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  1. Iam pretty sure they dont have same droprate, actually iam hunting deadly strike (Chaos 3), i have almost opened 300 chests and got 1 allready. I think usefull shards are rigged for "fun" purpose so player can farm for longer time a Chaos 3 trial without taking care about Chaos 4-7.
  2. listed Critchance 30%, real critchance is anywhere between 0 and 0%. Is it intended? Also how about basecritchance? It seems defenses have 10% Basecritchance, that means with 20% Crit from ascenstion they reach 30% of 33%. Is it correct or a tooltip error?
  3. Due to interface issues i have sold all my pets, i was selecting "sell all" for my trash bag to sell my trash. But the game tends to force open the Petbag, so instead of selecting sell all for the trash bag, i have selected it for Petbag because it was unintentional opened. Now i have lost all my premium pets due to this weird interface bug that opens the petbag for each action you do.
  4. Thank you very much, you have enlightened me ♥ ;)
  5. I have 8 expensive premiumtickes remaining aswell, what can i do with them?
  6. I have somehow unlearned how to create new heroes. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=659985694 Maybe iam blind. Please enlight me.
  7. The issue in NM are the resistences, while Squire only does physical damage and Apprentice does only magical damage, the huntress does both kind of damage. Due to Hero limitation to 4 in NM, is it really hard to use Apprentice and Squire, because you need both(!), or 1 Huntress. You would need 5 heroes, if you want to use Apprentice or Squire towers, this exceed the 4 heroes limit. The sollution to fix this issue: remove resis or remove hero limit. You need: 1 Waller (Squire or Apprentice) 2 Support (Monk and Apprentice) 1 Tower (Huntress for magic and physical Traps) Fighter (Huntress,
  8. The max level requirements got reduced from 50 to 46 to allow players to earlier start using endgame items.
  9. The next major patch will increase the level cap, so these items arent that superior like now. So its fine as it is now.
  10. HD destroys build diversity. Best example are NM resistances, they force you to use huntress traps, because you would need 5 heroes, if you would like to use for example sequire towers and another magical tower hero. You need: DPS Waller Support Phys Tower Magic Tower You commonly see: DPS Waller Support Huntress (Phys/Magic) Also the very bad Matchmakingsystem in this game dont help much there, you have to search for a hour for another players, and if you have found another player, they leave because you have failed in the first round.
  11. I havent finished my 16 Carnival tickets yet, will the next Patch remove Carnival?
  12. You can combine hero leveling and pet leveling in harbinger, it takes around 1 hour and you will have done around 100-120 waves.
  13. NM difficulty are only only added resis, making some builds obsolete. NM5 could be this: Lane A: 100% resis Lane B: 100% resis to defenses Lane C: 100% resis to heroes Actually NM just force you to use huntress all the way, nothing else. You cant beat any NM mission only with squire for example, that means you have to use huntress. I think resis in this game are a fail design.
  14. Frozen enemies can be one-hit-killed with seismic slam.
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