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  1. One of 2 things need to happen with this game, it either needs to be updated to be compatible with iOS 9, or they need to take it off the store entirely. I keep hearing stories of people buying the game to this day, only to find it doesn't work. Yes, I am aware it says it's not compatible with iOS 8 but how many people actually read that? It's also kinda crappy you are still taking money for a game that doesn't work. Please respond.
  2. I have tried everything and nothing happens, I press r1+y to upgrade but it just shows the icon and everything I press doesn't do anything. What am I missing?
  3. I don't have a disability but I do have limited space where I live. My TV is my computer screen and it sits directly in front of my bed. It can get pretty uncomfortable trying to play keyboard and mouse games, that's why I prefer a controller. Thanks iamisom for updating us, hopefully official controller support will be here sooner than later.
  4. The problem with that controller profile is some of us can't get xpadder to work on our pc's and some of us aren't set up for keyboard and mouse gaming. Controller support should have been a priority from the very beginning, it is, in fact, keeping people like me from playing. I have been in the defense council from day 1 and have waited patiently for controller support so I can actually play the game. I have only been able to get on to play a mission or 2 before the discomfort sets in, I can't play any games without a controller. There is a whole swath of fans eagerly awaiting to play this game once controller support is implemented but until then, there is no incentive to play.
  5. I think that heroes and maps should be purchased, as well as weapon skins and cosmetic items, just like the first game. The base game should only have the 4 heroes and one campaign playthrough worth of maps.
  6. I know we will never see this game on a Sony or Microsoft console ever. The main reason being neither company will allow cross platform play.
  7. I'm sure people would pay for early access even if all progress get wiped upon full release. I think it would be a good idea before people start to lose interest from the lack of recent news updates.
  8. They could at least ask Sony to enable remote play for their game.
  9. Remote play shouldn't be hard to add
  10. Now that ps mobile games are free to publish, any chance we can get second wave for ps mobile? Or at least remote play compatibility for the ps3 version?
  11. I like to solo and switch characters often so I don't think this is a good idea.
  12. I have noticed a lot of people have switched to pc because of this game (including me).
  13. I think the best idea for purchasing things like mana and exp boost should have a cool down time of about a month before you can purchase again. I think it will keep the rich people from becoming too overpowered.
  14. I hope they fix the RNG, nothing is more upsetting than getting a giraffe with all negative stats.
  15. Is there anyway you can add the image icon to them, they still show up as blank.
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