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  1. Given that the linux version of DD1 experienced a few odd behaviours on various places (One example on top of my head is that the keys used to switch between overlapping defenses (+ and -) don't function properly on linux while it works fine with windows), what steps are the developers taking to ensure that the non-windows version will behave like the windows version? Should we expect we can test those before the Early access ends? Currently the game runs fine with WINE/PlayOnLinux, but that is only indicative of a lack of crash issue and probably not indicative of the things not causing crashes.
  2. I would say 3 layers should still do the trick of holding up the lane even if you only knockback without staggering. You might need 900 speed but that's not very difficult to get these days. Then it will overpower geyser because geyser needs a lightning aura and more DU. Making "sustain" traps to be suitable to be some kind of blockade will require reassigning a role for your other traps first.
  3. As someone who stack DS on huntress, if explosive trap can stun/stagger it'll be abused to no end because the recharge starts when the enemy is still stunned. Just one or 2 of these will hold up entire lanes (as opposed to 2-3 for geysers depending on lane width + lightning aura) and probably kill them with any other defense.
  4. But then there are the traps like in siphon site D or Sewers which would work against the idea of encouraging people to use environmental traps (there is no point of putting them there if you don't want people to use them). Which in turn might present a fairness problem if you make an exception just for the environmental traps.
  5. Also there is the problem of more than 2 choices (so far all influence vote has 2 choices illusory or otherwise): you can have total wipe, gear wipe and no wipe at all. I personally prefer a gear wipe myself.
  6. For the tower building problem I would suggest to modify the monsters including the airborne ones so a significant number of them will outrange all towers. This would have the following characteristics: You have to go out to kill the monsters and/or diversify the build plan to include traps and aurasIf they are invincible at spawn you will bug out the game out by spawn kill so spawnkill plans as the solution is automatically taken care of.Since you have to go out and hunt the creatures giving out the green for one guy to build seems less of a problem because you need some sort of dps presence so you don't feel left out.
  7. Comments, from the standpoint of people who don't have much stats: For squires: Blockades (Spike Blockade/Arcane Barrier/Training Dummy) are nice when Ogres come from non-convergent lanes (the lanes that don't join without going through cores) and you have insufficient number of players to tank them simultaneously. If your huntress friend don't like to distract/tank ogres you might find squires to be a nice choice in those situations. Currently there are a few maps that feature such a problem (At least Nimbus Reach/Little-horn Valley, have yet to test on other maps) and incursions are not yet available on those maps. Therefore they are not exactly necessary right now but may be somewhat necessary for a 2-player games in the future.Beams are best used when you are against groups of physically resistant enemies (Currently, Orcs and possibly lady orcs) which are also resistant to explosive trap and all squire defenses. However due to the cooldown you need a plan B in case your mana is down. If you insist not to have spare characters, the best way to handle them might be either poison tower + tanking or use of geyser traps with drench spec, or geyser traps with lightning weapon for electrocute. Taunt is best to combine with "Fight me not" spec: everyone's defenses deals + % damage to all enemies who got affected by the taunt for the entire duration.Shield block is good when you don't have good gears -- when you have good gears you will rely less on it and more on life steal and resistance.For weapons I usually go for tower special stats or provoke duration in case you don't get to have a builder sword because the duration buff is in seconds while other skills are in % increase. For shields I would go for a dual resist shield preferably with life steal For Monk: Electric aura: Best combine with geyser trap for insane combo damage and stopping power. If this configuration is used, ideally you want the huntress to have high Defense Health and Defense Speed (you want recharge time of less than 3 seconds on a level 1 geyser; after that if you use totem you can dump the rest of the stats in Defense Power) and monk to have good Defense Power and Defense Speed. Boost aura: You will want to have these around and preferrably have items on your helmet/relic/weapon that has + Boost aura stats on it once the required level of your gears hit level 20. Serenity: If you don't have good gear these will satisfy most of your tanking needs. I find concussion chi to be more useful than the serenity spec however. Sky guard tower: Due to range issues this is kind of useless against flying units if you have an apprentice or a squire. But if you don't have those they'll have to do. However for the purpose of combo with geyser you might find lanes that can use these well. Don't count on it though.Pole smash and chi blast: These are good skills to interrupt whatever mobs you are with is doing. Chi blast does magic damage while pole smash deals physical damage so you do not have enemy resistance issues. Does not work on bosses/ ogres/ special enemies/ chrome hordes (outside spawn line) as interruption although the damage is still applied. Also for Chi blast you need to be aware where it is aiming because it does not always aim at the front/crosshair (it shoots towards whichever direction the monk is progressing towards if you are casting it in the middle of a melee attack)Heroic wave: Secondary heal and damage boost for you and your teammates. Definitely handy to have it around after you unlocked it.Weapons: For monk ideally you want a weapon that has chance to drench so you can hold up anything you like in a lightning aura The bottom line: If you have faith in your friend's skill then I'd say monk is better. Otherwise squire would be better.
