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  1. Old Spice Pure Sport, All day every day.
  2. The 15% change in the blockade was only in its "Blocking" size, and did not actually affect the visual look of the barricade.
  3. I know right! I just hate it when they puke on you :/ so true.
  4. By the way, I wasn't able to skip the intro movie ("Etheria was once a land of living legends...." ) . Is that by design? This is because you can't skip the intro movie until the game has fully loaded.
  5. I just got into the sewers section of Dead Island last night. I love kicking around the giant fat zombies.
  6. Can anyone seeing this issue PM with a link to their steam profile pages?
  7. And to be clear, hacking is not allowed. Modding, such as creating original or inspired maps, total conversions or character skins, is allowable and encouraged on Open. Thread closed
  8. I'm going to remember this quote for when I get and complete the Assault Mission Pack, so I know whether or not to thwack the admintroll when I see if the Unicorn is better DPS than what I have or not. I also like Turtles
  9. Beta Group What is your purpose? Testing specific functions and game mechanics Will these allways be specified to the letter by TE? No, but feel free to message me if you have any questions. (You can find me in skype under "Akhivies") Are we allowed to find our "own" things to test? If there isnt anything specific being tested by TE, then by all means yes. In the best case scenario every function in the game will be tested before the patch is released to the public. Will we get knowledge about the patch notes before they are posted in the general forum? Probably not If there isnt a DATE on the patch notes, does that mean they arent final? Yes So there might be a set of patch notes posted that aren't at all what makes it into the deployed patch? Yes, patch notes are not always "final" Will there be a beta for EACH patch? Going forward we are planning on having a beta for every patch we put out.
  10. I also want to personally thank you guys for all your help!
  11. Can you PM me a link to your steam profile page please?
  12. Im moving this post to the report a player section. I will look into it for you.
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