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  1. Everyone received their prize now, thanks again everyone for participating!
  2. 2 prizes have been awarded already, chpoit and superFX please add me for your prize.
  3. The results are in! First I would like to thank everyone for participating and making this contest a great succes, it was really fun seeing all those screenshots. Picking the winners was not an easy task but here are the winners: 3rd place winner is chpoit http://steamcommunity.com/id/chpoit/screenshot/541800134213591749/? Nothing is more annoying then running out of time while only having 2 enemies left on a nightmare map, for that you win a prize. 2nd place winner is Jemmajule http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050985138/screenshot/523779495815901332?tab=all This scree
  4. You forgot to press the H key. :-) Ah so that's what the H key is for, yay I learned something today! Contest is now closed, keep an eye out here for the results (most likely tomorrow). Who knows I might think of another contest!
  5. Less then 3 hours remaining! Hers my attempt to do something with the scary head in tavern: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005142269/screenshot/595843688992631399/?
  6. 5 and a half hours left till the deadline!
  7. I'd suggest you make a different topic if wish to discuss something like that, would like to keep this topic on the contest itself. speaking of that 24 hours remaining! Keep posting those screenshots guys!
  8. Sushi huh, most people say I should make chicken soup out of it. My chicken is my little buddy not something you should eat!
  9. Keep it up guys really like all the things posted so far! Keep in mind that should you win a prize you can not win another (should you have posted more then 1 screenshot).
  10. yeah sure why not would like to see more screenshots.
  11. Come on guys would love to see some more screenshots!
  12. Contest will close on May 2nd! Keep making those screenshots!
  13. My entry, because slashing away at enemies is just awesome :D http://steamcommunity.com/id/PurebladeProductions/screenshot/576702881428413207 While looking at the background I could not help but notice that it almost seems like theres a giant evil monkey walking down those stairs lol Keep it up guys! Really like all the screenshots!
  14. My hunt for the Mega Chicken has finaly come to an end. The result is this little guy here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005142269/screenshot/594717282282056014 To share my happiness with the folks here I decided to do a small contest. Make a screenshot of something that happened in the game and you might win a prize. The screenshot can be funny, sad, evil or just awesome, anything goes! What can you win you might be asking? Well let me tell you, 1st prize: 1 Humongous egg 2nd prize: 100mil mana 3rd prize: 50mil mana Bonus prize: 24 small eggs (The bonus prize will be
  15. I decided to trade in the eggs for the chicken, must say I am quite happy with it, nice light blue color and decent stats, only one downside which is no hero damage, but I love it!
  16. it will always have 200^ and similar stats. So there is no way I could end up with one that has bad stats? As for the colors that would be interesting to find out.
  17. I mean, what if you hand in those eggs, and it ends up having really meagre stats? That is exactly my concern lol, I'll think about it for a bit still have about a week to make a decission.
  18. I finaly managed to obtain 36 humongous eggs, but have a few questions before I'm trading them in. Are the stats and upgrades random when you get one? And what about the colors, what colors are possible?
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