  8. My comments: "Better" is a rather vague and abstract idea. The other thing is that you want to scale the reward with the deck. An example would be letting you choose between a random armor/weapon/relic of item power similar to what you are wearing for maxed level games and a % boost in xp (for the entire game) for games below max level.Varying difficulties: I hate when the choice is being an illusion because the perceived difficulty is different. Even if the reward scales with the difficulty you will still be compelled to pick the harder one. Backlog: If your game is to be made consistent then you can "game" quests by stacking similar quests. For example, in your screenshot, what if you win the next game with Mage? If you don't tally all 3 quests then the system itself is rather inconsistent (at least it didn't ask you where to tally that quest, and requiring you to reset tallies for submission is rather silly) and if you do you can just "collect" (influence did settle the score on choosing the daily) quests in such a way they can be done simultaneously (electrocute stacks well with anything even if you require unique quests). While I don't think this is a bad idea, there would be a lot to work on.
  9. Arcane volley is actually a decent ability if you are using the ring relic. Did you know that you can release the charge early at the expense of less piercing? If you can't line up as many people as you want, you can see if releasing early can get you more hits, then tornado/volley away.
  10. How is the progress of fixing items/relics that are spawned with less mods/special stats than they should have been? When should we expect the relics/helmets to be able to spawn mods/special stats for blaze balloons and explosive traps?
  11. Actually currently none of the squire's tower mods stack. None of huntresses' tower mods stack due to inability for them to spawn on relics or helmets.
  12. In games like Dead Island (and possibly Skyrim if you count single-player) there is a quite novel idea at the time -- each player will see the same enemy at a different level dependent on their own level. So I would suggest the following: Each player would see the same enemy at a different level dependent on his/her own character level and gear level. Core health is likewise adjusted. Exp and drops are based on the adjusted monster level from the perspective of the active character. The defenses see the adjusted monster level from the perspective of the character who built them. Why it would be a good idea to do that: You no longer need to have a level cap and different level ranges -- the level of monster relative to each player adjusts automatically. Power levelling can be done but will not be much advantageous compared to normal levellingdifficulty adjustments can be made easier -- once the relative difficulty of gear levels are well adjusted the rest is to put up a scaled adjustment for any difficulty adjustments upward or downwards farming legendaries do not result in easy mode (so less people complain the game being too easy) -- the monster level will increase accordingly (cap can be implemented by converging the monster level resulted from gear level to drop that level of gear or simply capping gear level that can be dropped) so you still can improve on your gears up to the cap Survival mode leaderboard reflects skill better -- the relative skill required is the same because the monsters are adjusted by gears you have. Also has an advantage of not having the guys with best gear to always dominate the leaderboards (mostly because they can farm even better gears in survival mode) Legendaries still has advantages -- at the same item power they have somewhat better stats (although that can be factor into the adjustment as well). Same applies for upgrading items. More upgrade levels will give mostly flexibility in character specs level cap can be changed more at the dev's pace instead being pressured by the community -- it is only needed when you need spec points or some changes neededEffect of trading in breaking the game would be partially relieved in an automatic manner. Difficulty is automatically adjusted when someone gives you a godly legendary gear, so you don't suddently feel the game being in easy mode. You still benefit from the new gear as the item power of your loot goes up with the new piece of gear.
  13. Don't think at any point melee heroes got weaker because of that? And if they do, you just balance them. That wont make Melee characters weaker at all... For one melee characters can currently hit a whole group of people with their basic attacks. If you're able to group up a massive amount of people and just start whaling on them, that itself is way better than a multishot stat. Multishot only hits its target, melee characters hit whoever is within their basic attack range. If you no longer need to get close to hit multiple enemies, yes that make the melee class, on a relative scale, weaker. I did mention "risk-adjusted basis", so it's not the absolute scale I am concerned with. And yet your comment never mention how the possibility to necessity transition is solved. Let's hear from you how you will set up multishot so that not everyone wants to have a multishot weapon.
  14. You should try geysers + lightning aura sometimes. You only need 750DS on the huntress to hold up an entire lane with 2 layers of geysers in a lightning aura. As for knockback on explosive trap, I don't think it is the best idea because you only use half the trap's effective area to do damage. Or you might end up knocking enemies forward if they walk through the trap while it recharges.
  15. Well, that does mean other build plan either require more attention during combat phase or require too much time to build for the general public, or are less efficient/effective. And no, the guys who do the same build over and over are usually the guys who complain the game being too easy. One read on the meta and the strategic aspect is no longer necessary.
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