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  1. you can see "max upgrade points" before you ever spend any but yea i checked manually anyway. i did find 2 level 83's with possibility of fire rate upgrades since my post so im now leaning towards just super bad RNG luck but something still seems off as the other level weapons seem to constantly have it available. half the weapons having it as an option down to about 1 or 2% still makes it feel like something just isnt randomizing properly
  2. ive noticed an issue with repair speeds too. during waves it might be ok, although im not sure if it's scaling properly with casting speed. My issue is during infinite time build phases, repairs during an infinite time stage should basically be instant, i feel like in DD1 repair speeds were drastically increased during a build phase but im not entirely sure i could have a faulty memory. either way a repair speed increase specific to build phase only would be greatly appreciated as a quality of life since it's infinite time anyway.
  3. fantastic patch today, gameplay feels 100x better now. thank you very much
  4. one time i got a call that a printer wouldnt print. i asked any errors on screen, he told me it said "error: printer out of paper" i asked if he checked that, i kid you not he told me plenty of paper on the desk..............................................
  5. the best pet ive found so far was a transcendent lvl 83 giraffe that had 330+ to each of the 4 tower stats with 350 upgrades. hope that helps
  6. juicebags tested a couple pets since the update. they were still incredibly low damage unfortunately, he spent a couple billion gold testing a few pets. i think the best one he found was only doing about 100k dps on a tavern dummy and it was a nightmare quality pet
  7. this could be just super unlucky RNG buuuuut.....ive obtained many level 70, 78, and 90 guns (of ALL types gun crossbow etc) and they seem to be dropping properly some have fire rate upgrades some do not working as intended probably. however every single level 83 huntress weapon ive obtained not a single one has possible fire rate upgrades. Ive probably obtained hundreds at this point and after the first 30 or so not having fire rate i became suspicious and started checking every single level 83 huntress weapon i found and continue to find. any other level of weapon has been maybe half and half some having possible fire rate upgrades some not so it seems very suspect that out of a few hundred drops not even one level 83 has had the posibility. ill also mention that it could be specific to the most recent update as i did not have any "old" level 83 weapons to check, i obtained all of them after this most recent patch so i have no idea if its a new thing, or if it's been that way ever since nightmares first patch. i didnt report it in game as a bug because i wasnt exactly sure how to word all of this, sorry if it sounds like rambling. edit: they were also all "mythical level 83" i never found any "transcendent level 83"
  8. yea i have died every single wave after 15 on survival promenade, and will almost certainly not be able to finish for this one single reason. the second i step out to try and repair, dps, or do anything other than hide scared for my life, i instantly get mobbed and die. 25 spiders will suddenly web me, and if ONE hits, it's all over. and YES i have defenses dedicated to trying to kill them, it doesnt matter, there's just way too many. and if you get webbed once, you will be perma webbed until yer dead. not to mention as soon as yer snared 20 dark elf assassins(because of course they spawn is massive quantities too) will make mad dash for you and one shot you cuz you cant move. so hide scared and hope yer defenses can win, that is the only strategy, good times. oh and dont forget traps and auras only, with a couple DST that you can hide behind walls since they shoot through. any tower that needs line of sight is now obsolete cuz if it has line of sight, so do the spiders and then that tower is dead. guess im back to ancient mines until they fix this mess, at least there i can hide towers in the wooden bridge where spiders cant go. until they nerf the bridge rather than fixing the spiders
  9. agree to disagree. spamming campaign and fully rebuilding every 7 minutes is not fun at all and should be aimed at new and/or casual players that just want to play through the game. survival should be for more dedicated players and should grant XP relative to the time investment. Game design is such that players should be encouraged to play in areas where they will get stronger naturally. this means that if all my upgrades are on survival, i should naturally want to level up there
  10. they fixed the ogres getting hit by darkness immediately......but overlooked dark elves not getting hit by it. very frustrating
  11. it doesnt matter where you put your towers now. the only viable strategy for survival runs now is to spawn camp with traps and auras only, and stand your hero inside the traps. any other strategy is fail. i really hope they patch it tomorrow, if not im taking the day off lol.
  12. they mentioned somewhere that this was a "known bug" i cant remember where tho
  13. why fix the copter ogres when you could instead buff the spiders that needed nerfed BEFORE they got buffed....cmon CG
  14. yea 100% of my time is spent on spiders now, it's completely ridiculous. spiders need toned way down very fast, like tomorrow emergency patch. some maps are basically unplayable now frankly spiders needed toned down BEFORE you buffed them. you went the wrong way, turn back this is literally bonkers
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