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  1. So you'll never play a game that will update everything because you need to get new gear? If it was just to farm new weapons I wouldn't mind, but a lvl cap increase means I'll have to farm every piece of gear on 6 of my characters again. All the time farming before the lvl cap increase would feel obsolete. This is a similar case like Destiny. I don't mind a lvl cap increase. I'd rather spend time farming gear when the lvl cap increase update is out rather than before it. I wouldn't expect another lvl cap increase any time soon after this one, so it will be worth the grind. Edit: I caved in
  2. I didn't know there was going to be a lvl cap increase. Now I won't be playing the PS4 version until the lvl cap is increased because all my gear will be obsolete if I farm it now. Thanks
  3. The beginning of February. It will include Alpha & Beyond, Ascension Part I and Ascension Part II. The Harbinger Awakens update will be out shortly after the February update.
  4. ~ will there be another wipe on ps4? ~ is split-screen coming to console? ~ when is the next content update for ps4? Will it contain the Ascension and Harbinger content? ~ Any update on the new social hub, DD2 planner, and throne emote? ~ will there be an update to inspect another player's gear on ps4? Thanks
  5. What's the fastest way to lvl 50? I'm currently replaying the first mission on free-play hard mode.
  6. Preset loadouts in the forge. This will make switching between Tower DPS, Tower Health, and Hero DPS builds a lot quicker. It takes too long scrolling through the list of spheres, armors, and weapons.
  7. Will there be a second wipe? I just want to play the game with my cousin without any more wipes.
  8. It would be awesome if there was very rare mobs that drop special loot
  9. I'd rather let the team work on bring the game to console rather than pvp which didn't work out so well. Whoever had the fastest weapon with the highest dps massacres everyone unfortunately. A lot will have to change if Trendy wants to keep pvp, especially the balancing.
  10. I really enjoyed DD1 on the PS3 and thought about sharing some ideas that should be considered for DD2. ~ Have the option to block certain lvls from joining a host's game. (can be toggled before and during the game) ~ Have the option to search for a certain class, lvl, or DPS to join your game. ~ Remove all the spammed trash loot from monsters and chests. ~ Items gain exp from combat/finished waves. ~ When the item reaches the max lvl it can be broken down into a certain lvl of exp token which can be used as exp on another item. ~ Remove pvp ~ More customizab
  11. I'm willing to join in! PSN: Animeking001
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