen.
  10. yes im on massacre, im maxed armor. that screenshot is IN a massacre survival map. and YES i got one shot twice with those stats. normally i can take 2 shots but not always. and once again going FULL VITALITY should not be the equivalent of 2 shot instead of 1 shot. it's horrible, horrible design. even getting 2 shot is stupid. the fact that it's possible to get one shot still is a huge huge huge problem
  11. Once again yes my armor is maxed apparently a screenshot is the only way you'll believe it lmfao.
  12. yea i had max armor and max vit, normally i can take 2ish, but not always, still get one shot sometimes. super bad design, really awful. frankly max vit shouldnt be the only viable dps strategy anyway just to TRY and not get one shotted.
  13. yep, maxed out armor rating. it's ridiculous. and now after going at it for the last 8 hours, my buddy has decided to quit permanently.....this is extremely frustrating.
  14. every armor piece 350+ upgrades with maxed armor rating for massacre plus EVERY upgrade put into vitality, plus ALL level ups put into vitality. managed to get up to 351,000 health on my dps monk. still the dragon one shot me with a fireball on wave 25 summit survival. Getting one shot is not fun, fix it. also we should not be required to place EVERY SINGLE available point from every source in existence into vitality just to attempt to not have this happen. really terrible
  15. i specifically farmed 71 BILLION gold for launch and even fully upgraded a giraffe which costs around 20 billion, BECAUSE WE WERE TOLD THERE WAS NO WIPE FOR LAUNCH. instead of playing over 700 hours i would've OBVIOUSLY played 50 hours max and waited for launch to farm all that out. i absolutely cannot believe this has been done to us. I'm going to play MAYBE 20 more hours with a friend of mine and ONLY because i convinced him to buy the game and spend his money before the launch happened. after that im done. frankly if i didnt feel bad for having my friend spend money already i would nev
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