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  1. Hello! I always try to give informations that might help reproduce the bug whenever I report one as I know these informations can be as important as the knowledge that there is a bug, when it comes to fixing it. I'm always playing on the client's side. You can consider that if I don't specify for the host's side, it means I didn't ask him. About bug #6: I don't really know how long, I'm gonna guess between 5 and 10 minutes maybe ? It has never come to the point I couldn't grab an item but it's sometimes difficult to find an angle to do it. New bug (I forgot it the last time but I have a screenshot this time so we'll pretend it's intended)! Bug #9: Ogres' names and healthbars are sometimes badly placed. Here, FrogKiller and Acelis are actually the two on the stairs behind K'org. The healthbars move with the ogres' movements so it's probably just the initialisation of their positions that's incorrect. We're mostly playing in mixed mode so it might only happen in this mode, I can't say for sure. At first I thought the healthbars were missing but they were probably somewhere I wouldn't think of looking. Bug#10 (Another one I forgot but no screenshot this time): When we're dead and using the free cam, the ogres' names (and possibly healthbars) do not change size no matter whether we get closer or further from them. As a result, it is sometimes impossible to know their names because it is too small. I THINK it always happens and I think it happens for the host as well. Bug #11: In the level where there are the lava geysers (don't remember the name), it can happen that skeletons fall into the lava then do not die, making it impossible to kill them if we don't have a ranged attack. We were playing in nightmare, hardcore, mixed mode on that level and on multiple occasions there were skeletons that had fallen into lava that didn't die. I'm guessing they lost their first or second life when they fell, then revived, then didn't die. I thought enemies had a limited lifespan but it didn't seem so there. Luckily we had a ranged attack so we could deal with it. And that's it for today! Bye!
  2. And I'm back with a few update on the bugs and a couple bugs to add to the list! -------- FIXED (or somewhat fixed) -------- - Bug #1: I think it's been fixed ? I don't think I've seen a Chungleberry item in a while -Bug #2: I don't think item comparison gives random numbers anymore. Hero power and/or building power (I don't remember) seem to be one less than it should (let's say you have an item at 400 hero power equipped and are hovering on an item at 500, it will write "500 (+99)" instead of "500 (+100)". It's negligible so it's ok. It would be nice however if we could have the stats that do not exist on one of the item to appear on the window that shows its stats when comparing with an item that has that stat. I don't know if that's clear so here's an example: comparing item 1 that only has the stat +10 Def. Rate with the item 2 that only has the stat +10 Range, you'll have on the window for item2: 10 Range (+10) and I would like to also see in that window 0 Def. Rate (-10) -------- NOT FIXED -------- - On bug #4: The incorrect enemies displayed still happens. You can see on the image below that it says only one goblin will go out through the door instead of multiple mobs of multiple types. All the doors said 1 gob except one door that said 2 would come if I remember properly. It's a bit dark because I had opened the menu so it would display the mode, map and difficulty. -------- NEW (not realy but new on my list) -------- - Bug #6 (continuing the count from my first post): Items slowly sink in the ground: I don't know if it always happens but it happens quite regularly. The items appear above the ground and as time passes, they go lower and lower until they are no longer clickable. - Bug #7: Some items disappear during waves: that might be intended as it seemed to be the lower quality items but I don't think I've seen the text that said "1 item sold for that much money", although i might have missed it. It was not an item that should be auto-looted. - Bug #8: When there are too many types of ennemies that will appear on one door, the list can be too low so we cannot see the amount for certain ennemies. I'm guessing this is map-specific (and even door-specific). See the screenshot below: As you can see, we cannot know how many sharks and djinns will appear during the wave (it did the same thing on every door in the map). -------- That's all folks -------- And there it is ! The sequel to my previous novel ! I hope you enjoyed it and that everything was understandable. Bye bye!
  3. Hello, About the list of ennemies dispayed being incorrect, I don't know. We noticed it once because it was obvious but haven't paid much attention to it since then. About the list not appearing, it still happens, but the host always does have the list so to reproduce it, you need at least two people on different computers. It happened about 4 hours ago so I don't think an update happened since then :D Bye!
