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  1. It's the same thing as gw1 vs gw2. They are nothing alike, many people prefer gw1 for its build and spec dungeon based gameplay, and others prefer gw2 for it's exploration and combat based gameplay. Despite the complaints of gw2 being different than gw1, gw2 is still one of the highest grossing PC games of all time. I wish guild wars (arenanet) would come out with a new game in the style of gw1 as I prefer that style, but most people don't, these days in the mmo industry it's all about the action combat and seamless exploration. Not tab targetting, holy trinity.
  2. I haven't read much on this thread, but the alpha excuse being used for anything other than "It's an alpha there are bound to be bugs." seems dumb. If there needs to be a major overhaul of the game, it's better to do it in the alpha than it is the beta or live. Now is the time we suggest these types of things. I have done a lot of these and normally this is how it's done. Pre-alpha - nothing in game is safe, everything can be changed. Test the concept of the game and comment about it. The goal is to find a fun and intrigueing concept for a game then bring a chunk of content out for it. Alpha - the general idea of the game is safe, Keep all basic concepts people enjoy, and remove the ones people don't (unless they have a second use, people don't like time limited content, yet it's a way to make content last long enough to where you can bring out more content so most mmos use it in the form of weekly raids and daily dungeons, despite users not really liking it. But without it a raid wouldn't last 3 months, it would last 3 days as people farm it until they don't need it, then they have to wait 3 months without any new content.) Beta - Balance and bug fixing. This is actually when Metas should be looked at and adjusted. Also while game-breaking bugs are fixed in Alpha, this is where design bugs and small annoyances are worked out.
  3. Based on what chappy said and what rac said is the mindset why this game will die alone. Multiplayer needs a gear incentive because it's more challenging, yes the matchmaking needs to be fixed first, but anything you can do solo you can mindlessly farm until you don't need it, and you quit the game. If something requires multiplayer, it's more difficult to farm forever, so the games content stays interest for longer. It's a common formula successful games have been using for years. They could get away with it in DD1, because people had to buy the game, so if they played alone the entire time then got bored with the lack of content, no big deal, they already paid, trendy already got money out of them. But look at wow. You can play alone all you want but if you want good gear, you need to do dungeons and raids. Rift, same deal, Warframe, you need to do a mix of group and solo missions to get the best pieces. Guild Wars 1 and 2, play alone get the second best gear in the game, group up to get the best gear in the game. The most popular games out don't even think about solo play (LoL, HotS, DotA, CS;GO, ect.) And no one complains, trendy needs to stop listening to the vocal minority of solo players as they are just holding back the game. There are very few games that don't give bonuses (or incentive) to group players as without it, it doesn't give much incentive to invite your friends to join the game, and trendy is required to spend their money on marketing to keep their game alive, instead of spending money on marketing to make it thrive. With the exception of Path of Exile, I don't think there is a successful f2p game that doesn't encourage multiplayer in some way. And path of exile only really holds people for their 3 month leagues, a good 75% of their population drops when those end. They get them back when they host another one. Stop trying to make this game a "Solo" game, it will die, make it a "multiplayer game." with solo aspects. We threw solo players a bone, now let's give group players (the majority) something to cheer about, and solo players need to let it happen, every post I see with a creative idea get's shut down with a comment like "But what about solo players, don't punish us for not wanting to play with a group..." And it's holding back some of the greatest ideas most of the community would love. I beat this game alone, got bored and made a guild in order to make it fun again, but now everyone in the guild is just playing alone because it's easier with no benefits of grouping up. Then they will all do it until they are bored and quit. There needs to be something that brings these people back together at least once a week. Hell I am making events with unique challenges just to try to keep people interested. Solo players don't make multiplayer games thrive.
  4. I don't mean to hawk, but there is a DD2 group called Secret Society, every day we have groups of people doing nm4 stuff and they throw in a lot of randoms to fill up their groups. Depending on the times you guys play, you might fit in. Here is the recruiting post if you're interested in checking it out, if not thats cool. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/130410/having-trouble-finding-groups-join-secret-society-a-dd2-guild
  5. I guess you will never play the game again? The monthly pets are LIMITED and they already said they wouldn't be reobtainable (don't remember on what post it was), also you won't be able to obtain the spooky skins from halloween and the winter skins (these ones also dropped from the winter lockboxes). Also, you'll keep missing the new monthly pets. *New player finds the game on steam and download it. *New player begins playing and leveling up. *New player gets to endgame and asks what he needs to get into the groups everyone is doing. "IPWR 600-700 is nice, preferrable huntress dps, and of course dragolich." *New player looks up where to find dragolich... *New player uninstalls. Getting a unique skin for playing at certain times is fine, limiting abilities is just unfair. There is a reason hearthstone gives a card back every month instead of giving a card only obtainable during that month. You would be giving an unfair advantage purely based on when someone started, not the things they have accomplished, nor the skill that player has.
