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  1. I've been looking for someone like you to play with! I dps around 7mil non nm add me on steam ivoxoblivionx
  2. no apprentice, what should i replace the mm towers with?
  3. :squire: 1014/2017/905/1363 :series: 1648/629/xxx/xxx :monk: 1246/954/959/738 :huntress: 1032/1027/177/724 and a 5.5mil ish dps barbarian What to work on? or a ddplanner layout
  4. for me it says I can't load the map
  5. So I just got my monk to 74 with some starter myth 327/518/351/267, what should I get them up to?
  6. Squire towers 1000/2000/800/1200 EV beams 1100/500/xxx/xxx Is it possible? if not should I raise a Monk or Traptress first
  7. As far as a dps pet I have a Transcendent Dragon 3242 Damage, 6 speed +2 projectiles, 18/267 And im working on my other characters now, recommended stats for those?
  8. Here are my stats Builders Squire: 884/1569/993/739 Series EV: 1118/383/xxx/xxx What do you guys recommend to farm good armor weps/mana
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