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  1. Can we pre-set buildings before the map starts? For example have all the buildings built by selecting a list of loadouts for the map. Maybe even share loadouts in a community sharing system.
  2. I actually spent $20 on gems on a game that's in pre-alpha.... it was worth it. Take my money Trendy and use it to fix all the bugs plz :)
  3. wait... you're not supposed to play like that? works every time
  4. dude, why aren't you working for Trendy? This gun witch model looks AMAZING!
  5. Definitely choosing the vampire witch. Show a little bit more skin on her, she's the hottest character in the game after all besides the abyss lord. <3
  6. Do you guys think it would be a good idea to pay a reasonable set price for all current and future heros? Similar to what Smite is doing with their F2P game.
  7. 12. 20 is a more realistic number. The traffic on this thread is too slow to get up to 50
  8. Can there be an option to change the sensitivity on PS4?
  9. Will the PS4 have the same release date for the April update?
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