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  1. I would think so, but it almost seemed like they were hinting at it in the Digest, too! I suppose we'll wait and see.
  2. So, is it just me, or does it seem like TE is hyping Shards 4 as the final big update to the game? If so, I would be kind of disappointed! This is a fun game, and wouldn't mind seeing further updates and tweaks, especially now that there is the Summoner/RTS platform for them to build off of. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  3. uhh Afk Summoners with App + Hunt Guardians equiped ? :3 Back to topic, armor only would rock :D AFK Summoners with double Seahorse? OT: Only armors would be spectacular as it would increase chances of getting upgrades in general.
  4. Better yet, could the various creatures actually give Mythical or higher quality gear on NM? I wouldn't mind as much if there was a chance to get chest-quality things.
  5. It helped me a lot. I didnt use any tower buff though. My EV has half your stats in terms of tower HP, and my countess stats are 900/1300/700/700. The rest of the guys are pretty much like yours. My walls were always at minimum size (2 or 3, never 4 DU), that allowed to use 2 ballistas during boss fight (4 DU free during the run, plus 8 DU by selling the bouncing you pointed out). Failed a couple of times but it was because of the lack of experience. I set all the towers on the first building phase,except traps ( my route is pretty much the same as yours). And you have to be aware of shark
  6. Now Sharken won't just be another trash mob like Orcs or Goblins, which was the point when they were released. Hopefully this will make them atleast a little interesting again. Good job, Trendy!
  7. I think I had to build the last Harpoon or two right as the wave began, and then rush around building the rest. It's close, though. Also, I updated the build, because I forgot that I had moved one of the central Harpoons so that it could shoot at the wall and down the stairs better. Hope this helps.
  8. I start in the map with my EV and move southwest and build those walls, then I move north and then east. I swap to my Huntress, and use the same motion to build my traps and then repeat with my Countess. I try to drop one Harpoon at each choke before the wave starts. Also, I'll add this to the layout, but one of the north Harpoons is actually on top of the sack of feed so that it can shoot down the stairs. You may want to try the map a couple of times on Hard to get a feel for the layout and to learn paths.
  9. My first posted build, so go easy on me. I'm not sure if anyone else wants/needs a build to beat Morrago post-Sharken, but I came up with this build and was able to beat the map my first try. Sharken didn't push anything. Although, they're quite unexciting now that they have been nerfed so much. Stats are in the layout notes. Layout For the first wave I build walls, traps and then some of the towers and finished the towers during the wave. Once the Boss spawns, no more spiders spawn, so I just sold the anti-spider bouncers and plopped a Harpoon wherever the Boss was. My characte
  10. this is how i've been getting by...play fast, a nerf is probably coming :( Jeremy made a comment on a thread a while ago about how Guardians don't stack with Buff Beams but Monk Auras do on purpose. This isn't going to change. Can't find the thread now, but it's here somewhere.
  11. Many of the posted suggestions here are commented on by the developers and have had action taken upon them. Seems like it's working to post here, so why stop?
  12. I was able to scrape the DU together to put a Lighting Arua instead of a Proxy at the top, and it fixed all of my Sharken problems from up there. With less stats, it has much more range, damage, and attack rate, but the extra DU isn't easy to come by.
  13. MOST of your characters have less than 1500? None of mine do. 1000 was hard enough to attain even with heavy use of the AFK shops. They simply need a new difficulty setting to bridge the chasm between current NM and Insane difficulties. I was able to beat NM Misty with less than 1000 in most of my characters (pre-Sharken, but post Queen can move Physical Beams) and That's where all my progression has come from since. Also, Nikodareus stated in a seperate thread that Insane Survival on high levels gives great entry-level Mythical gear. I didn't know this when I started playing Nightmare,
  14. I think if trendy made fireball tower knockback stop sharken charges that would go a great length to helping the app be useful. This would make them -too- good, would render and Sharken completely worthless. The Fireball tower is probably the most well-balanced tower that Apprentices have. Although, I haven't used Lightning Towers since the new patch, so those may be better now, as well.
  15. The only truth in this stems from harpoon being far too OP as a "cover all" defense. People used them above app towers and other defenses in a vast majority of applications pre-sharken, and with the incoming change they will be the go-to defense at your wall yet again. My opinions on balance of defenses is something I won't rant about here, however. The sharken are still adding a necessary level of precision and risk that was not previously present, and they have shifted some emphasis over to lightning aura and traps. It may be that people with sufficiently high gear can circumvent these a
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