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  1. Some people were already aware of this apparently, but the Ethereal Spike Traps next to the starting zone of Lab Assault don't deal any damage (they do go off though). Saves about 8 seconds per run
  2. Yeah and next week all our events will have to wear a yellow star patch on their coats? I think we all know where this is going .
  3. You got 500 posts for free at the forum downgrade you numnum ;)
  4. I heard you can make great sketches with coal.
  5. Tower | Non Cap | Ult Chain 1 - 2 cubes DPS | Cap | Sup Chain 2 - 2 cubes DPS | Non Cap | Ult Chain 2 - 2 cubes
  6. Well it's ult++, but the stats are super troll. (Edit to clarify: 590 hero damage assuming 309 hdmg and 399^, no ab2. Happy bidding though everyone!) Still nice to see opening chests kinda pays off.
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