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  1. Huntress costume shows tail for bow part of the costume and bow for the tail. 
  2. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/704037262341238271/E9C2C32810E7B65B4E4F81BC484B1BB755D3CFE5/ What does "NO STAT OF TAG cat w 62%" mean?
  3. I wouldn't mind a wipe if they don't reset the exp on costume unlocks, cause they take a good amount of time to complete even though it's cosmetic, and they could do what FF14 did when they felt that the game was ready, it became open beta to do a stress test and everyone could get their classes to 20 over a week(end), forgot how long it was open for, then when the game was released those people still had their char at whatever level and with whatever items they had from the open beta essentially making it early access for a couple of days. They could also do what Wildstar did and give us a un
  4. I don't know if the drops were changed drastically, but the mini bosses that appear on wave 2,4 and 5, might be wrong about 4 in The Ramparts map aren't dropping loot like before I'm running it on 25++ hard mode and they won't drop anything. If anyone knows if this is intended or not let me know, but I doubt it's a string of bad luck especially since I got no mythic items on 1 of the runs.
  5. i asked that a few digests ago, they said,"Jeremey:... as for Accessory hiding... that would defeat the purpose of getting a cool-looking accessory eh?" http://dungeondefenders.com/category/frontpage/page/3 last question on the post, right before creations of the week, in the DunDef Digest 11/14/12 post, it should be implemented though, i don't like that my summoner is wearing a pink mask, if it was purple i'd let it go.
  6. i just completed it on insane mode hc, got my 2 tutles, but got the monk and apprentice weapons, i had a barbarian and huntress out, so are there weapons for squire and huntress or no or is it just random? one more thing, are the weapons supposed to be ridiculously huge or no, the apprentice one does get huge too. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=112134899
  7. i'll post a hint for how to get the turtles, you have to look for the threads with POLYBIUS writing in them, there are like 2-3, the secret is hidden in one of them. if you played the map you'll probably get it alot faster than if you haven't. looks like someone posted it rather than making people look for it.
  8. is there a reason you aren't going into nightmare maps? i would help you out, but i came when nightmare was up. but probably the shard maps on insane would have some good stuff, and try and get a pawn shot (its the reward for completing king's game as a huntress/hunter or chance as an ev, and jester), it usually does a ton of damage with a small explosion that will hit more mobs.
  9. if you have the eternia shards pack, and are able to get to final wave in mistymire, farm that from like wave 20+, lots of pretty good myths drop there and some trans, got my first supreme and ultimates there, they weren't that bad either, just kind of low on ups. i've pretty much geared up in mistymire mainly because i have to make a new build for aquanos to deal with the copters.
  10. i don't see it, refreshed list a couple of times too, want to add me to friends so i can see your shop? SID is Troqdor
  11. what do you call your shop? and are you still open?
  12. creator of one of the most known mmos, World of Warcraft, also the Diablo series, warcraft and starcraft are thier rts games too. also, kings game is still a pretty easy map, was looking at these forums, changed back to dd and my auras on top were half hp and my bottom auras were 3/4 hp, nmhc, only stats at 2k are aura health and wall health, but i dont have any walls.
  13. this is pretty late, but i usually don't post for much because i think my stats are pretty low, and don't join many things because of that, they might not even be as low as i think, but usually the people making guides and stuff have 2k+ stats, i only have a couple of stats that high on my tower builders. also, watching games isn't as fun as playing the game, unless they are funny, haven't really watched your livestreams because i usually forget, like every sunday's animation domination, i've only seen a couple on tv, most on hulu.
  14. and i was hoping to get christmas achieve done
  15. btw i thought the tourney was going to be on twitch, turns out it was just an ad for it, here is the real site if you want to see it http://us.battle.net/bwc/en/
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