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  1. Realistic view: beta gets released the last day of November.
  2. I was wondering now that Chromatic has all this support from Nintendo and extra time to release the game, are all the Kickstarter goals met now? Are we going to see on release a new enemy and map, new rift walker hero, customizable tavern, bonus boss fights and surprise extra stuff? I feel like this would make a lot of people happy who were disappointed those goals weren’t reached initially, I’m sure that Nintendo money more than makes up for what wasn’t reached.
  3. So I just read on IGN that DD:A is a switch timed console exclusive, if this is correct, will people getting it for the ps4 and Xbox have to wait a lot longer than those getting it on switch?
  4. I wish we could get an update on this, I’ve got the game already so I’m not dying for the keys or anything but I just want to make sure that I get everything once the rest of the rewards are ready and that my info didn’t get lost.
  5. Same here, pledged $35
  6. I’ve checked every folder in my email and still haven’t seen the DD 2012 codes, have they all been sent out or are they coming in waves?
  7. I was just thinking about how awesome it would be to have Mario themed content on the switch version, here’s my idea: Skins: Squire:Mario Apprentice:Luigi Huntress:Peach Monk:Toad Have a custom map that takes place in Mushroom Kingdom and all the enemy skins are replaced with Goombas, Koopas, Piranha Plants, Bullet Bills, etc. with the final boss being Bowser. I know this will never happen but I can’t help but want to share my dream.
  8. One of 2 things need to happen with this game, it either needs to be updated to be compatible with iOS 9, or they need to take it off the store entirely. I keep hearing stories of people buying the game to this day, only to find it doesn't work. Yes, I am aware it says it's not compatible with iOS 8 but how many people actually read that? It's also kinda crappy you are still taking money for a game that doesn't work. Please respond.
  9. I have tried everything and nothing happens, I press r1+y to upgrade but it just shows the icon and everything I press doesn't do anything. What am I missing?
  10. I don't have a disability but I do have limited space where I live. My TV is my computer screen and it sits directly in front of my bed. It can get pretty uncomfortable trying to play keyboard and mouse games, that's why I prefer a controller. Thanks iamisom for updating us, hopefully official controller support will be here sooner than later.
  11. The problem with that controller profile is some of us can't get xpadder to work on our pc's and some of us aren't set up for keyboard and mouse gaming. Controller support should have been a priority from the very beginning, it is, in fact, keeping people like me from playing. I have been in the defense council from day 1 and have waited patiently for controller support so I can actually play the game. I have only been able to get on to play a mission or 2 before the discomfort sets in, I can't play any games without a controller. There is a whole swath of fans eagerly awaiting to play this game once controller support is implemented but until then, there is no incentive to play.
  12. I think that heroes and maps should be purchased, as well as weapon skins and cosmetic items, just like the first game. The base game should only have the 4 heroes and one campaign playthrough worth of maps.
  13. I know we will never see this game on a Sony or Microsoft console ever. The main reason being neither company will allow cross platform play.
  14. I'm sure people would pay for early access even if all progress get wiped upon full release. I think it would be a good idea before people start to lose interest from the lack of recent news updates.
  15. They could at least ask Sony to enable remote play for their game.
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