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  1. Thank you all for responses. It is indeed working! I wish I had known that before posting, but more players need to know about this bug, while it's not fixed.
  2. Today I had chosen Electrocute 500 enemies for my daily mission. I had it almost done (390/500) when i joined some public games. Then I discovered my daily is gone. I quit the game after the match and relaunched it in private. Still my daily is gone. This is the 2nd time in 3 days when this happens. At first I was convinced it was simply a bug, but then I remembered I also played a public game that day when I lost my daily. So it appears joining (or hosting?) public host can wipe our daily quest permanently. Please post you stories here if you got similar experience, so devs can fix this problem ASAP.
  3. Oh, lol. I only noticed it just now. That changes things and I feel embarrassed :D Time to edit OP.
  4. It's my wall squire so I keep the hearty gear on all the time. The Problem is spending points in hero health on my hearty gear or SAS points in hero health are not affecting Blockade health. What made me suspicious in the first place about this bug is the fact there are no green text from added hero health bonus on my blockades as it appears on other toon traps from their respective gear. It wasn't like this before the tower size update. My +19% hero health boost to Blockade health is not working.
  5. Game is not properly showing blockade health with additional buffs from Hearty Blockade gear when inspected as you can see that on the right side blockade in picture and comparing that with the actual blockade health. My Squire Blockade's are not benefiting from Hero Health upgrades no matter how many points I spend upgrading hero health. The reason I ask this is because of this thread https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/126865/squire-defense-health-vs-hero-health-hero-health-scaling-issue I thought Heart Blockade bug was affecting all players, but that thread made me doubt about that since I can't replicate the bug. I have done few SAS point resets and defense health is still the same like health points are not affecting blockade health at all. I know this is Alpha, but this bug is annoying because I can't progress any further in NM3 solo because of this. Edit : I don't have any additional green text on my blockades from my Hearty Blockade gear.
  6. Yup, I was about to make a thread, but i don't have to anymore.
  7. Yup, after I got my pet affection to lvl 3 y-day I haven't got daily quest today. BTW, how can we get wyvern tokens now?
  8. Boots are not the only thing with bug creating passive. The only difference is that all heroes can use the boots.
  9. Got into beta, but can't access the beta forums.
  10. You know you're getting kicked/host ragequit when you join PVP and get high score on Hall of Heroes or Hold the Flag as DPS Apprentice.
  11. Send an e-mail to [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email]. Only they can help you.
  12. So far I have got 17 Humongous eggs and only 1 from trading. Most of the time I keep getting small eggs on NM. I don't think I will be able to get them all. I hate these type events.
  13. Can't seem to get the wanted ones, just getting the 7k eggs. Have 2 small eggs now and found an humo egg lately (trying to trade it for enough small eggs for the costume) I can help you. Check your inbox.
  14. Actually you have 35 to go, you need 36 humoungous eggs :( I have 13 Humongous eggs.
  15. I just got 1st Humongous egg this week, 23 more to go. I sold all small eggs that was in my inventory. Could that be the reason I finally found Humongous? Time to do some Misty NMHC runs, again.
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