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  1. I registered for beta key in March, a day or two after DD II announcement. I don't think the keys are being handed out in order from earliest registered to latest registered, because I still haven't received one. I wonder if they are handed out at all.
  2. Since they are using the same engine they used for original Dungeon Defenders, I wouldn't expect much higher requirements. And the thing Ryzours said. :D
  3. I like Coop better, but MOBA can't hurt, since it's popular nowadays. And Dungeon Defenders kind of fits the MOBA genre, because of the idea of 'defending your dungeon'. :D As long as Trendy give us awesome Campaign and lots of Coop content - I'm happy as a cloud.
  4. I hope it comes on steam, you launch it on steam and it opens Playverse. That would still be better than no steam at all!
  5. Difficulty is fine as it is. Much easier than it was pre 15% nerf. And since they make 300 mana per chest as opposed to 100 mana, King's game is gonna be ok. Du increase might help, but making it easier isn't necessary.
  6. It was neither increased, nor lowered. Only the reward quality after beating survival or campaign were increased.
  7. Different color of the sky might be caused by having Post Processing turned off. Just a guess though.
  8. Seize the discussion guys, map is way more difficult now, at least the campaign is due to lack of time to build properly. Survival should still be fairly easy though. Wow, actually, I just failed at wave 12 with 3 afk controllers. Campaign is so much harder. Before the mobs buff I could easily afk with 3 controllers with 6 buffed harps at each crystal. Seems like campaign Pown Shot farming is over for me. Gonna go try survival now.
  9. I mean will reward weapons be even more powerful than they are now. And they are pretty good, at least huntress's weapon. Survival loot isn't that good, I agree, rewards aren't good all the time as well, but I've gotten a few good ultimate huntress's weapons with 300+ hero stats and 220+^, which are really not bad.
  10. I'd love to receive the DLC codes for my friend, who only has a copy of vanilla Dungeon Defenders. My brother and me have all the DLCs, but our friend does not, so we can't play most of the content together. It would be an amazing thing for us three to play this masterpiece.
  11. I couldn't care less, even if the version number stays unchanged upon Jester release. Seriously, who cares?
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