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  1. I'm sorry for any confusion caused. This was a reply on Brittani not on Vicogmir. What i meant to ask was: Why do we actually have to ask these kind of questions to get any sort of update on these function on this game... why is there not an actual up to date roadmap. Why is it that Britanni actually does know the answer to this question while some people are eagerly waiting on this functionality to arrive and dare to ask the question again (after a year!!!!!!!!!) That's what i meant with: keeping quiet doesnt make us forget :) Just some frustration on CG's coms strategy :)
  2. Why do have to ask these kinds of questions. It's not like we'll just forget it if we don't hear about it for a while...
  3. Can you share some performance/gameplay of the switch (or any console) version of DDA? If no, why not? Reason for this question: I would like to know if i'm being pranked or not. edit: Thanks in advance :)
  4. Hows the xbox version going, any gameplay yet?
  5. 1. Soo when should i start my refund procedure for the switch release? 2. Are people actualy still waiting for and believing in this version? 3. Any updates an the current gen consoles versions? 4. Could stadia be a good platform for a new customer base and easy pc port? Questions..
  6. One issue i would like to add, cant seem to find dda in any of the console stores. Can someone help me with this?
  7. Are you guys fing kidding me!? I literally bought a switch early this year specifically for dda... This was my primal responds when I read this. I mean no sh*t it runs better on an xbox or ps4 or pc for that matter. I guess I'm happy you guys are finally being slightly honest at least to say you you took to big of a challenge with the switch... So hyped for the steam sale tough lol
  8. So 4 months ago you were playing and wanted to postpone this decision. Now you've returned to find this decision has been made for your...you said it yourself, there obviously was a deadline :)
  9. Thus naming myself a "consolepeasant" earlier. I also don't understand why i play on console, PC is much better and way cooler. Have you seen that video on console graphics? Absolute shite! Just looking at it makes me sick! My prayers are with you my poor soul, in hoping they finaly fix your framerate to a 120fps, after all you didn't buy that new screen for a lousy 60 frames a second! i can blink faster than that!
  10. If they would let me, a console peasant, play the game. I would try and find a positive outlook :)
  11. Agree, except i would replace "wait for DLC" with "wait for the game to be released on consoles so a lot of us, console players, can actualy play the game "
  12. Any progress or updates on the console departement? Are we alpha testing yet?
  13. Still nothing to share I guess?
  14. Yeah i know... it just seems that now the PC version has been released, the steam is out of the kettle and i'm waiting for a dead horse to arrive. Like i said, it's been a while since the last update on console releases. Just a sign of life, maybe a new status or what they're working on right now from the chromatic team would, for me, be greatly appreciated.
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