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  1. The next time you see something like that, take a screenshot and post it in the Report a Player forum. Luckily I did get a screenshot of both the accessories
  2. Joined up with a random group of people, checking out some equips, checked out this one guy's stuff, steam name *snip* and in game name *snip* and two of his accessories had 361 player attack. Now I know I haven't seen too many accessories drop, but how can he have two accessories with just player attack at 361 when the rest aren't even over 15?
  3. It happened to me too, 10 times in a row... Apparently you need to beat glitterhelm nightmare hardcore too
  4. My brother, two friends, and I just spent a good hour or so trying to beat the last stage on nightmare hardcore, finally got it beat, then went to check our leaderboard to see how well we did, the only one that showed a score was the one who hosted it, my brother, friend, and I did not have anything in ours. We all go back to our taverns and check the mission statistics, shows the purple badge with the shield, but says N/A for all the stats. Does this mean we got credit for beating it but we didn't at the same time? We also didn't get the trophies/achievements for beating it on nightmare hard
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