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  1. My brother has a problem with his account and sent 2 messages on Discord to [CG] devs, on last month, and another more than 24 hours ago to Philipp. I've read on this forum that's how you get your problem sorted, but so far he's been completely ignored, isn't there another way to have support? Thanks.
  2. French translation is broken, I don't mind the bad translation, but every single value is being shown as "Valeur" and not some numbers like it should, damage, stats, wave, you name it. The game is unplayable but it's kinda funny too.
  3. It'll be nice to see new faces online :)
  4. Well, Wii U allow consistent updates and most importantly, they are free unlike PS3/Xbox360. That means, developers don't have to pay thousand dollars to patch the game. Also, indie games are selling nice on eShop like Trine 2, once the PC development is finished I'm sure they'll consider it.
  5. Yup, let's take the fun out of this game, that way more people will still play ;)
  6. Wow this map really help people to understand how nightmare works.
  7. One of each, all towers, so 7 characters.
  8. Woot free jester DLC, you guys are amazing!!
  9. I always play nightmare/survival in private room with my brother.
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