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  1. i like this idea 1) The new mobs should only be on the maps that they come from e.g. Misty = spiders morogo = dejin AQ = sharken Sky = koptas On other maps make an option to add these mobs to the spawn list on all difficulties, doing so increases loot quality by a noticeable margin I also like this idea. It would allow people to get into nightmare easier and slowly increase loot they get as they get better.
  2. Time to move on already. Everyone here who has been playing since release should know that they will NOT be adjusting this map much more, if at all. I am guessing they will do it once more, and if it doesn't change anything, then tough for us. It sucks, but I am no longer surprised by things like this anymore. Yes I hope to soon hear about whether or not they will actually patch it lower or not (no patch notes yet) if they do fix this I may consider buying more from them, but as it stands now I'm done I can't stand games that in order to truly have fun you need to get to the top end for
  3. And trendy still hasn't figured it out it should have stayed the way it was.
  4. lower the difficulty another 15% please and then it will be perfect! Or put it back the way it was.
  5. Only problem is after the patch (15% didn't help) is that they converted it into a toll bridge. And the players that whined to make it harder are the only ones who can afford the toll. And they don't need that bridge since they can already (as pointed out that they wanted the map harder) do nightmare and it isn't for a challenge it was supposed to be to help those who were in around 1k base stats or near that. My friend and I couldn't do it even with my summoner's minions 2k in each stat almost 3k his countess almost 3k in damage almost 2k in attack rate switching to his booster/dps monk
  6. I would love to give at least one of my friends that want the game but can't afford it (6 atm) It is always nice to have more people to play this game with :D
  7. You seem to dislike the game, every post you make is complaining. Please just stop. I quite enjoy this patch and the content of the game. I am sorry you dont. Making nearly every post you make a whine doesnt help. Nicely put. +1
  8. can I send my minions on the bounce pads onto the ship I hope so even if it is limited to only archers.
  9. I am also getting this how did you fix?
  10. Love the first one and last one as you said second one would not be necessary but I do think it could help but the the other two are a must have imo.
  11. Why are u making out like everyone is versing each other, we are not. Not having dlc will not disadvantage you only make u unable to pay other parts of the game, it will not make u win or loose, u are VERSING BOTS!!!! Well you got it right there there is no pay to win only reason to buy dlc is to have new things to do. IMO the only way to have a pay to win is if there is a way to beat the game or beat other players which this game has no true end sure summoner and ev and barb make things easier but lets be honest before shards pack(before nightmare) before new characters was it really hard
  12. Better to have an 'afk' function, you check it and any time all the other players have hit ready you auto-ready and the wave starts/go to next map or tavern. This would work better.
  13. I think valve updates steam store same time every night
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