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  1. Hello, It's been a long time since I've play DD2, I see alot of updates have happen. I say a new hero come up and was like YEA I'm going play! Well first I had to get pass the game not launching. Now I can not seem to find anyone on 300+ maps (Heros are at 290-320 PWR) I see the player lobby as about 15+ people. Where is everyone hiding? T.T Thank You for the help
  2. Can't say I've seen that before but I'd figure if this was a huge issue, more of your game would be affected. The thing I would try if you haven't is make sure you don't have any forced settings on with your video card in its software. Also try doing a verification of your cache just incase. 1: Open your steam library 2: Right click Dungeon Defenders (http://i.imgur.com/UyPCa.jpg) 3: Click properties (http://i.imgur.com/JvLz2.jpg) 4: Click local files (http://i.imgur.com/TO5wC.png) 5: Click verify integrity of game cache (http://i.imgur.com/IZDGD.png) Done that 5 times good Sir, and i
  3. Really this just need to become a Bug to Feature moment. The map is fine the way it stands now. Sky City is a map where item fall off it 90% of the time and yet nothing was done about that. By giving this map and reward that scale better is the correct response to Sky City faluts. This game could have a LOT more people if gearing up wasn't such a drag! Maplestory is an explain I know I can use For years leveling was just hair pulling but they revamp their exp system. Result? More players came back and got more people to play. I see King Game and how it diffcult is now as a revolutions. New
  4. Wait so A new Map gets an unnecessary fix, before does CD and all it bugs? Did I miss the memo? Also It seem like this is an official so I don't think we can do much. Sad thought because I thought Trendy goal was to help newer players gear up. I may still be their goal but the map was just fine. For the record all my start are above 2.5k+ and I like the idea this map help others. No more "Builder needed. kick after build" rooms. I would just ask Trendy not to do the Patch for a week and let people enjoy it. Or for the whole 2 week the Jester is free.
  5. Hi What does this actually do? is it referring to multiple cpu cores? meaning if I have a quad core cpu I should enable it? or does it have nothing to do with the cpu and it's more of a gpu option? thanks, highly appreciated. It's a CPU thing. It mainly for people who have Dual Core and Higher. Instead of the game running on one core, you can have it run on all. It really doesn't take up a lot of CPU (not that I've seen) but it make the game SOOO much least laggy.
  6. Hello, Everytime after wave 12, EVERYONE will get disconnect except the host. This has happen on 4 different host. Anyone else having this issue =3?
  7. I don't see an issue with it to be honest. 1) you have to land it (Don't think other maps have slow motion) 2) If you get hit , the Wheel is disable and I'm sure the boss will be wracking you 3) Why not? It called Wheel Of Fortune I think it rather interesting and fun, just like the Wheel can make Boss Golden. It add some a lot more fun to it. Thought I think if the boss is golden you should be rewards Sup + =3 Even if they do "fix" it which I really hope they do not. At least let the Wheel a decent amount of damage to the boss.
  8. Hello, I'd recently upgraded my graphic card and everything was better and smoother with DD. After running it this morning tho, my main menu screen looks like this http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/578963381826501170/16D0595FA4B2A9FD6ECF09E69DE6567633FF99F2/ Was not doing these before but there is no other issues game runs great and so does others. Anyone know why this is happening?
  9. Even answer about helping out other class who wish to be DPS in NM have no been answer yet either. I understand the new Sky pet has mad boosting, but overall some classes are not at that level they need to be at to in NM. It really only two options. I understand maybe why Trendy doesn't wanna say anything about this issue because people do worry about their current dps character, but I'm sure A LOT of people just want a tiny buff to other. Actually it doesn't really have to be the class just the weapons scaling in NM. increase how much certain weapons do.
  10. I just think Trendy may assume the RNG is okay, Insane and lower difficult. I know they can fix certain ranges of numbers depends on difficulty and map. New Map, New Mobs, Mobs get stronger and stronger, but we are still using toy gear at the mercy of wide ranges of randomness.
  11. even before sky city was out ive done countless runs and barely got one supreme per run off aqua nm hc mm haven't got to play sky city yet and see how the loot is and rng but it always been messed up I understand how you feel about that. For the past couple of days I've been forcing myself to play in hope I get upgrades. But it always end in just bittersweet frustration. Really, I understand game should be a bit frustration, but I don't think that frustration should be in finding upgrades/rewards if you playing on the Hardest mode in the game. Edit: 353 views =3 Someone at Trendy has
  12. I just don't understand the time invested into the game doesn't really give you better rewards. Even when I played Pokemon Blue ,my days, if you try rushing to beat the game you'll get crashed, but put time into it, level up, look at every room, corner and you are rewarded greatly. (Maybe a better explain with other games =3) DD it feels like all the time I put in doesn't come out. When I first play on Xbox I understood the basic and saw no matter what I did I couldn't get must farther (because of the RAM with Xbox and all) So I switch to PC and just fell more in love with the game. But I'm
  13. Hello, I'm just wonder if Trendy has been working/planned anything about RNG or CD? I know working on the Jester must have been time draining, but for the past couple of weeks I've seen A LOT of Threads about the RNG (people playing NMHC and get just zero to none great rewards for their time and work) and CD boss bugs and other bugs. Yet, I've not seen an Official respond about these issues. I really do love this game, mostly because when an issue come up, Trendy will answer within a snap and fix it (or try their best, *Djinn on Sky city* =3) Even if the answer is "We can not do anything
  14. I'm really happy then choice the Jester to use all weapons. I will pick between going all in or staying back =3 That is assuming her HP scale is not poor. =3
  15. I can have a Saw and a Gun! =3 I think I'm going to cry I'm not from pc but I think everyone gonna delet all there dps characters and just have the jester lol If they do not hurt her NM scaling then yes. If it scales poorly then it'll be highly disappointing T.T
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