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  1. I've read that it's better to upgrade the TBB first because it boosts multiple towers but is the buff the same in the end if you don't? The reason that you want to upgrade the TBB to max first is because it'll affect multiple towers/traps/auras with just one upgrade. Also, yes, the total buff is the same no matter which order upgrade the TBB and the defenses on it.
  2. Guardian boost is soft-capped at 20, so you can raise it from 1 to 20, but no further. The game counts all 40+ boost guards as 40. In order to get a 40+ boost it has to drop (in OMF or SMF for example) or show up in shop with 40+.
  3. I am also curious about this. Is it the same algorithm for all scaling? I listed the scaling at the start of my tower buff beam thread and no, they don't scale the same.
  4. First, I'd suggest adding an aura monk and trap huntress to your roster. This will give you a lot more options in NM builds. Also, see ddplanner.com for build ideas. Campaign ideas: Hall of Court NMHC to wave 15 for myth/trans genie pets. Ramparts NMHC is the easiest act 3 map IMO. If you can do that to wave 22+ then move onto Glitter NMHC survival for the best pre-Shards drops.
  5. No NM buff beam test? If I'm using elec auras, they're always boosted. Another benefit of elec auras is they only have to be in the area of a buff beam to get the boost. Inferno traps need the smaller trigger to be on the buff beam to get the effect. The primary reason I don't use inferno traps like others mentioned is the lack of visibility. Both elec auras and inferno traps combo well with gas traps and/or ensnares these days in NM.
  6. [c3;455901']it looks like the electric aura doesnt get the 1.6x damage multiplier for NM mode that other towers do. or it does, but its effectiveness is reduced greatly prior to that. which i think is stupid. Before the buff in the recent patch, electric aura did 75% damage in NM. That's why elec aura was considered useless in NM until Series EV showed up. The tower buff beam boosted the range, rate, and damage to worthwhile amounts. With the 1.30 patch buff, elec aura has become quite viable for frying the weaker trash, leaving the tougher mobs to the towers.
  7. I don't disagree with the numbers here at all, but the Lightning Turret offers a considerably larger field of influence, which isn't a minor detail. The Aura will hit *EVERYTHING* within its radius, but will never affect anything outside of that. The tower on the other hand can reach quite a long ways. In most cases, I prefer the Aura, but yeah, for reaching out to long range, the LT offers a lot. I agree with your statements. Both the LT and elec aura offer 360 degree coverage in different ways. Thanks to the the range boost of buff beams, both LTs and elec auras have a long reach. If th
  8. Patch 7.31 tested This is my observations between the Damage Per Second (DPS) differences in my app LTs and monk elec auras that I found interesting. As we know, patch 7.30 buffed both LTs and elec auras in Nightmare (NM) difficulty. I tested a few different setups to see how they compared. Monk - Aura Damage: 1577, Aura Rate: 504 App - Tower Damage: 2355, Tower Rate: 1496 From a stats point of view, my app looks to be a lot stronger than my monk here. My numbers are based on LT/elec aura maxed out. After I built and maxed the tower/aura, I switched to an EV, so no in play bonus
  9. This. I find it difficult to believe people use ALL five towers. Who really uses Slice and Dice towers these days? Deadly Strikers? Etheral Spike Trap? Proton Beam? Heal/Enrage Aura? Come on. I've used boosted DSTs to fix the stuck mobs issue in Shipwreck Monster Fest and stuck djinns in misty, plus it snipes down the whole north lane where harpoons can't shoot. I use one heal aura in my monster fest builds. My point is, I like having all of my options open, which is why I want to bind detonate traps to one letter key.
  10. I just finished downloading the hotfix on Steam.
  11. The problem with using a number is you lose a standard hotkey for a tower/ability. I was hoping to bind detonate trap to a letter. I searched the config on start up and the options. Nothing listed for trap detonation. I did notice the config screen had a console command bar at the bottom. Does anyone know if there's a way to bind a letter to detonate traps?
  12. After a couple of Shipwreck NMHC runs, the loot seems to be on par with or slightly worse than OMF. As far as trans drops on monster fest goes, we'd see one trans drop every several runs in OMF and the quality wasn't that great. If you're chasing trans drops, I've seen them drop faster on misty NMHC survival wave 15+ with better quality ones dropping after wave 20.
  13. I had the same issue, made a misty NMHC build, pressed G, game says I'm in combat and no mobs spawn.
  14. It's been said in other threads that a hunt guard gives a stronger buff than an app guard (roughly 3x vs 2.5x). Most NMHC survival builders are using EV buff beams as well. As I noted in my buff beam analysis thread in the Series EV forum, buff beam damage scales the best while rate scales poorly. For example, my EV's buff beam boosts damage 2.24 and rate 1.73 currently. The lacking stat of the two is rate, which means a hunt guard will give you a bigger dps boost when compared to an app guard. Hunt guards have the edge, but you should really have one of each. That way if another tea
  15. Guardian leveling: Every 10th up, you can add one more tower affected. It takes 40 upgrades to reach the five towers affected maximum (10th, 20th, 30th, & 40th). Assuming it has 40+ boost, it's hard capped in that stat and no more ups are needed. After that, it's based on whether you're aiming for dps stats or tower stats. Sounds like you're going for dps. Most go after Hero HP & Hero Damage. How much depends on what you need more of overall. Hero Speed caps at 100, so if you're at 100+ there, you're set.
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