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  1. there's always hope..........never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.........then again maybe thats even more negative than the op
  2. a lot of people including myself did not like the way DD2 used heros. what you mean by making it "hero-centric" is that heros should be dps and way more powerful than towers. i disagree whole-heartedly with that idea. you mentioned that in DD1 heros were not relevant. this is not true at all, when you were doing difficult content your hero was VITAL in saving the day. HOW you saved the day was the great thing DD1 did correctly. You were not restricted to being dps. you could choose to build a great variety of support style heros that werent focused at all on personal dps. be it active builder that replaced towers (or walls), or a hero built to repair super effectively, or a hero that utilized tower buffing pets by being near certain towers at the RIGHT TIME and actively moving around the map, or many other weird unorthodox styles. Heck the first time i killed the goblin mech i used a support squire with max sword block.....and had bowling ball turrets blanketing the hall with balls. everytime the mech attacked me it would nudge me back a fraction of an inch towards the crystal and i had to try to reposition and keep him from moving forward. in the end i won with the mech nearly in range of the crystal. would it have been easier if i just made a dps hero? probably yea, but it was so satisfying when i found a strategic way to do it instead and its a moment ill never forget. DD1 was not at all just tower defense anymore than DD2 was. in both games once you got strong enough your hero was no longer needed and you could afk maps. the only actual difference is that DD2 was much much much more focused on forcing people to play strictly dps heros rather than allowing other styles of play. I do not want another dd2, i do not want a fps game. there are plenty of fps games out here and i dont intend to play those either. now having said that i encourage chromatic to allow strong dps heros. just because i prefer my active supporty/builder style of play doesnt mean others should play that way too. some people love the dps style and fps feel and that's great! variety tends to be a good thing in games and i truly hope they can find ways to encourage our dps and our support players to have fun together.
  3. im a bit torn on this topic. let me explain. as others have said i enjoyed the more hardcore aspect of DD1 where it took significant investment to beat things. lots of time, upgrading, and effort to get through the whole game. seasons dont feel like they would fit due to the investment requirements to finish achievements within the game. However i have MANY times wished i could hit reset on DD1 and just start fresh. Ive tried to do so by creating new level 1's with no mana and no items etc but things like map unlocks and progression were still fully open. that made it impossible to remember where i had left off last, did i beat ramparts yet? beats me but the maps after ramparts are all unlocked...a reset button or a season would scratch that itch to truly get a fresh start. the idea of seasons intrigues me but doesnt really seem to quite fit with the style of dungeon defenders. Maybe something as simple as a "new game+" button though i have no idea how reasonable that would be from a development perspective.
  4. so lemme get this straight, you want swapping to be intended but super irritating JUST for the purpose of it being irritating? sorry i didnt realize that the game should only be enjoyable for you because you like grouping and not enjoyable for anybody that isnt you.....ill not be responding anymore this is just devolving into pointless bickering
  5. it's not strictly a multiplayer game. i usually play with my friends or alone. there's nothing wrong with people wanting to group up, it's just not what im typically looking for from this style of game.
  6. technically true but super mega annoying swapping them around anytime you wanna change anything, move a tower, rebuild a lost something etc. if the only limit they actually intend is XP then they should just make xp toggles and eliminate the deck completely. i toggle 4 xp toons and swap to whatever he heck i want
  7. i agree 100% with dizzydiana it wasnt hard to level additional characters at all in DD1. it was just days of afk play. i look forward to actively playing something meaningful while leveling an additional character in my deck. i dont really like the hero deck in its current state but as far as xp goes it's a step in the right direction. as far as the actual deck goes, i think it's mildly irritating now, and will be MASSIVELY irritating once new heros come out. once we have 10 or 12 different heros ill truly hate only being capable of using 4.
  8. This is my main concern. Im a pc only gamer but i view the exclusivity and now delayed releases as a fracturing of the community and i worry it will not be good for the overall health of the game. people that obtained refunds and may never play at all now, that is not good for ALL of us regardless of how you intend to enjoy this game. I want as many people as possible playing and enjoying themselves, because that means a brighter future for DDA.
  9. yea i agree constantly pushing page down to see if you missed anything was awful. the chat box needs to function WAY better and should also be resizable and movable. And while ive never played on console, it DEFINETELY sounds like they need a chat wheel or something cuz although i laughed pretty hard picturing dizzydiana standing there spam pinging some random thing just HOPING they'd get the message, it would definitely have been super frustrating to be in that position with no way to communicate effectively.
  10. Being a PC gamer i feel unbiased in this area, perhaps I can be of help? They arent able to deliver anything close to what they promised during the kickstarter so something does need done as some type of compensation for the console gamers. I dont like the idea of a steam key + console key that seems unrealistic. However perhaps allow console gamers to get a steam key NOW for the early access launch and allow that key to continue on until the release on ps4/xbox then give them a one time option to transfer their key and no longer have PC access but keep their characters/items and begin playing on their consoles. however it would be a one time option AND a one way trip. that is the best solution i could come up with. there are many potential solutions but my recommendation is to offer up other solutions to Chromatic for the issue at hand. unfortunately i see a lot of people (not just this thread) complaining about this exact issue, which almost never helps solve any issues. offer up reasonable well thought plans and perhaps Chromatic will take action. They did offer up many refunds to kickstarter backers as a simple solution to this issue in the past few months. I dont feel that was a satisfying solution as it hurts the community of this game instead of growing the community. I hope Chromatic will think through this a little more at this time with that in mind. I doubt ill ever play on anything other than a PC personally, but i wanna see the community grow and the game be successful. just my 2c
  11. heck yea 23 days to EA! Also props to chromatic on the youtube video, dropping the mega chicken for the easter egg xD
  12. ive definitely beaten each map with a wide variety of builds and tower mixes to try everything out. i think the variety is fine but as fluffy said a couple posts earlier "if you rearrange all my points i might need a completely different build." this rings very true. ive even beaten the maps with ONLY lightning auras for damage but the monk pumped hard into tower damage (about 425ish) but it required a much different build than normal. i recommend you just try out different builds with your stats adjusted and find what playstyle you prefer.
  13. i havent been able to find any streams or videos of the pax south footage. there was one very small video that juicebags put together but it was short and difficult to see. if anybody has links to pax south footage id love to see it and provide such feedback. otherwise im just here waiting for beta to end and launch to finally come in february!
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