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  1. Born 23days too late but i third notion on flipside
  2. Does it really shine like that or is it just the camera?
  3. [QUOTE]Feeling young! I'm 17! O.o[/QUOTE] This is me next month
  4. If this game waa meant to just attack we would have no use for towers period then cause everything do is made to kill think about it useless things are things you won't use if you use it it isn't useless understand that invis and overchargr are essentials in playing in my opinion for me by the last wave half or more of my stuff would go down but these are perfect the way they are just depends on you use it though
  5. In fact PS has no negatives but what about invisibility? Lets take a look. Circular slice is kinda useless, but what about blood rage? And yes, mana bomb is useless just like overcharge but seriously, app doesnt need mana bomb nor overcharge at all. App does a dmg area so when they are attacking, they arent attacking a single opponent, as a huntress, they are attacking a whole mob. Thats why I believe people isnt complaining about buffing mana bomb. And again I agree with you PS it OP but I dont believe that it should be nerfed at this moment. I would lile to disagree overcharge is useful i
  6. Yeah and they hear the quiet stuff too -__- get scared when it phone vibrates but anyways i don't know to move properly i feel like a noob because i spin in circles pretty much
  7. Teachers have eyes like hawks at my school
  8. So it still wasn't the one from 10+ yrs ago when he got pikachu?
  9. I'm mean anything possible
  10. one time i got 2.8 mil in glitter.. :) Lies leader board says highest is 2.5
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