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  1. @gigazelle quote:

    Can I submit a write-in?


    Turns out that the Gun Witch's model and texture are already in the game's files, so I took the liberty of trying my hand at a costume for her.

    If there are any 3D modelers or texturers out there that are genuinely interested in how to do this, send me a PM!

    dude, why aren't you working for Trendy?

    This gun witch model looks AMAZING!

  2. @iamisom quote:

    Today's Devstream will focus on hero acquisition and the Abyss Lord. The next Devstream will focus on the Hero Deck and future changes to strategy/balance. 

    Can't wait to see everyone there. :)

    Hyped to hear about the new hero deck! Hope there no more hero limit.  

    Thanks for keeping us updated. 

  3. I'll point out my first choice would be the removal of the hero deck.

    ~ Proper matchmaking 

    ~ View another player's gear/ hero deck 

    ~ Remove resistance lanes

    @cipanjb quote:

    Increase hero level and rebalance them.

    I keep confuse weather he a good enuff player to run a certain map or a new player. all people lvl 50. why not make like dd1 where the new playe lvl 1-20 normal 20-30 hard 30-40 insane 40-50 nm1 50-60 nm2 60-70 nm3 70-80 nm4 80-90. its easier to tell how capable them to run the same map im running. 

    Totally agree with this. A lvl 50 doesn't mean anything in end-game.

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