  4. It's me again ! A couple of bug seem to have been fixed (or changed) with the update that followed my post so I want to write it here: Bug #1: I do get the accessory drops now but the chungleberry item drop is now random (from chests only ? It's difficult to say because the item is invisible). I had it appear in a few chests (I once had two of them) and a friend of mine too. I'd say it is an improvement compared to before. Bug #2, fourth thingy in my original post: Seems to be fixed (I think we can trust the (+XX) thing now). Bug #5: I'm really not sure about that one but I think it is fixed? I'm not sure because it looks like the order of the items changes in the inventory when pressing E on one of them (it was on most recent I believe). I didn't expect everything to move so I got perturbed and wasn't sure the equipped item was the correct one. Maybe it was just a shift in position because of the item that moved from equipped to the inventory, which would be normal. Anyway, I think it's fixed. Request V: It was already there, for some reason I expected them to clump together and turn into the higher version but they just disappear and one of them changes color from what I could see. My bad! On a side note, I've changed the item comparison thingy so it shows both the hovered item and the equipped item in the option and it is a lot less frustrating for me so I should have checked the options earlier. For anyone interested, you should probably turn on the thing "always turn on world item comparison". There's also an option to show the item hero power and item defense power separately so turn that on, it's actually helpful (something like split item power, I don't remember the name). With those options on, I don't find the game as frustrating :D Keep up the good work!
  5. Hello, Thanks for your answer! To be honest, I expected my post to never be actually read since I wasically wrote an entire novel :D My friends also told me it was made by a different studio so yeah, it is understandable that some new issues appeared, thanks for noting it. About the item comparison, my second and third point can be considered as a design choice so maybe I should have moved them to the Requests section but the other two are definitely bugs. I also noticed after writing my post that even the (+XX) value displayed for stats on the new item were sometimes incorrect but it feels like it belongs to one of the bugs I mentionned already so I didn't edit my post. I have to agree that I like the way it looks. Bye !
  6. Hello, Before anything, I don't mean to spit on the game. I like it but I cannot understand how certain things are like they are, especially at the fourth game of the series (and certain things were fine in at least one of the former games). ---------------- TL;DR: BUGS - Boss clear items replaced by unpickable item, - Item comparison broken, - weapons sometimes visually stuck to the back of the character for other players, - Incoming enemies display broken, - E on an item in the inventory to equip it equips a random item instead. REQUESTS: - I suck at using the filter system, - I want to see the levels of turrets from afar, - I want a way to tell the game which stats to compare to tell me "this item is better", - I want to be able to see which enemies will spawn where and which path they will take from the map, - I want to have the aiming cursor closer to the center of the screen, - Not really a request but to limit the amount of things displayed on screen, make clusters of mana turn into higher rated mana stones. ---------------- Here are a few bugs I encountered. Some are annoying, some are meh. I took a quick look at the forum and didn't see them, I might have missed them. 1. (Annoying one): I'm playing with a couple of friends and they get a (seemingly) guaranteed accessory drop after each boss (at least on first clear?). Instead, I get an invisible transcendant item. I added a screenshot of said item. As you can see, I'm pointing at a place where there is no item, and the item is simply broken. I cannot pick it up (it says my inventory is full). As a side note, I don't know who Chungleberry is but they seem to really want to give me this item since I think I got the exact same one on the second boss (after thinking, it might be the name of another one of my characters as I didn't really name them). It's not too bad since I know accessories will become normal items later on but it's still annoying as I'm missing out on stats. 