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  1. How about insane melee damage at close range like how it does it karate chop action moves and have the added ability to do critical hits by a charge which could possibly kill you going off a ledge like Ice stated. It should compare to a monkey's damage, but instead it is at close range. The only long range it possibly would have is the charge or possibly shark teeth for a type of ninja star for projectiles for long range? ^This, close range monkey ftw :D
  2. too small and cluttered, maybe if all the tables, tavernkeep desk and other stuff were moved, then MAYBE it would work
  3. console would have difficulty handling large 8 player monsterfests like pc have, i don't play console but I'm guessing the only monsterfest console has is the standard glitter helm caverns one, and thats only 4 player
  4. waited so long for the initate to receive some love, and now she has, thanks trendy :D
  5. I'll make it more obvious http://ddplanner.com/?l=8055 Trolololololol
  6. From what I read in a previous thread 2,000 is the cap so I wouldn't imagine that raising it would do anything really. There is no cap, just once it passes a certain point, it scales horribly, so they difference between 2k and 3k range is about 1 inch
  7. I have been playing random pubs a bit lately so it might not have been aqua... :kobold: I dont really pay attention to them as they arent worth using (and havent been since squire drops started scaling) fair enough
  8. i bring in a full party of 3 afks to farm rewards faster
  9. i didnt think they dropped on aquanos?
  10. as soon as nm becomes available to the general public this problem should die down, but yes i know your pain :(
  11. resistances past 42 or so usually indicate hacked gear because you only need 42 or so to get the full 90% nm resistance, any higher and someone is either being incredibly dumb, or its hacked
  12. gamespy is LAN i think, so yes, difference
  13. Not too long ago in another thread somebody posted the soft/hard cap for trans items. 420 is the soft, and I think something like 470 was the hard. I've gotten several weapons and armor pieces with stats above 420 (typically 425-440) so it's not that uncommon. Ever since Trans and Supreme items came out it's been harder and harder to tell who is legit and who isn't. My jelousy of other players luck has also made it tough to discern. Just because I haven't gotten any pieces of armor with full hero or tower stats doesn't mean it's not possible. I just try my best not to let it bother me and re
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