  6. Grinding should stay in the game. Now I agree that it shouldn't take 300 hours to get an upgrade lol. My point is just that newbies that leech in nm4 should for 5 games should get their perfect gears. It should take more than one day to gear perfectly a character. Ohh I agree! but the current system is no different I fully gear my new characters in like 3-4 hours. Sure it isn't perfect gear, but it only takes 3-4 hours for me to not see another upgrade for another 200-300 hours. And my suggestion wasn't purely to make the finding gear easier, sure it does that, but trendy could just half the item drop rate seeing as all gear will be relevant. My suggestion was more to give every class to ability to build and be useful while playing, not just build on 3 characters and switch to a dps huntress for the rest of the map. The problem you bring up is something by itself that needs to be fixed, And I recommend a group only map you can do once a week, where each player has 300 defense units they can use themselves, with the map having 1000 defense units your group shares, so everyone builds and everyone dpses. This way you can't just get carried. However me just typing this paragraph I know I am offending the "solo" players and the "one class" players (unless my system is implemented) and the players who don't like time locked content even though they seem okay with dailies. Even though that would keep people engaged in the game for longer as they can't just farm a new map until they don't need it, they would farm it until trendy has time to bring out new content. So it would fix a lot of the reasons people are leaving the game.
  7. This is one of the smaller changes I have posted, it can definitely be done in this stage of the game. And my idea tweaked, I don't expect one person to come up with the perfect idea alone. DD2 is a dying game, trying to preserve areas people are annoyed at isn't really worth it if there is another way that will make the game more approachable. Just because a game is known for grinding, doesn't mean it should be. Warframe was known for grinding and farming, when it was boring and poorly rated, now it is known for ninja robot and the reviews are positive and it's a loved game. They calmed down on the grinding aspects, and made the game more approachable. Also you would still grind and farm for gear, it just makes it so instead of getting a ton of trash looking for the perfect gear, you get a bunch of usable stuff while looking for the best gear. The amount of grinding to get the perfect gear is only reduced by a little. However, it's okay you don't agree with this. Everyone has their own opinions, and that's what great about the world. But it's always what makes games rough, everyone has their own idea of a perfect game, and it's impossible to make everyone's perfect game.
  8. The loot grind is pretty annoying at the moment. Right now a piece rolls either hero or tower so 50/50. Then it rolls certain hero or tower stats, let's say it can roll 5 of them, and you only need 2, thats 2/5 (technically a lot lower trying to get the exact two you want. But this math is easier.) Then you have to roll certain passive bonuses, let's say there are 6 passives that can roll on the gear piece you're looking at, and you only need 2, 2/6, But they can roll to be large numbers or small numbers, and really only the top few are going to replace your old gear, so let's say 1/5, and then you have to find 5 pieces of gear with these stats, however after each piece your odds are lower, because if you find one piece you have already found, it's useless. so add in 5/5, 4/5, 3/5, 2/5, 1/5 into the numbers. I don't need to do math to say why it's annoying. Doing the same map over and over, just hoping. Let's also not mention I am only counting mythic and legendary as those are the only ones that role the stats you need. I have a way that fixes a lot of that. And might make a fun change of the game. Combine Hero Health with Defense Health. Hero Damage with Defense Damage. Hero Ability Power with Utility tower strength (auras, frostys, water trap, and maybe even one squire tower.) And then have all items roll with 1 passive that is Prismatic Sphere Power. Add in frosty power, and hearty blockade plus all those practically required rolls and make them a prismatic sphere, so instead every piece of gear rolls something usefull. For some classes that roll won't be as effective, but for other classes it would be great. What this ultimately does is makes every piece that drops good for your character, despite there being something optimal. If you are an ability character, and a really good damage item drops, you can still use it because it still just buffs your dps. Every piece brings excitement and makes you think of the many areas it helps you, unlike the current system where 99% of the drops are disappointments. This is one of the reasons most MMOs don't go with a full RNG drop system, if you downed an epic boss which took hours and the gear it dropped rolled terrible stats, everyone would be disappointed, instead it always gives something sought after. And This way gear can be traded from character to character if you want to main a different character. Also this gives you more of a reason to stay on your favorite character, as all of your characters are effective at dps and building. I have like 3 apprentice skins, but can't use them because there is no reason to stay on an apprentice when a dps huntress is objectively better. This way you could make an apprentice and buff your abilities to do tons of damage, and it would also increase the effectiveness of your frost tower. Or go dps/tower apprentice and still have good dps without taking up a hero slot or having to level and gear another character. This would also make each class feel a bit more unique. You would probably build a squire like a tank, he would have tons of health, tons of tower health and go around taunting things. You could also throw some points into damage, to improve the damage of walls and increase your dps running around making a hybrid. If you really wanted you could have a dps squire with strong harpoons and cannonballs while running around like an assassin picking off enemies trying not to get hit. For huntresses, you would be the ultimate dps, your towers are used to thin out packs and you're used to clean up. Yet you could also build for spells and buff some of the odd towers you don't see a lot of, while throwing bombs. For Apprentices, the first though is abilities and frosty towers, but you could also go dps, and do flame thrower and dps. They have walls so technically you could also go tanky apprentice. And for monks. Buff auras and abilities would be my first thought, but a dps monk and AA towers, or electric auras would be pretty interesting at all. Then when a good lfg system comes up, you just say something like "need a tank squire, and an ability monk." Of course it will take a lot of balancing and work, but we are in the alpha, thats what alphas are for, testing new ideas and working out balance.
