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  1. well berrypower1234 helped me kill it so im good for now, thanks for the other offers of help ^^. As for aguspal, the rockets weren't a very big concern but maybe its because i had 90/90/90/78(lightning) in resist in NM. I've heard resist play a huge role in DPS even more so than dmg and stuff .-.;
  2. So i'm not sure if this is the right forum for this but i need help killing the airship :/. I can slowly dps him but i always seem to fall down eventually. Draemn's build with summoner minions on east and auras seem to be holding out even if my stats aren't that great. So i just really need an experienced dps that wont fall to help me kill this boss :< tried a dozen times and always the air vents ;-; Leave your Sid so i can add you if you want to help.
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