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  1. you can already set it to a hotkey, open hero skills, hold number key down while highlighting with mouse.
  2. trans seahorse 345^ ups. i was hosting last night...
  3. sigh... He's asking for a gas trap that you manually activate, that doesnt trigger with enemies. It just keeps spewing gas til it runs out. Seems like a good idea to me, at least for the GAS.
  4. hes asking for an auto release, as in it constantly activates.
  5. Ogres still show up. (not sure if this only on NM, certain conditions or what) I think there was a bug the first day or two that only kobolds would spawn or something when you soloed. That seems to be very much fixed now. (Or only applies to insane since that's what I did it on for those first couple of days.) I never even noticed the ogre spawn messages so much as the ogres beating my crystal to death when the kraken would push a wall out of the way and a strength drain aura would finally die ~30 minutes after starting the boss fight. Which I could have prevented with occasional aura repairs.
  6. add more real players, your TRANS drop count will go up dramatically. also try MIX MODE. Playing solo, Trans are very rare on those maps you have mentioned. Your best chance playing solo is to get trans from chests.
  7. interesting addtition. 2 REAL PLAYERS / ALCHEMIC LABS / MIX MODE / SURVIVAL - wave 21. 2 x trans drops (not chests). 280^'s. yes, my jaw dropped.
  8. I support this thread! edit: yay finally killed him on NM with a buddy. we both used squires, i had my SUPA MONKEY!
  9. sell it as a costume deal in 3 months. the hum eggs however......
  10. nah i dont think so, now you get to pay a premium X 10 :).
  11. 13 trans over the 3 runs with 3 other real players. I did try and spit screen 3 others later on to see if it effected the actual LOOT QUALITY. It didnt seem to.
  12. 3 runs survival solo to wave 25 alchemic labs = 0 trans. 3 runs survival with 3 other REAL players (not splitscreen) alchemic labs = 13 trans ok so its pretty obvious what effects the trans dropping on older maps at least.
  13. EV buff beams are messed, not to hijack y our thread but heres the problem I've been having. Specifically on misty, but it has happened to me on both ALCHEMIC LABS survival and SPIRES too. Same old story, mob kills trap ontop of buff beam, buff beam vanishes. See this ok and designed to happen. Whats not ok is when the buff beam dies it DOES NOT refund you the DU cost. This doesnt happen every single time, but it happens enough to annoy the cr#p out of me. Some of these builds rely on EVERY single DU (ie misty). I read a similiar problem someone was having with the SKY O LOVE
  14. you have made a very fun game, not very fun at all. I just wish you would have waited another 2 weeks so i could have switched to diablo 3 rather than wait until it comes out.
  15. Have only really ran ALCH LABS/DEEPER WELL and MISTY to any real extent. ALCH LABS, DEEPER WELL etc both seemed to drop TRANS pretty often after wave 24 when 4 players were connected. (On further tests using splitscreen does not seem to reproduce). MISTY, Trans shotgun from chest wave 12. Otherwise TRANS started droping after wave 23 SOLO. With another real player conncted, we started seeing TRANS after wave 19.
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