  9. I was about to bash those challenges, but I actually like the idea. Let me throw one your way. "Deal 10million hero damage while repairing or upgrading." This way it keeps people repairing and doing something while repairing. Sure this punishes people who don't have dps characters, but you can't make everyone happy. And you could even have an achievement that is "Veteran Defender." requiring like 3-6 achievements. And you just move up in the levels.
  10. Before everyone rages, hear me out (Also this post is under the assumption that the hero deck is removed, so don't think that will change anything I state. As this would be pretty much an overhaul of the game and likely never to happen. Just throwing the idea out there for conversation's sake.) (Also I know tldr is against the rules but there is a tldr at the end.) What if you couldn't switch characters once you got into a map? What are the issues with this idea right now? No walls on 2 of the classes, no physical damage on some classes, no magic damage on some classes. Let's say they gave each class 3 more abilities and 4 more towers, and removed the lane resistances when you played alone, yet gave bonuses if you played with a full group but brought resistances back. This way every class could solo, but every class still had synergies if they grouped up. Another issue might be "I want to focus on being a builder, but I don't want to be punished if there is another builder of the same class who is better..." What if you combine the types of stats. So everytime you got hero health, you also got defense health, this allows you to spec as a tank for bosses, yet also be useful in building walls for everyone. You can spec as a DPS, and also your towers are now great for DPS. Maybe make a healer/utility stat, so you can use abilities really well, and then it buffs your utility towers like frost towers, or buff aura. This way instead of hoping for frosty power on items, you just need hero ability power rolls on gear. You could focus on one character for many different reasons, not just "Hey whats your apprentices FP?" It would be more of a "yo, that guy is a good apprentice." I feel in many of the other games I play, I feel somewhat unique, I feel like I bring something to the party that no one else would. In WoW, I was one of the top Shaman healers on my server, people wanted me not just because of my gear, but I was skilled, and not just because of either of those reasons, picking up a shaman for bloodlust and manatide totem made me feel impossible to run without. Yet in this game, if I join a group it's usually just one or two people deciding the build and the rest figuring out who has the best stats for each tower. But in wow it takes months get a character where you want them, so it's harder to recreate when your raid needs one. In DD2 it only takes a couple hours really (a couple hours to level 1-50, a couple hours to do a bunch of nm3-4 runs to get basic gear.) So there may need to be areas where it takes longer to prepare a character, either longer leveling, or lower item drop rates because all items would be more relevant to your character. So lets look at a game that might be a bit more similar. Warframe (before you say, "but it's a shooter and it shouldn't be compared." Just wait, hear me out.) Warframe is a game that allows single player and multiplayer, groups are 4 people (other than raids) you go mission by mission farming for items, yet mostly just doing the same couple missions. Each class has a couple abilities that bring a unique aspect to the game. And here is why I bring up Warframe. Depending on the classes brought to the map, depends on how it plays out. Grab a banshee and a nova, you could be one shotting an entire row of enemies. Bring a frost and an ember, and you could be defending in an ice bubble with a flaming tornado around it. Bring a nekros and hydroid, now everyone gets double the drops. Bring a trinity and everyone can cast more abilities. Yet in DD2 when the hero deck is removed, no matter how many classes are brought into the game, every map will feel pretty much the same, using the same towers, swapping characters to have the same bonuses and synergies in every lane. And every player will feel the same as they all will have the same characters in essentially the same specs to do essentially the same builds. However if you were limited to one character, you would have a different experience depending on every other member of the group. Sure you can solo as an apprentice, but if you get a monk, you can knock enemies into the air for his AA tower, or maybe you get grouped with 3 squires, you may be more about freezing enemies so their cannon balls smash the frozen enemies. But you have to adapt, you can't just swap characters mid map as you need it. With the way the game is setup the meta will always be static. There will always be a best option. But if you were only allowed to play one character at a time, and took a lot more time perfecting that character, you will find that the meta will change every time you group up with new people. Also I feel like an idiot for buying the costumes I did, because I am only on those characters for like 20 seconds as I build frosties or walls. Then I switch to a huntress if I want to be optimal. So right now, whats the point of getting non-huntress costumes? tl;dr What if you couldn't switch characters mid-game. But they gave each class a ton of things to make them unique and have the ability to solo maps so you didn't have to switch character. Yet in groups you had a lot of synergy with other classes so you could still have fun grouping. They could even combine half the stats so Hero Damage characters also have high damage towers, Tanky characters also have high health towers. And spell casters had high utility towers. Then you could just swap gear whenever you wanted to switch between tank/dps/utility/solo.
