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  1. thank you very much for the reply i know yer busy and it's very very appreciated!
  2. with the beta now scheduled to launch in just 2 days, should the backers from kickstarter have received their beta keys yet? The list above does not say "sent" yet so im assuming not, but with the date SO close it felt reasonable to ask. Thanks!
  3. Im more inclined to agree with Gotrunks. While we dont need constant updates, it's been nearly 2 months since the last word on kickstarter which is not good. I think a monthly word at least saying hello is not unreasonable when you take nearly half a million dollars for a product that doesnt even exist lol.
  4. Im holding you to that, i expect to see a suicide kobold run into my wall and chunks of pineapple fly all around the map
  5. for most of us, sharken were NOT a dps check, with enough tower speed on your trapper and series EV buff beam, your gas traps could permanently lock them down. they would not be capable of charging before being re-stunned from the gas. that's what i meant =D great perspectives though thanks for the feedback!
  6. i didnt ignore the concept of time restricted pathing, i specifically said and i quote "build timers can be adjusted accordingly" you are correct that building your defenses within a time frame DOES require skill. running back and forth does not =P
  7. appreciate the replies! i respect that some people like dailies but i hate them because one thing you said is untrue "you lose nothing by them still being in the game". By not doing dailies i DO lose whatever bonus those dailies provide, so you cant say i lose nothing lol. it leads people like me to feel pidgeonholed into logging in every single day even if i didnt want to in order to "keep up" with others, and in every game ive played that had dailies it has always lead to burnout---logging in constantly cuz i felt like i HAD to until finally i just stop logging in completely and never go back. Keep the feedback coming defenders! I may be passionate about my opinions but I still want to hear yours even if it disagrees with me!!!
  8. well hopefully there will be massacre survival mode just as there was with nightmare!
  9. So I wont highlight everything, but from DD1 to DD2 to DDE there have been a lot of good, and a lot of bad things. 1) Make towers far more important than they were in DD2 (less emphasis on dps heros) 2) Allow active builders to not get one shot like they did in DD1 (DDE fixed that issue) 3) Unique items akin to those of DD1---special weapons and pets with very unique abilities/functionality 4) No daily quests! Let me play when and how I want please. 5) Cash shop cosmetics only! I dont want them...but make some money off those that do as long as they dont effect gameplay in any way 6) Hot swapping at least during build phase---build timers can be adjusted accordingly! running to and from the forge is not a skill 7) End game gear rarity akin to DD1---good freakin luck finding ult++ lol 8) Player driven economy, at a bare minimum tavern sales like DD1. but really cmon just put in an auction house with customizable search parameters. I spent an absurd amount of time buying/selling/trading with other players in DD1 to get that one thing i needed....and get rid of the super rare thing i didnt need. 9) No perma lockdown...DD1 gas traps...DDE enrage auras...DD2 proton beams. Also this means nothing that requires perma lockdown lol, sharken come to mind here. 10) Highest quality loot from survival mode. Most unique loot from challenges and bosses (or possibly survival completion rewards if it wont be endless) And most importantly...when in doubt just do what you did in DD1 as it was by far the best iteration of the franchise. Hope this hits the devs ears, already backed the kickstarter and have extremely high hopes for this bringing us back to what dungeon defenders started out as and what it was meant to be!
  10. actually if you read patch notes earthshatter are NOT aoe anymore. furthermore with my abyss lord i clearly stated that i used NO HERO DPS lol. that means i should be able to do the same with apprentice towers unless the goal is to bring abyss lord tower damage DOWN. lastly, people clearing that content pre-abyss lord were using frosty/traps which is still viable. they originally stated the goal of this power up was to bring the other characters towers UP to the power level of abyss lord and ev. that clearly has not happened, at least for apprentice.
  11. If the goal was to bring the other towers up to the same power of abyss lord, then it utterly failed. maybe someone has tested squire and found better, i ran my test with apprentice. gear was very comprable ipwr 700ish range. the damage difference between an archer vs a flameburst tower vs an earthshatter tower is still HIGHLY in favor of the archers. and that's if all you do is consider ONE archer, what i mean is completely ignoring that an archer unit actually has 2 archers. But let's not worry about the numbers...how did it play out, because that's what really matters right? so i ignored the bad numbers i saw and built NM4 incursion gates of dragonfall. super easy map, very easy to build, good testing grounds. the results were staggering. as per usual when using archers i was able to just upgrade, no hero dps at all, JUST upgrade, and clear the map. however when switching to using flameburst/earthshatter towers, even with USING a dps hero i wasnt able to get past wave 1, let alone clear the map. clearly the balance is still way outta whack. granted i only tested apprentice towers, but they are still VERY clearly not viable. Hope this helps Isom!
  12. So basically the OP's problem would go away if the post I made was true. And you just verified that the post I made is in fact true. Ok then. Mooving on... Actually what you said was not true. The drop system was perfectly fine in DD1 with one simple thing in mind. They did not DREAM of the success they would get in DD1. If you play the original game, without nightmare, you have absolutely no issues gearing up and doing the content that the game had. They even left room in their design for expansion via DLC. They released new maps with better gear and the system still worked without any flaw. the problem was that the game was frankly too successful. They did not anticipate the game to grow as much as it did. And once nightmare mode was introduced, the game had outgrown it's original design. While the original design WAS made for success and included room to grow, it just wasnt robust enough to grow as much as it did. As HPTSparky has said, they intend to address the loot system and there have been numerous threads regarding the issue. Trendy is well aware of the issue, and I believe it's not new news to them. It's an issue they addressed when they created DD1, but they addressed it with the resources they had, and without expecting the phenomenal success they got.
  13. The Summoner rendered non EV walls less than useless, Actually i believe EV walls rendered all non EV walls less than useless lol. The summoner just made all walls including EV walls horrible, however we still had to use EV walls once we ran out of summons xD
  14. One thing i saw over and over again in your post is something i'd like to use a reply to emphasize. Allow xxxxxxx to be done in game without switching windows or logging out. This should definetely be the case for every aspect of the game. whether it is cash shop purchases, player to player transactions (trade or auction house), looking for groups, general chatting(without a forum), the list could go on and on and on. All of these things should have a user interface within the game.
  15. That was a gear scaling problem due to having built on top of a system that could not handle the kinds of numbers that wanted to be applied, combined with a drop system that didn't have a "minimum" setting. agreed. they never expected the success they had with DD1 and the core design was not built to be capable of the expansion they did. The *need* for mana tokens, the EXTREME rarity of upper tier drops coupled with negative 400 stat rolls, level 1 drops right next to ultimate+++ gear. They did the best they could with the engine they had, but most of those issues were literally UNABLE to be fixed no matter what. Hence the need for DD2 which we are all super excited to see =D
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