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  1. Just logged off steam altogether. Made a private room and it's now locked again. I know I'm not going crazy here but I 100% know for sure I did not relock my tavern upon seeing it unlocked with everything missing, and the last map saved was Assault Part 1 Nightmare, not Deeper Wells Medium.
  2. I came back from an AFK shop session only to find my shop unlocked and all my floor items missing. I know I make sure at all times that my floor items are always locked since I'm paranoid like that. I checked out a few other shops and they too are unlocked with no floor items, though I don't have solid proof they ever had floor items in the first place. Just wonder if it was just me or something. Disappointed at my missing things, I can replace them over time though.
  3. That's interesting. So "heroic" is what determines what scales with hero damage? Animus Familiars state this and the 7.18 patch says "Normal (non-heroic damage-dealing pets (e.g. Tiger) damage increased (9x)" Also, my Arronax, Bone Staff, and Lava Slinger indeed do not say Heroic in their descriptions.
  4. Upon further investigation, other staves also splash so this is not an uncommon thing. Still, Lava Slinger is cool. Whether or not Lava Slinger's splash is bigger though is always up for testing.
  5. I would really lol if this is because of the recurring negative knockback on all the weapons. Edit: Tested it with my other Lava Slinger that does not have negative knockback and it also shows the scaling electric element.
  6. To be more specific on the weapons I used, I used a Transcendent Arronax, a Kraken drop and a Transcendent Bone Staff, a random drop in moraggo. Both of which were only upgraded in elemental damage. In hindsight, maybe using Lava Slinger as an example was a bad idea, but it's what sparked me into testing elemental damage. Edit: Also the above 900k fire damage was done with said bone staff. Arronax and Bone staff do not change physical damage into elemental like Lava Slinger does. This is purely from upgraded elemental damage and the white numbers are the puny unupgraded physical damage. Al
  7. I'm not totally sure I understand what you're saying. Could you further elaborate? Also all these damage tests were done with Trans Apprentice weapons. I also tested mythical weapons but those indeed do not scale in elemental damage. I would be very disappointed if this elemental scaling was merely a bug that needs to be fixed. Would be a shame. This would be what Apprentices need to stand out.
  8. Why in the world would you do that? Because I had a thought. (tl;dr below) When Talay Mines came out, Lava Slinger quickly became my new favorite weapon and as a result, I moved my DPS gear to apprentice to make use of it. Naturally to my surprise, my 257^ 29k ranged damage Lemurian Halberd only dealt 115k damage per shot while my 263^ 14k physical damage Lava Slinger simply did more damage with 400k damage per shot fully charged on the tavern dummy. Then it hit me. Why exactly am I even upgrading physical damage on the Lava Slinger? Since its damage is converted to fire anyway, wouldn't
  9. Does the shots do splash damage like the dragon fireballs? Yes. If they didn't, then the damage being converted to fire would not be worth it. More info on the weapon - (+5) Extra projectiles so 6 shots on a flat plane with the 6th being above the middle, so far all the lava slingers I've gotten were lightning elemental, and I got a supreme 210^ *sniff* from volcanic eruption insane HC.
  10. Is this intentional? The giant explosion is a really nice touch though.
  11. Spiders aren't bugs; they're arachnids. Anyway that sucks bro I hope they fix it soon *flees*
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