  11. Yeah it's not really my idea. If it wasn't solo, it would be pointless, just join a group that is doing that map, and get the achievement, you could be in trash gear and then begin terribly leaching nm4 again. It doesn't fix anything. But I think it's kind of necessary really the people with multiple characters are way more skilled. The DPS only people I see are usually clueless if a wall goes down, and they are almost always the first to blame (look a couple paragraphs down, I will explain what often happens for me). Not to mention this isn't an mmo, where you could get away with just 1 character. More characters is a tool in your arsenal in this game. If this was WoW that's like saying you don't want to use trinkets because they take too long to farm, and make builds more complicated, so instead you permanently hinder yourself and your team. Me personally? I'd just want to play builder apprentice all day, but there isn't a benefit for staying on a builder, so I am almost always required to switch to a dps class, and because huntresses have phys and magic, it's optimal to do that. in dd1 your towers got a 25% boost if your were on the builder, so that was cool. But there were not these magic resist lanes that makes 1 character runs impossible. I remember running a nm3 and forgot to make it private, I have done the map like 30 times, but I accidentally messed up one section, so we wiped and the 3 dps that joined immediately started getting upset "noob doesn't know how to build." and "What a waste of time." But if they have built maps as well, they would know it's easy to make small mistakes that cause big issues. The problem is that there are always people who like some decisions and at the same time people who feel punished for them, look at the 2 parts of the community, the ones that want solo play, and the ones that want multiplayer. And many decisions is going to make the other side mad. Yeah there is a spillover in between.
  12. Yeah trendy is looking at it. The new loot system is really new, give it time.
  13. Usually when this is discussed, someone brings up the better version of this. Gear requirements can still be faked, or exploited. (in wow people just threw on random cloth/leather gear on warriors to trick their ilvl into being able to get into raids, despite their dps would be abysmal.) However an achievement system would answer it much better. Let's say you were required to have the achievement, "Nightmare in the Throne Room II" -Solo complete Throne room on NM2 In order to quick match into nm4 incursion. Let nm3 be open to anyone in quick match, but nm4 requires certain achievements for every map. Basic nm4 maps might only require solo betsy insane, but incursions and onslaughts might require something harder like soloing nm2. Now why do I say solo nm2 throne room instead of solo nm3 throne room? Because a geared huntress is still useful, without needing a team full of fully geared alts. And nm2 is pretty easy to solo with a couple semi-geared character. This way it is someone who already has a few level 50s, and likely already knows the benefits of dpsing and repairing. Make this for quick match only, having a friend help a friend in private matches seems fine.
  14. Yeah we try to recruit every time zone, right now most people get on when I go to sleep, I hope to get more playing earlier. And I am sure we will. Also to everyone joining, we want to host an event soon. And we are currently voting on new event ideas to run. Here is a survey with some of the event ideas, we will likely start one next week. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1k48tNwmuhSGFvV0geRY0vXQnMn5j7Dm556MJSglMPIM/viewform?usp=send_form[[2377,hashtags]]=openform
  15. If PVP would exist I am thinking something like the winter maul wars from wc3. Where each side builds a defense and every wave mobs are sent, yet you can send more mobs to the enemy. This increases the mana income you get per wave, yet costs you mana. It is still balanced to pve, so we don't have awkward imbalances. Another thing that is added in WMW, is that you get one race (class) up until wave 25, then you unlock a second race (class). So you could do the same thing in this game. Start with one character, build and defend for a few waves, then allow you to pick a second character you can switch between. This will cause for some interesting choices in countering you're opponent by sending certain units depends on their defense style. I'd say give the ability to walk to the enemy side to get an idea of what he is building. You could have a blind mode, but I think it would be interesting. No form of pvp where you could attack your enemy or towers would ever be balanced as we saw in the last game. If you haven't played WMW, here is a small video (yes the graphics are bad, yes the game looks weird. But it's a ton of fun. And this pvp mode was based off of a very popular PVE mode of a similar game. The enemies have to hit your lightningbolt then go to the next area, in this video it is 1v1, but it would go up to teams of 3-5 depending on map. The enemies do not attack, it is more of coming up with mazes that keep the enemies within your tower range for the longest amount of time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUFsvmTBnn4)
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