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  1. Yes please! Can't go trough everything again...
  2. It seem that gained xp From the original heroes is lost when exiting a map after after completion. Xp on the new heroes that have not been active is not lost...
  3. Thank you for your responds and i very much understand understand your sentiment towards the series. I guess i'm just less of a patient guy and have been waiting for such a long time for this release being delayed and the roadmap being changed as often as it has, i'm just extremely disappointed is all :)
  4. I have different experience with this developer, that's al i'm going to respond to someone that has been a forum member for 12 minutes whilst we have been waiting for this game for over 2 years :)
  5. Same here, i'm both refunding my kickstarter and nintendo store purchase. Might get it on ps if/when it gets released but think i'm just going to pass on this game/developer entirely. Extremely dissapointed to say the least after 2 years of delay..
  6. I was looking for it but couldnt find any, is there any gameplay footage on switch yet? Just wondering as to how it will look and feel on the handheld
  7. You guys sure know how to die out an entire fanbase. All you need is a kickstarter and a bucket of broken promisses
  8. Would love the testers reward, but I guess you know what my problem is...
  9. Ouch, that was not at all the answer i was either hoping for nor expecting
  10. Is the release still plannen for q2 though?
  11. Thanks for the reply :)
  12. I'm sorry for any confusion caused. This was a reply on Brittani not on Vicogmir. What i meant to ask was: Why do we actually have to ask these kind of questions to get any sort of update on these function on this game... why is there not an actual up to date roadmap. Why is it that Britanni actually does know the answer to this question while some people are eagerly waiting on this functionality to arrive and dare to ask the question again (after a year!!!!!!!!!) That's what i meant with: keeping quiet doesnt make us forget :) Just some frustration on CG's coms strategy :)
  13. Why do have to ask these kinds of questions. It's not like we'll just forget it if we don't hear about it for a while...
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