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  1. Trendy, why so serious? This is what happens when you give us a mode we never asked for. If I wanted to play a MOBA I will play League of Legends. Not some half *** clone of it. Focus on the co-op section of the game, if there is even to be a game now. DD2 co-op has my interest not some wanna be MOBA. All up that's pretty disgusting to read those things. I'm glad I quit DD awhile back. You could not not have phrased that more accurately. These are my exact feelings toward this.
  2. Now I see why Josh left. That is what i thought too. Also, now i know why everything has horrible dating and everything is pushed back.
  3. Everyone needs to see this. Expecially the old players like me.I feel as if everyone needs to see this. http://kotaku.com/investigation-a-video-game-studio-from-hell-511872642 After about 1500 hours on pc and console combined, this really ticks me off. I havnt played the game in months (about 8 months maybe?) and i was so excited for DD2. Well apparently Jeremy Steiglitz has other ideas (and ive known this for a while) but a complete copy of LoL is just rediculous. I can not explain enough how pissed I am. I am not mad at Trendy (they obviously all work hard), I am solely mad at Steiglitz.
  4. I have not played the actual game in over a month. After continuously farming for endless supplies, I am becoming more and more drawn back from the game.I spend more time on here than i do the game itself. Dungeon Defenders will always hold a place in my heart, and it has a very high personal value to me. I met a lot of good people, and a ton who weren't. So after 1k+ hours on Console, and 500+ on pc, is it my time to go? I know that many people of the forums have not really ever played with me-if they even have. I usually played with a small group of people. There are just so many people i co
  5. 86 is tavern floor limit. Didn't quite know, but there you have it^
  6. The items on your floor will never vanish on their own. It is a very safe way to store items on the floor as long as your tavern is LOCKED. And i believe you can drop around 100 items.
  7. Classic's>Clava Gladius>EGreat swords and saws(saws only beat gladius when they're top notch, even then it's only when hawking) Sparus>every other monk weapon, nothing beats a ranged sparus. Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2 my 397^ melee e-spear can beat a 400^ ranged sparus.
  8. That's because things are vastly different on console? Lol way back on console there was a mana glitch, drop an item of high value, and right before it goes to next wave you pick it up. Says it was sold, but you still have the wep and a ton of mana. Mana is worthless on console.
  9. But are you not just supporting his comment? If he is just given something for free or dirt cheap, is that not leeching off of someone else's generosity? Leeching is not taking a gift, leeching is being a person who asks for it and constantly uses someone to help him.
  10. lawl, 100 trillion? 100billion? i'm sorry, but i don't think that thing is worth more than 1bil. And yes- we already know how crazy high they can spawn :)
  11. The Sparus is amazing, tell your friend that i would gladly buy it off of him ;)
  12. What i am curious about is Graetsword vs. Gladius.
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