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  1. It's the same thing as gw1 vs gw2. They are nothing alike, many people prefer gw1 for its build and spec dungeon based gameplay, and others prefer gw2 for it's exploration and combat based gameplay. Despite the complaints of gw2 being different than gw1, gw2 is still one of the highest grossing PC games of all time. I wish guild wars (arenanet) would come out with a new game in the style of gw1 as I prefer that style, but most people don't, these days in the mmo industry it's all about the action combat and seamless exploration. Not tab targetting, holy trinity.
  2. I haven't read much on this thread, but the alpha excuse being used for anything other than "It's an alpha there are bound to be bugs." seems dumb. If there needs to be a major overhaul of the game, it's better to do it in the alpha than it is the beta or live. Now is the time we suggest these types of things. I have done a lot of these and normally this is how it's done. Pre-alpha - nothing in game is safe, everything can be changed. Test the concept of the game and comment about it. The goal is to find a fun and intrigueing concept for a game then bring a chunk of content out fo
  3. Based on what chappy said and what rac said is the mindset why this game will die alone. Multiplayer needs a gear incentive because it's more challenging, yes the matchmaking needs to be fixed first, but anything you can do solo you can mindlessly farm until you don't need it, and you quit the game. If something requires multiplayer, it's more difficult to farm forever, so the games content stays interest for longer. It's a common formula successful games have been using for years. They could get away with it in DD1, because people had to buy the game, so if they played alone the entire tim
  4. I don't mean to hawk, but there is a DD2 group called Secret Society, every day we have groups of people doing nm4 stuff and they throw in a lot of randoms to fill up their groups. Depending on the times you guys play, you might fit in. Here is the recruiting post if you're interested in checking it out, if not thats cool. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/130410/having-trouble-finding-groups-join-secret-society-a-dd2-guild
  5. I guess you will never play the game again? The monthly pets are LIMITED and they already said they wouldn't be reobtainable (don't remember on what post it was), also you won't be able to obtain the spooky skins from halloween and the winter skins (these ones also dropped from the winter lockboxes). Also, you'll keep missing the new monthly pets. *New player finds the game on steam and download it. *New player begins playing and leveling up. *New player gets to endgame and asks what he needs to get into the groups everyone is doing. "IPWR 600-700 is nice, preferrable huntre
  6. Grinding should stay in the game. Now I agree that it shouldn't take 300 hours to get an upgrade lol. My point is just that newbies that leech in nm4 should for 5 games should get their perfect gears. It should take more than one day to gear perfectly a character. Ohh I agree! but the current system is no different I fully gear my new characters in like 3-4 hours. Sure it isn't perfect gear, but it only takes 3-4 hours for me to not see another upgrade for another 200-300 hours. And my suggestion wasn't purely to make the finding gear easier, sure it does that, but trendy could just half t
  7. This is one of the smaller changes I have posted, it can definitely be done in this stage of the game. And my idea tweaked, I don't expect one person to come up with the perfect idea alone. DD2 is a dying game, trying to preserve areas people are annoyed at isn't really worth it if there is another way that will make the game more approachable. Just because a game is known for grinding, doesn't mean it should be. Warframe was known for grinding and farming, when it was boring and poorly rated, now it is known for ninja robot and the reviews are positive and it's a loved game. They calmed
  8. The loot grind is pretty annoying at the moment. Right now a piece rolls either hero or tower so 50/50. Then it rolls certain hero or tower stats, let's say it can roll 5 of them, and you only need 2, thats 2/5 (technically a lot lower trying to get the exact two you want. But this math is easier.) Then you have to roll certain passive bonuses, let's say there are 6 passives that can roll on the gear piece you're looking at, and you only need 2, 2/6, But they can roll to be large numbers or small numbers, and really only the top few are going to replace your old gear, so let's say 1/5, and the
  9. I was about to bash those challenges, but I actually like the idea. Let me throw one your way. "Deal 10million hero damage while repairing or upgrading." This way it keeps people repairing and doing something while repairing. Sure this punishes people who don't have dps characters, but you can't make everyone happy. And you could even have an achievement that is "Veteran Defender." requiring like 3-6 achievements. And you just move up in the levels.
  10. Before everyone rages, hear me out (Also this post is under the assumption that the hero deck is removed, so don't think that will change anything I state. As this would be pretty much an overhaul of the game and likely never to happen. Just throwing the idea out there for conversation's sake.) (Also I know tldr is against the rules but there is a tldr at the end.) What if you couldn't switch characters once you got into a map? What are the issues with this idea right now? No walls on 2 of the classes, no physical damage on some classes, no magic damage on some classes. Let's say they gave
  11. Yeah it's not really my idea. If it wasn't solo, it would be pointless, just join a group that is doing that map, and get the achievement, you could be in trash gear and then begin terribly leaching nm4 again. It doesn't fix anything. But I think it's kind of necessary really the people with multiple characters are way more skilled. The DPS only people I see are usually clueless if a wall goes down, and they are almost always the first to blame (look a couple paragraphs down, I will explain what often happens for me). Not to mention this isn't an mmo, where you could get away with just 1 ch
  12. Yeah trendy is looking at it. The new loot system is really new, give it time.
  13. Usually when this is discussed, someone brings up the better version of this. Gear requirements can still be faked, or exploited. (in wow people just threw on random cloth/leather gear on warriors to trick their ilvl into being able to get into raids, despite their dps would be abysmal.) However an achievement system would answer it much better. Let's say you were required to have the achievement, "Nightmare in the Throne Room II" -Solo complete Throne room on NM2 In order to quick match into nm4 incursion. Let nm3 be open to anyone in quick match, but nm4 requires certain achievemen
  14. Yeah we try to recruit every time zone, right now most people get on when I go to sleep, I hope to get more playing earlier. And I am sure we will. Also to everyone joining, we want to host an event soon. And we are currently voting on new event ideas to run. Here is a survey with some of the event ideas, we will likely start one next week. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1k48tNwmuhSGFvV0geRY0vXQnMn5j7Dm556MJSglMPIM/viewform?usp=send_form[[2377,hashtags]]=openform
  15. If PVP would exist I am thinking something like the winter maul wars from wc3. Where each side builds a defense and every wave mobs are sent, yet you can send more mobs to the enemy. This increases the mana income you get per wave, yet costs you mana. It is still balanced to pve, so we don't have awkward imbalances. Another thing that is added in WMW, is that you get one race (class) up until wave 25, then you unlock a second race (class). So you could do the same thing in this game. Start with one character, build and defend for a few waves, then allow you to pick a second character you
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