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  1. yes it can take some practice to be fast enough to setup all in time. And some luck too especially on the first wave
  2. i did it solo because i have 1000 more stats than you. That's maybe the reason why the auras are not big enough or dont do enough damage. In your case, I think it would be best to ask help and be at least 2 people running around and killing all the small mobs
  3. um ok i thought they all came together from the mob gate
  4. Ok so this is a theorical build. I don't have time to try it yet. The main thing about this build is that the cristal near the forge has NO TOWERS. So you will have to set some minions just in case. http://ddplanner.com/?l=7670,talay-survival-test-build Screenshots: Westmost Defense: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/559817564429842741/0091D0D34786152B7F4102541C249FCF876729BD/ Topmost Cristal: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/559817564429849863/2514B4D8964F6785FE24366E6BD01114E5EA40FF/ Lowest level crystal RIGHT side: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/559817564429847179/48D4693A
  5. Yeah first wave is the hardest. Once you get pass that it's easy if you have the right strategy (and right stats lol)
  6. but the main issue now are sharkens & djinns. So all the previous builds relying only on harpoons are not enough now. I think i would set 3 poison traps (1 for each path) for sharks/djinns 3 spiked blockades (reversed) to stop/slow ogres 4 bouncers on stairs around the cristal for spiders then auras (ensnare+lightning+strength drain) but then there wont be enough harpoons
  7. You will need an EV or you will have hard time finishing the survival
  8. by the way, at this moment (version 7.36) some monsters get stuck: Djinns & Wyverns at the end of wave. That leaves you some time to set up defenses or repair them. I took advantage of this glitch so maybe thats why I was able to solo it.
  9. i checked the map to see where they are and rushed to help my harpoons (i had my squire with a djinn pet). 2 cristals got damaged on the first wave (about 1/4 or 1/3 damaged thanks to the strength auras)
  10. Hi this is my first guide. I have just cleared Talay Campaign NM (not HC since I only wanted to unlock to be able to do survivals) Picture: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/559817564380044641/9861CDD122C2C3C633BE890FC5DB86A0B848A54F/ DDPlaner Here's the main idea There's a North cristal, East where forge is, South and West which is at the lowest level. I always start with the South cristal, then West, then North and finally East so I can switch character. Wave 1: Auras & some harpoons At each cristal, set 3 auras: ensnare, lightning & strength drain. You should have enoug
  11. I don't want the summoner to kill everything, it's just that the damage scale is really ridiculous. AND since it's a summoner, why can he use minions and not be able to use pets correctly? Anyways, Trendy did modifiy the damage scale: +35% in the next update
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