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  1. :skeleton: Oh well... like I said it happens to me at a HUGE frequency... my past 4 maps. 3x on city and 1 time on misty. I noticed it had a propensity to happen more when I moved to different crystals (as opposed to staying in the center on city) because it seemed the DEW and mini ogres follow you around. The secondary pathways aren't meant for large mini-ogre traffic. I actually saw the ogre that destroyed the crystal in the picture, he was going away from the main crowd cause he got dislodged. I thought well he'll easily get taken care of. WOMP. Crystal dead. :skeleton: No warning
  2. Sadly with the 15 extra DU on City, I extended every EV wall by 1 DU. I mean, it's inexplicable, maybe it's due to the unplayable lag I also have. But look at the graph!! This is the cause for my last 4 losses. Either way, I'm not going to sweat it cause I've been on the way out for some time, but it's things like this that show me the door that much faster
  3. I hardly play anymore... a combination of DD running horribly on my computer and stuff like this: Wave 13 city on the cliffs Wave 14 city on the cliffs I lost 0 material... hell in 2 rounds I only had to repair 1 ensare trap. My stats slaughter city, I just have to put up with the random variable BS of an ogre just going RIGHT over one of my walls and 1 hitting my crystal. It happens at all of the spawns / crystals in that map. It also happens to me on the back crystal in Misty. I can't justify wasting 20 minutes setting up a map to lose on some BS. That is all. Please fix.
  4. Thanks for the gear. Definitely helped a lot. :D gl!!
  5. I added you on steam, you need to accept ;) I'll be around for like 10-15 more and then later tonight ^_______^
  6. my game honestly crashed in the tavern giving out gear... *sigh*
  7. I have a plate boot that has 163 Health / 197 Attack / 145 special 2, decent resists to start, 194 up... so not awful but not sexy either :) if ur interested lmk
  8. I don't have too much good trans mail unfortunately... I have a 159/177/0/75 with ^175ish upgrades and a 0/265/0/40 boots with also like ^200... though I think that one was DPS My myth mail is honestly better unfortunately. And yeah I have some squire weapons and pets that can work for you. No seahorses.. .aquanos patch pretty much doomed my game ;) but i have some pets... PM me w/ SID
  9. Yup, I had a lot of help getting to where I am and might as well give back, going to waste as it is :)
  10. I haven't been able to play for awhile and don't anticipate playing too much more in the future. My item box is full, PM me if you want some myth/trans, weapons, armor and pets. I'll still hold on to my best stuff in the off chance I do someday play again... but if you're stuck definitely PM me :( I can't play: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?60102-Unplayable-lag...
  11. The cap is 2 billion. After 600,000,000 you can only earn money from OTHER PLAYERS. Meaning gear you sell, or gear that is sold at the end of the round is not awarded in mana to you. So to answer your question directly, you'd have 600,000,000. If a player then gives you 1 additional mana, you would have 600,000,001
  12. I'm really hoping they get this fixed. I've had this problem since Aquanos release. Whether or not this is fixed b4 Diablo release would determine for me if I ever play this again. I'm in the same boat as you... it's becoming less and less worth it to me. then again until D3 I am kinda bored right now ;) regardless, i refuse to set up one more map until I get an actual workable solution... i've been making these posts for 5 days, it's really the end of the line for me
  13. are there known formulas based on drops? if so i could do the calcs for u
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