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  1. Just tossing out an option if you cant find help here. Many in the PC Ranked Trade Forums will sell runs through campaign Aqua, Morraggo, Misty, etc... for a token price. If you have the mana, you can try posting there, offering a few tokens or humongous eggs for help. I dont personally posess the DPS toons or or interest necessary to do this with/for you... but figured I would toss out the idea for you.
  2. Still the point stands that just because you dismiss them completely doesn't make them off topic. A salient point was made and, rather than ignore it or rebut it, you (rudely, IMO) chastise the poster. This is a thread about Active Builder options. I simply stated that his comment about DPS players had nothing to do with this post. Then you start with coy comments about being fooled. Dont project your rudeness onto me. You get what you give. Don't go into a thread about Birds... and get offended when the OP states that your comment about Monkies is unrelated to the topic. In any ca
  3. Really? So this thread isn't about how you think the active builder countess is better than the DPS monk? Could've fooled me. ROFL... no it absolutely is not. I guess I DID fool you. It is about Active Monk builder vs. Active Countess Builder. The very first sentance referencing a monk reads: "Many rant and rave about the monk as the optimum active builder due to their tower and player boost abilities. " No where in my post did I compare an Active Builder to a DPS character of any sort. That would be just silly.
  4. I didn't think block blocked *everything* - I thought there was a cap, but obviously I was wrong, however, you can still be taking elemental damage from Djinns, Ogres and Spiders can't you? And then there's always the dreaded web to screw things up... Block above 100% does block 100% of the damage. Including Elemental. If you back up to a wall, you can sit there and tank an entire chokepoint yourself, with no damage taken. In fact, i will probably try this tonite and upload a video.
  5. Active tower countess isn't as good as DPS monk. That is completely unrelated to this topic.
  6. Once you get high stats, you can spend all points on tower stats (not resistances) giving you 100-200 more points I have never seen a piece of gear with -25 or more in every resistance... that would free up 200 points. SS or it didnt happen. Most of you shrug off one of the most important facets of this suggestion, and therefore still think monk... the surviveability. Maybe you are all some super-duper amazing players... but nearly every game I play with a group, someone gets trounced by a ninja. "Dodge an attack"? When there are 3 ninjas in that area, you arent doing much dodging..
  7. For those of us that prefer to keep on an active builder to gain the 30% damage boost on their relative towers, without splitscreening, I wanted to discuss one of the often-overlooked options. In today's end-game survival builds, players HAVE to actively maintain the build mid-wave. Very few maps/builds are considered AFKable since sharks have come on the scene. If turrets are trained on an Ogre for too long now... a shark is bound to push that wall soon after. It's possible that community builder Kandar summed it up best when he said "Towers dont kill Ogres anymore. You do." Many ran
  8. If you have all those steps, just to repair... thats your own doing. You dont need to zoom out the animation to repair... or wiggle your mouse? I simply tap 4>LMouseButton about 5 times and the whole choke point is healed within 6 seconds. You dont even have to aim the green wrench icon... it automatically zips to an injured defense. Doest get much easier imo.
  9. Place a trap or tower on any elevation other than the one that one of the buff beam ends are on, and they wont be buffed. Example... put an explosive trap at the bottom half of some stairs. The range is visibly going down the stairs, and out at the bottom. But put a buff beam on that bottom piece... and it wont do anything. The buff beam can be hanging 2 "feet" over the trap visual... but it wont do anything. The trap will only buff, if the "eye" of the trap is touching the same level of ground that one of the buff beam ends on. Its extremely frustrating. Fix please. Same thing happ
  10. Thats not a bug. Thats intended. Enemies cant/dont target buff beams. To counteract that overpoweredness... they are destroyed if something they are buffing is destroyed. L2wiki
  11. Two walls in the shape of a V are no more or less shark targetty than 1 wall in the shape of a V. EV walls are already OP. My EV Waller has over 3700 wall health.... I dont even buff beam those jobbies anymore.
  12. Noone uses the monk's Enrage or Healing Aura for end-game maps (with good sense). I propose a few simple fixes. Healing Aura heals defenses too. Is it gonna save a wall from dropping to a wave 28 Ogre pounding it with 40k hits? No. But with enough time, it could heal the wall after the ogre is gone... or repair Kobold/Spider damage. Can't reach those two walls with a buff beam for resists? Plop a Healing Aura in between those suckers... may not be as strong, but it has better range, and less DU. Get meh? Enrage Aura should become Empower Aura. Everything within the Aura is 3%
  13. DST solution = Make it only target "elite" mobs. Ogres Djinn Sharks Upside, it rocks elites if you have the DU to spend. Downside, It doesn't kill anything else.
  14. I would replace cannon ball with that, you are suggesting a replacement for a meele tower for a long range tower. A melee tower that isn't present on any single Nightmare mode map build (with good reason)? Slice-n-dice are like that homeless guy you saw in the Macy's elevator. Interesting at first... but once you get further up, you start noticing they stink.
  15. I don't know about you guys, but when I build Nightmare, it takes some time... --Get on Waller EV, lay down walls. --Get on Squire, lay down poons. --Get on App, lay down FB towers (yeah, apps are cool again). --Get on Buff Beam EV, lay down TBBs. --Get on Huntress, lay down traps. --Get on Monk, lay down auras. --Get back on any of the above to adjust defenses because the TBBs effective range missed them. --Get back on Buff Beam EV, re-lay down TBBs because for some reason they can go on defenses, but defenses can't go on them, and I just adjusted a few towers. --Lay down reflect wa
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