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  1. i have been doing some reading on here and have come across a lot of people posting about armor with high amounts of upgrades and am curious as to where they are getting them from.. the most i have ever come across playing is 80 and they had crap stats and werent even worth using.. the highest amount of upgrades on a piece thats actually worth using is in the 60's.. i have 78 builders and low 80's dps characters so i can do a lot of different maps but never seem to come across any good armor. reading what i could find, i see that doing glitter+ gives the best armor maybe? and there is sometime
  2. i was wondering if any1 has a good build that has worked for them for the new sky city map.. preferably one that has worked on hard or insane... thanks
  3. Just purchased and installed shards 4. But I don't see an insane + option. What do you have to do in order to play on that difficulty?
  4. This is why I moved to D3 instead. They patch multiple times a week if needed <3
  5. If Trendy doesn't if fix broken content before they release new content..why would they release cross platform?
  6. Has DD been patched yet and all the issues (freezing, monster overloads, and etc) been fixed yet? I haven't played in over a month so I'm just curious.
  7. We ran out of time with 4 guys left in wave 9. it's not even possible with the time limit to beat wave 10.
  8. thats kind of a bummerino. back to diablo 3, I suppose. sundays usually are a dungeon defenders day. my name is FooBear408 and i approve this message. I need to get this...
  9. I just failed riddles on insane on the last wave cause i looked at my phone when someone sent me a text > >
  10. Hm, odd. That's just what I had heard a while ago and usually went by.
  11. That's a big jump then. I would go dps. But do it right :) Here's my version of right 8 sps (obviously) 140 clip 9 reload 5000 projectile speed The rest base damage I believe the projectile speed caps far under 5,000. The frame rate of the game caps it around 1,000 something.
  12. you potentially agreed to help me run morrago insane, war of the djinn and misty insane.. im potentially heart broken You didn't potentially add my PSN.
  13. It wouldn't matter because it would require 1 billion xp to get it. DD2 will be out by then. This is relevant. Unless the new difficulty doubles the exp you get from insane, I doubt the level cap could get much higher since it already takes a substantial amount of time to get to 83.
  14. Add my PSN and I'll help you out with it over the next few days if I'm on when you are. Also what is nommers? Oh...the sharks. Nvm.
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