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  1. also from the summoner FAQ Q: What's the Mage like? A: "The Mage does the highest dps of all of them." "The Mage kind of just shovels fireballs out of the ground at people, does fire damage. The thing that's cool about the Mage is if you have a damaged tower near you, [he'll repair it]." "It is an AoE heal." so unless they changed their mind, it is a bug.
  2. are you using 2 damage pets? they said that with 2 damage pets, the summoner would get about 75% the effect of each.. i do agree with summoning being a little too slow, but its probably intended so we cant just use an army without fearing for its survival.
  3. Either im missing something, or i found a possible bug. when going into the rts mode, you sometimes end up too high above the map, without the ability to zoom into a point where you can send you minions (for me it was the top right of aquanos, i couldnt get below the ceiling to actually send my minons anywhere (clicking on the ceiling just causes them to stop)... i was able to zoom out quite far, but wasnt able to zoom in enough to move them anywhere. am i missing something, or is this a bug/ not intended.
  4. what i want, is some variant of a line tower wars map thing the competitve kathraki, but instead of the npcs spawning, you have an income of a certain amount, which is used to spend on towers/upgrades etc.. or summoning minons to attack the enemies lane.. the overall goal is to destroy their crystal before they get yours, but you must balance your attack and defense to do it.
  5. aquanos is an easier map to deal with sharken on, or at least thats my experience.. stats hover around 2k for the important parts on all my characters (EV waller is around 3k,)
  6. ethereal.. actually works (it just isnt good enough to have a real use, but it does fufill a purpose)..(the issue is that a proxy does it faster and better, but at lower total overall damage) the others are all mostly useless at the moment (the du cost spent on them doesnt even come close to doing what it could do for other towers) Deathstrikers massive du cost means that its much better to put other towers down to fufill multiple roles rather than one, enrage aura is next to useless because its most effective placement is far away from your defenses, where djinn would desummon it, and slice and dice, as you said, is beat out by a bumper, a tower with a lower du cost, and better actual damage and effect... at the same time, i think perhaps shock beams need to be looked at.. as its again, a tower I never have a use for, and mage walls really need to be looked at (theres no point in building them for anything other than as a spider catcher) i guess the only real thing to say is that theres a bit of balance in that each class has at least 1 completely worthless defense.
  7. niko.. he doesnt need to compare it to something else with a budget similar..... Hell, if i said i was leaving to play LoL over dungeon defenders, the budget wouldnt even come into it.. the point is, hes leaving the game because of numerous issues that have caused him (and many others like him) to become fed up with the game.. myself, im not necessarily leaving, but im not playing anywhere near as much as i used to (used to hit well over 100 hours every 2 weeks, now im maybe 20, and thats just checking shops here and there.. ) the eternia shards and new heroes bring me back each time, but for increasingly less and less time each time i do come back.. the errors and glitches that are present (especially the trade bug, and the stuck mobs), have been present for quite some time, and when they cause you to lose hours of work.. its frustrating. anyways, my rant is over, I'd like to thank urza for the help hes given, and say i hope to see you around, whether its in D3, DD, or some other game.. take care.
  8. tentacles werent an issue for me on my monk.. stats not even close to yours (1800 damage, but my weapon only did around 300k, )... what pet were you using? (monkey or seahorse is best.. farming insane survival for a seahorse might not be a bad option..) also, make sure your stepping side to side to avoid the projectiles, and hero boosting whenever you can. hes a pain to solo (duo is much easier if you can get a friend to squire block it, or even another monk as long as you both arent dead at the same time), but it is possible in saying that, im not unsure a slight nerf would be out place in the future.. if people continue to have trouble with him the biggest pain is having to do all the waves before attempting him again.
  9. please do this... or let us have an option to set this in the future (almost all of my characters vastly need armor upgrades, weapons are much easier to find, and not nearly as useful for some classes)
  10. the problem with that is, that a terrible godly has a potentially higher value than a good myth (1/1 godly with high stats is going to have a better value than a 200 up myth with medium stats, so while the myth has higher potential (and is better), the godly will be the one that stays also, it doesnt always remove by value (ive seen multi million items removed, while terrible items remained, having mana values of less than 10k)
  11. bait defense would only work once as well, becuase the sharken would hit it, move it. and then might get stunned (or. as ive seen them do, keep running forward past the defense they just moved). the problem with the shock beam is.. it basically does what a gas trap does, but it adds a little damage, and requires much much more precise placement... the tradeoff just isnt enough for it.
  12. probably a combination of duo/solo games, no new content (shards 3 is weeks old, people who just play it to beat it have moved on, people playing survival arent running with more then 2 because of the mob limits) and the fact that it is finals week for college, and crunch time for highschool students
  13. saw a trans from a chest on aquanos 10 or 11, nm hc mm.. still having trouble passing 20 though.
  14. Sarcasm IS funny :P Especially when someone doesn't get it
  15. yup.. the newest patch, for whoever knows what reason, added spiders to pure strategy... so now you have to build towers that kill spiders.... and then watch as they fail to do so, and your whole defense unravels, because 1 mob landed in the wrong place, and you cant do anything about it.. if they dont remove spiders from pure survival, they need to up the loot quality of the mode, since its now a challenge with the addition of spiders (not much of one, but much more than it was before)
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