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  1. @falkon311 quote:

    Haven't played in a couple weeks.. might not ever again but I keep checking for updates because the concept of the game keeps me hangin on.

    I still only see 4 hero's in the deck. More posts and pages within the forums than I care to count ranging from thought out, concise suggestions to sheer rage regarding the 4 hero cap and yet that's still the status quo?

    How do you people sleep at night knowing that the one feature on which you refuse to budge regardless of the feedback (really, just a big GFY NEENER NEENER to so many of us) is driving away so many players and their $$.

    If it's not going to change we need a dissertation on why and, if it IS and you've been trolling us with 4 this whole time, narcissist much?

    Totally agree with you. We'll just have to wait till Friday to find out. 

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  2. There's too much microtransactions for the Alpha. It feels like your milking us before the full game is even out. The time spent on making the premium content could've been spent finishing up the game for a full release. I know it's what keeps the company financially fueled, but it's only in Apha.... C'mon guys

  3. @Gamerx232.0 quote:

    I just got DD for ps4 today and im not sure why this is happening but everytime i go to the wartabel only the first mission will appear. Not sure why this is happening. Any suggestions?

    Unfortunately it's a bug they haven't fixed yet. When this happens I just go back to the main menu and load back the game. Takes many attempts, but it should work after a while. 

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