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  1. So 4 months ago you were playing and wanted to postpone this decision. Now you've returned to find this decision has been made for your...you said it yourself, there obviously was a deadline :)
  2. Thus naming myself a "consolepeasant" earlier. I also don't understand why i play on console, PC is much better and way cooler. Have you seen that video on console graphics? Absolute shite! Just looking at it makes me sick! My prayers are with you my poor soul, in hoping they finaly fix your framerate to a 120fps, after all you didn't buy that new screen for a lousy 60 frames a second! i can blink faster than that!
  3. If they would let me, a console peasant, play the game. I would try and find a positive outlook :)
  4. Agree, except i would replace "wait for DLC" with "wait for the game to be released on consoles so a lot of us, console players, can actualy play the game "
  5. Any progress or updates on the console departement? Are we alpha testing yet?
  6. Still nothing to share I guess?
  7. Yeah i know... it just seems that now the PC version has been released, the steam is out of the kettle and i'm waiting for a dead horse to arrive. Like i said, it's been a while since the last update on console releases. Just a sign of life, maybe a new status or what they're working on right now from the chromatic team would, for me, be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi guys, no complaints here, just wondering how the console builds are going. Any gameplay or updates one could show us? Not playing PC, retired from dd2 about a year ago and could use some hype again 8-)
  9. 6GB really? kidding, gg Edit: nvm, first game, first wave, freeze. (Ps4 standard edition - chaos 6 gates of dragonfal, WMF - LSA - PDT)
  10. On ps4, anyone else experienced the lose of shards when you remove a full relic from hero? Either the relic with shards or just the shards have disappeared...
  11. I don't think this is the solution. One would be able to progress and reach all milestones by just playing floor 65 over and over :)
  12. Aggressive? I hardly ever even post. To be frank, I should be more active than I presently am. VikingStone: "Still people just keep judging if i am worthy of a having a mic instead of helping me fix the problem. Sad." If you left the... fluff... out of your post, you probably would have gotten better responses. Instead you wrote in an inflammatory manner and then act surprised that it doesn't go over well. (I also did not take any action against you nor did I say or suggest that I was going to "kick you from the forum.") Just be consise and to the point. That's all it takes. When you add the sort of extraneous information that you did, it's only natural that people are going to focus on it. It's always hard to make sure people get the sarcasm on fora, which it was, sarcasm. In no way i find mods here unkind or aggresive.
  13. Guys, guys, he does have a point. The moderators on this forum tend to be very aggressive.
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