2. (Annoying one): Items comparison is broken (close to useless): - First, we only know the difference on the stats of the current item. Which means that if we have +200 Fortify on our current item and we look at the comparison on an item that has +2 Attack (and no stat on Fortify), then it will only show +2 on attack and nothing about losing 200 on fortify. - Second, the nice green arrow that tells us an item is better than ours means absolutely nothing. It only compares the element power (or whatever the english name is for that) so 39 element power with 0 other stats is considered better than 36 element power with 200 attack (I don't know if the stats affect the element power but it's at least not enough). I know the comparison between items is difficult since it depends on what build the user is going for but I seem to remember that in a former DD, there was a way for us to define which stats to compare. Or you could also check which stats are currently the highest to use them as the priority (it would still not be perfect) - Third, what is the point of the (+XX) on an item in the inventory when we don't press shift to compare to the currently equipped one ? It's comparing to if we had nothing equipped? I can tell that having +XX on a stat is +XX better than if I didn't have anything. - Fourth, I don't know exactly how to reproduce that but we can have weird (+XX) values on the currently equipped item by moving in and out of it. My friends seemed to have it all the time, for me I had to move on an item in my inventory then move to the currently equipped and move in and out of it, and sometimes, the (+XX) would become (-YY). It might be only on the weapon (this is what I tested it on), and the item in the inventory might have to be for the same item slot. I can't help more than that when it comes to reproducing the issue. 3. (eh - kinda funny one): The weapon of the characters of the other players can sometimes be gigantic on their back instead of in their hand. In that case, neither of us was the host so maybe it won't do it with the host. 4. (somewhat annoying): The enemies displayed at the gates (when they are displayed because it's not always the case - at least when you are not the host) are incorrect (even if you are the host). An example for us would be in the Throne room (so second boss) - normal difficulty - Hardcore (the thing where when you die, you won't respawn until the end of the wave) - Rift thingy - 3 players - We had only a single mob displayed on each door and weirdly enough, that was not true. 5. (Annoying): Pressing E on and item in the inventory to equip it sometimes does really weird things (it equips another item or something like that?). That might be due to a difference in the order of the items depending on the language (let's say if it is displayed alphabetically, the order changes depending on the language but when we press E, it uses the english order to figure out which item is in the hovered item slot instead of the current language) ? I didn't try it since I put the game in english. Requests: I. I'm still not used to your filter system so it might be me - I would like to see a filter for stats. The current filters are useless when you're trying to make a full defense character, and I tried to make a keyword filter but this one is the logic AND so if I put the words for range, def speed and def. power I don't get any result (I actually got one which was a crossbow so RANGEd weapon, there was another in the name of the crossbow and only one stat that fit). Maybe having a way to order them with those stats would be better than filtering? II. Give us a way to show the level of the defenses even when far away from them (maybe I missed it in the options but i don't think so). III. I'm putting this one again because I really want it: Give us a way to tell the game which stats to compare for the green arrow thingy. IV. Add the paths and which ennemies will spawn in the map. V. (maybe we can already) Give us the ability to move the aiming cursor thingy mor to the middle of the screen - It's uncomfortable how far it is to the center of the screen. VI. (Not really a request) To limit the effect of too many mana stones on the ground, you could make clusters turn into the higher version of the mana stone (for example, if 5 green stones are close enough, they clump together and turn into a red one and so on). It feels like I have seen mana disappear from the ground so maybe that would not happen anymore ? I think that's it. I'm sorry I made such a long post and if it feels like the equivalent of yelling. I swear I'm not angry! I'm just disappointed. More seriously, I actually am a bit disappointed. Based on my previous experiences with Dungeon defenders, I didn't expect it to be perfect, but there's a tad too many frustrating things... I'm not planning on dropping it right now but we'll see. It's not all bad, there are some nice ideas so keep going :) Bye !
  7. It's only for convenience, because if the weapon itself had different damages from its projectiles, it should appear somewhere and I think that we would eventually have too many stats for one weapon (making it hard to judge if the weapon is good or not). But it is only a suggestion and it can be accepted, improved or rejected. In any case I wouldn't really mind because the most important thing is that everybody (or most people) likes what is done in the end.
  8. Hi! This is an idea that I have had when I heard about the barbarian, and I finally share it ^^ : I think it could be fun if the barbarian could take any weapon (including huntress, apprentice and monk) but use them as if it was swords or something like that. I would say that the damage and attack speed could depend on the weapons damages and rate of fire for example (or extra projectiles). I think I made my idea understandable enough but if you have any question about it, feel free to ask. see ya!
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