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  1. k ill keep him added and see if i can get a pic then del him and ill get him steam id ect and put it in report a player
  2. well both are sold to shop :) no way to report the guy??? i still got him added ill del if there no way to report....
  3. hmm guess im selling them to shop im guessing i cant report the frend who gave them to me? he prob got other hacked gear :S?
  4. idk he just said it was rare lol i got them after playing for a week i was just like cool thanks lol is there any like mods of this game on fourms who can say yes hacked lock thread? im more then happy to just go sell to shop so there gone
  5. Does the one on the right have a generic resist stat? no that is just 4k normal dps it dosent boost or anything it kinda pointless like 4k fire bonus the guy said it was rare but maby it not real :S *so both are not legit?*???
  6. hmm maby thay are hacks :S *** might del them and frend now.....
  7. hey thanks for the post but looking for someone who got more then 2 posts :P like a guy who posted on last one i made who told me a item was legit that all said was hacked but then he locked me thread so i guessed he new what he was talking about :P
  8. a frend gave them to me after helping him just want to see if there legit coz i been useing them 3 weeks give or take and im now selling them thanks for the help
  9. nop im guessing by that there hacked?
  10. like titel says just asking if items are legit or not thay are lvl 74 to use idk if u can get lvl 78 gear for this item only been playing for 3-4 weeks http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd147/Ridged_Didge/Untitled.png
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