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  1. Hey ppl on steam, i have joined up in the DunDef on steam (left ps3 too play) so im not new too the game but i am new too the names of the armor.. I have found lvl 74 (myth armor), but im haveing issue with finding lvl 78 and 83 gear.. names unknown too me at this moment.. so if anyone out there can help me and tell me a good spot too farm for some that would be great.. I also need a few players willing too help me out and get team effort award for my tavern.. That is the last one i need for the legendary. i have all DLC and i have even finish a few of them but thats another story for anothe
  2. i have a spot where i place harpoons, one for each spawn of wyverns. only needs one too kill them in a row.. this follows with the build i use the mobs dont get close enough too the ramps on the bottom next too the crystal for the harpoons too target them.. want too know more msg me on psn ill be glad too show u
  3. here are the pic's of the Kairi and the 3 giraffes i run with.. Plz dont post i mess up or didnt upgrade them in a way u think is right.. too me YOUR upgrade are YOUR upgrades and up them how its SUITS your game play!!!! FYI all of these are for lvl 83... enjoy.. {EDIT} The Kairi is on my DPS Huntress.. 105 giraffe is on twr app, 106 giraffe is on aura monk, and 119 giraffe is on twr squire {EDIT}
  4. For any others trying to get this trophy Glitterhelm is a great map. Mob count caps about the same as the DLCs, you can do it in a couple of hours :) they cap out at 5k-8k depending on how many ppl in it.. misty is the best place for trophy.. As far as towers go i did it with a 74 twr squire 74 aura monk and 74 trap huntress on hard and had no problems.. The build i use for survival and the campain is the same. its a semi afk build and it kills all spiders
  5. sounds good jd.. Ill add u in the morning when i get up and we will c where it goes from there..
  6. lol running the thick skin trophy on the main game maps.... I did mine in misty forest and got it in 3 hours with ALOT less more mobes too deal with.. on main game u looking at 13k-20 at wave 20 (depending on how many ppl in room) then u have the HIGH issue of freezeing.. In misty forest at wave 14 too wave 20 its only 1.4k enemys... yeah u have too deal with spiders but i would take them over the 10k plus mobs
  7. If u have mistymire forest DLC i found thats the best place too mana farm.. do it on pure strategy insane.. why pure strategy.. there is no elemental defence on enemys.. put an ensnare and electric aura with a prox, inferno, ethereal traps infront of the demon gates. at the end of the aurs set 2 spike walls and 1 harpoon. at the first crystal put 1 harpoon behind it faceing the butterfly on the cornor of the bridge. at the far left crystal put a harpoon oon the wall behind it faceing the crystal.. both of them will kill the wyverns. start the wave and enjoy.. i pull about 100k too 150k each wa
  8. EVERYTHING BEAT!!!!! i have finished the main game and 3/4 DLC's on insane+.. skycity the only one not done on insane+ solo
  9. i run my giraffes on misty pure strategy on insane for the exp.. from wave 5 too wave 25 it takes me about 2.5 hours too run it. I have been working on morrago too c what i would get for time and exp but from what i have seen misty is the best!! on hard i pull 2.4~2.6 mil exp (depending on if enemy glitches at lower spawn) on insane i pull 5.5~5.7 with same issue on enemy.. my build is prob alot different then other ppl but i have no issue with loosing towers.. If u wish too c my build and how its done msg me on PSN with subject misty PS run and ill c what i can do if im on it
  10. WOW all these ppl doing Alch lab for souls... I wonder is anyone has beat my leaderboard score yet im kinda wondering this.. Ill have too look tomorrow when i get on for event.. If u have i say Great Job but be warned i will reclaim it ;D
  11. rules r up and its going too be a good one so i hope every one is rdy tooday and for the weekend.. as far as the spread sheet still looking for it!!
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