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  1. 2 = High, 1 = Medium, 0 = Low Thank you so much ice! Appreciate it alot!! xD
  2. Aloha. thank you so much :) Last question, 1=low, 2=medium and 3=high am i right? Cos im already at 2 so i assume that i am on medium?
  3. Currently facing same problem, need to reduce the quality for my visual on my mac so i wont lag. Any helpers?
  4. Im a sword guy too :D in that case what are decent base stats myth demon swords that are worth upping? 2k/2k?
  5. So as far as end game play goes, frostiness are bad? How about the demon sword that is so popular now? And is duo hammer feasible cleaning tiny mobs wise?
  6. Hi people! Are frosites barb purely for cosmetics? I mean, using a 1k/200ups frosties as an average, it will neither be painful enough for a hawkstance ogre dps, or enough to clear small creeps around? I mean, i get it that once u upgrade it it would have 10k-20k on the weapon by itself, but does it have a high dmg/speed ratio? Thank you :D
  7. very nice guide which uses mage! :D:D was able to afk till 20, and 20-25 i just need to boost around here and there to keep auras up! :D
  8. And let's ignore the fact that the seahorse only does elemental damage, shall we? Because right now, with no way of attacking, you're screwed outside a strength drain against anything poison based. Isn't it the same for Lemurians? I get it that there isnt anything that is duo immune right now, but is the damage of 5k/bullet more then sup weapons really worth losing the potential 400 stats on Hhealth, Hdmg, Tboost and Hboost? Of course im comparing less uber lems with sup weapon?It would be like, 33k/bullet, 100 average stats Lemmies vs 28k/bullet, 400 average or possibly capped? And just a random thought, what if there's an even more dps pet in the future that does lightning dmg that is > horsie? Wouldn't that cripple lemmies greatly? To sum up, i guess most superior supporters have the intention in mind of letting their horsea do damage, and hero as a supplementary role, as compared to lemmies supporters who believes in hero dps+horsea dps? Also, i guess it would be helpful if we include rough gauge of prices now? :D So i can draw up a nicely detailed thread later on for all future monk users so this post wont ever repeat itself? :D I guess ill start off with Nosferatu price since i've personally hunted a 1.3/250 ups one! I'm guessing 3 tokens for high-tier nosferatu?
  9. I think aqua lances do blue damage! Have a sea spear that does blur damage!
  10. A good supreme aqua lance with high hero stats and boosts seems a lot more useful for the way I play the more I think about it. Not sure why I'm still using this 252 up Nosferatu. Precisely. Lol Nosferatu is more sexy isnt it? :D Plus i personally love the normal damage! wont have any problems with stuck'd weird creeps somewhere?
  11. Hi Guys, im currently exploring the "best" Monk end game weapon right now! Been seeing loads of different people using different weaps so i was wondering which weapon is indeed the best for a late game monk right now! Nosferatu High End Base Stats: 1300 Dmg 250 Ups 7 Projectiles 80 Dmg/up Fully Up'd Nosferatu: 1300 + (249x80) = 21,220 Up Close Dps On Puppet Base On Raw Calculation: 21,220 x 7 = 148,540 (White Dmg) Far Dps On Puppet Base On Raw Calculation (2 Bullets hitting Puppet): 21,220 x 2 = 42,440 (White Dmg) Lemurian Halberd High End Base Stats: 2000 Dmg 300 Ups 7 Projectiles 104 Dmg/up Fully Up'd Lemurians: 2000 + (299x104) = 33,096 Up Close Dps On Puppet Base On Raw Calculation: 33,096 x 7 = 231,672 (Blue Dmg) Far Dps On Puppet Base On Raw Calculation (2 Bullets hitting Puppet): 33,096 x 2 = 66,192 (Blue Dmg) Random Sup Weapon High End Base Stats: 2000 Dmg (Best I've Seen) 330 Ups (Best ups i've seen) 5 Projectiles 80 Dmg/up Fully Up'd Sup Weapon: 2000 + (330x80) = 28,320 Up Close Dps On Puppet Base On Raw Calculation: 28,320 x 5 = 141,600 (White/Blue Dmg) Far Dps On Puppet Base On Raw Calculation (2 Bullets hitting Puppet): 28,320 x 2 = 56,640 (White/Blue Dmg) Ok So the conclusion i can draw so far is that, for Far DPS, the weapon are ranked, 1. Lemurians 2. Sup Weapon 3. Nosferatu For Close Dps, 1. Lemurians 2. Nosferatus 3. Sup Weap In terms of stats Potential, 1. Sup Weap 2. Lemurians 3. Nosferatus After comparing these raw numbers i've calculated, the golden question is, Which weapon is better in terms of DPS? (Both up close and far) Is the stats potential on Sup Weapons really > 3 more bullets for Lemmies? Is the Blue Dmg for lemmies really worth using considering there are lightning immunes out there? P.s. I know this is not suited in the guide section, but i guess when everyone contributes a bit i can make the high-end stats of monk weapons more accurate and can convert this tread into a guide-ish one :D:D:D Thanks in advance for all replies!! 24/05/2012 - Modified the Lemurians dmg and Ups potential, contributions Maka & Next_Legend
  12. haha ok thanks guys. Been farming Nosferatu and kinda established a baseline for a good nosf. For information Sake, 1.2k Base 100 Health 100 Hero Dmg 250 ups This should be decent :)
  13. Hello i was wondering what is a good stat nosferatu to do upgrades on! and if so, how much is a high-nosferatu worth? I currently have a nosferatu roughly @ these stats: 900 Range dmg 1k Ele Dmg ( Not sure if its useful ) 210+ Ups Skill wise im ok with it, average, somewhere along 50ish hero dps and tower boost. But my main concern is if the range dmg is worth upgrading? 900 Range dmg is it low? Help would be appreciated!! Thank you in advance! xD
  14. Thanks guys. Was trying to prove a friend wrong. He said with conviction that it affects. Thanks. :):):)
  15. Hi guys!!! I was wondering if resist will affect towers! Like, if I have 90resist on my ev, as compared to another ev with weak resist, would my resist help with walls survivablity? Thanks in advance :D
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