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  1. Well I got my wife to play DDA a bit, crossing fingers for more. Actually we lack the time but it's not an impossible problem. Maybe the fact that I met her on League of Legends help somehow xD
  2. I always had this feeling where I think DD1 never got the real player base it deserve.
  3. Welli think all of you guys brang intesresting points in wich you all are true. But Trendy is still a company and they need to make some money to create DD3 in a couples of years? I personnaly would go for the buy game and dlc but im a only a customer. I cant wait to see some Trendy's opinion on that subject and i think i we havent seen much yet, its cause they probably having a hard time choosing. That choice is too me like gambling, any decicions will work fo sure cause we love DD1 and 2, but wich one will work the best? Well in any case, i am proud too be member of the council and i will ap
  4. Most: Barbarian cause it was really something that would be unkillable as long as it have mana and his mobolity on tornado stance made it really fun to play. Jester for me was just a weapons carrier XD. i didnt really catch how to use his skills wisely.
  5. My favorites challenges weres the monsterfests were you had to build fast and be really geared to solo this. I always liked to play them without building too and do the ''barb kill contest'' with some friends of mine. Cause sometimes between campaing and survival, i just needed to meet some poeples and kill lots of stuff haha, also having my name as number 1 even if i didnt build was pretty nice. Also, i liked volcano eruption. But i was bad at it haha. that thing was hard and you really needed to work as a team and think about a good strategy. Assaults were fun to. Who doesnt like free r
  6. Well, even the text is the same XD. I remember collecting those cause its one of the biggest weapon in game.
  7. Well that is a nice copy/paste from the wiki you got there XD http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Mage%27s_Sword
  8. My favorite item of all time was the bonecutter http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Bonecutter?file=Bonecuttericon.png[/IMG] I had one in each hands on my barb and i took the biggest i could find (legit), when i was hitting stuff with those, the combo would useall my screen hahahaha. Plus the fire and poison effect was awesome. On this picture you can clearly see one of those i am talking about. But still an old screenshot XD
  9. I have to agree with you on that point. I remember when playing wow, i wanted the full mini pet collection and there was some impossible to get cause i didnt heard of the game at that moment. I was kinda sad about it lol. Some councillor probably would trade it anyway for lots of mana.
  10. This is a good idea and i think the fact that you know LaurawantsaCow would read us here have something to do with your ''Cow suggestion''. But i will agree with you that a little something that could in game show that we were councilor would be something i'd love to show and be proud of it. But i feel that asking for those remove the surprise that Trendy could have done to us, exactly like when i go to the store and my girlfriends ask me for a little something hehe
  11. I never thougth about that npc thing, but now that you guys talk about it, its true that its missing some life around the maps and in tavern. Hey look, we are 4 kids and we are taking care a huge castle alone XD. That would really be nice to see some more npcs! Some gards could event protect a spot or there could be some sub objective like ''save that family from the kobolbs'' haha
  12. I think that f2p wouldnt be good at all for DD2 for a couples of reasons and i will explain why. All poeple on the forum here like dungeon defenders a bit at least. Those will sure pay for some content (maybe skins and hero customisation, anything in store). But what about all the players that would play DD2 as a casual game between 2 league of legends matchs or after some boredoom of their favorite mmo. Those already spend real money in their ''main game'' and i think they wouldnt cause of this in DD2. ( This is based on my personnal experience and by seeing my bro and my gaming buddys pla
  13. That moment when you item check something you paid with lots of mana and finaly get to know its hacked That moment when you drop an ultimate gladius from the forge in the chest map, to find out it fell out of the map...
  14. On my side, i would like to share my experience on the afk shops in dd1. This side of the game was my favorite and that's probably why i played like 2000 hours in a year not even afk haha.I'd say i was playing maps and shoping equaly for sure. I always loved to join some shops before a long survival to meet some friends or guys i knows around. Always looking for a great deal and stuff for my toons and collections. Also when i was getting tired of farming stuff, i liked to visit shops to see if anything cool or cheap i could buy or simply visit shops that i could reconize the name and chat w
  15. My thoughts exactly. To me, you are picking a character, not just a class. You are picking a Huntress (that is the character) and it makes no sense to have a male huntress. He would be a Hunter, which then he should be a completely separate character in terms of gameplay and lore. I don't think he should have the same abilities or traps as a huntress (like in the first game, at least with traps). Same with adept, countess, etc. I would rather have a variety of characters that actually have a place in the world. I think exactly like you guys. I play the huntress cause a like her style. No p
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