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  1. I've been having this issue a lot over the past couple months, but only recently has it consistently stopped my progress on later waves of survival. The issue is that the Djinn on Mistymire Forest and Shipwreck are getting to my traps and auras and then flying very high up in the air. From there they are only being damaged by the lightning aura, but are also able to despawn my traps and worse my walls (which of course despawns my buff beam as well, still surprised that this hasn't been changed). Early waves of survival this is fine, but when I have 3 ogres on the other side of that wall w
  2. Small side-effect of this... huntress weapons would get worse as they level :P (Larger huntress weapons have issues hitting point-blank) Interesting, did not know that.
  3. Probably has been brought up in the past, but my suggestion is this; Instead of having various sized weapons, have one initial non-upgraded size, which then scales the weapon size up like the pet.
  4. It would be cool to see a simple tower priority system added. After a damaging tower is placed, add a function similar to the 'E' key that brings up the stats, that gives you a small chart with pictures of the mobs spawning in the wave. You can select one creature type for that particular damaging tower that it will prioritize during waves (when the creature is in range). Otherwise it will just default back to the other system. The only problem I see with this is the current line-of-sight system. I frequently have towers shooting at walls and getting blocked by them while attempting to
  5. I'm having issues with the EV tower buff beams randomly despawning during a wave. They haven't been attacked and the Sharken are not responsible. I had a wave with one summoner left, and a beam despawned on the opposite side of the map. Anyone else experiencing this?
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