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  1. The problem lies with you, not the game. If you're looking for a version of the game you signed up for last year, I would advise you play Insane, but stay away from Aquanos; those nasty game-breaking sharken show up in every difficulty on that map. Also, it's funny because everybody who had problems when Spiders and Djinn were released all said that their friends list was booming with players till Trendy ruined the game forever, then it's always "one or two" people playing. Somehow though there seems to be people talking about the sky falling everytime TE releases a new ptach. Hmm.. Fact is a core game play aspect has changed, therefore changing the game that it always was into something else. Spiders and Djinns are a completely different breed and didn't change the game play at its core. Defenses being destroyed vs. moved is a big deal. Spiders and Djinns didn't change that. You're right, I do have a problem with it and as a result...will not be enjoying the game that I once couldn't put down. I'm sure TE loves to hear that. Argue it all you want, the majority of players feel this way. Don't generalize what I said about my first hand experience of what I see when it comes to other players playing this game. Fact is fact. Usually it's the other way around. But go ahead, tell me I'm noob. Tell me to deal with it. Tell me to get better. I've got a better idea...
  2. This. If you can't deal with Sharken, then maybe Nightmare just isn't the difficulty for you, or maybe Dungeon Defenders just isn't the game for you. What a sad response. I'll tell you what, right now Dungeon Defenders isn't the game for me. Before April 26th it was. The game changed into a game I have no desire to play. That's a big problem. It's not fun for most people to have to constantly rebuild things, because they got moved. Throw in the build timer and you have something that is nothing more than a chore. People, myself included, were having a hard enough time defending without the defenses being moved. This seals the deal. Not the game I signed up for last year. I don't have time to build a setup just to be taken down in 5 seconds. If we could save setups, load them, and tweak them...that would be nice. Not going to happen though. The game changed into something different. It's no longer the same. It's not fun with this new mechanic. Like I have said before, my friends list used to be full of people playing this...now, maybe 1 or 2 at most. So maybe you're right, Dungeon Defenders isn't the game for me and many others...NOW. It was before and now it's not? That's a pretty large problem.
  3. Never actually tried it. I just assumed that my stats are too low for that. What should I try it on? Insane, NM, with HC enabled? I thought the same until I tried it. Your stats are not too low. NM HC.
  4. 80% of the players? 32% of percentages are made up so.... Anyways, the reason people are flipping out is simple. It's because they CARE. If nobody cared, that would be something to worry about. People have grown into this game and over night it changed...and I mean it changed. I hate to say it but movable defenses makes the game something different...probably more so than anyone thought, and 80% of players don't like the change.
  5. I'll say it again. The fact that they can move stuff is why I have zero desire to play all of a sudden. The defenses were built there for a reason, move them and now you have nothing. Overnight, the game changed into a game I'm not interested in. I guess you could call it a game changer, literally. Yea sure, re-think your defense and try new things. Doesn't change the fact that defenses still have a chance at being moved. Spiders and Djinns had their moments, but they didn't change the core game play by moving the things you placed there for a reason. So yes, anything other than defenses being moved would spark my interest. Until then, I'm going to play other games I've neglected. It's funny too, my friends list all of a sudden shows 1 person playing this game. Never have seen it that low, even at 2am. Something's not right.
  6. Was using a different build for this map, but it had 2 walls on each side like yours probably did. Replaced them with equivalent DU shock beams and haven't had a problem...so far. Walls were just getting pushed/clipped into the sides of the map.
  7. Yeah, I just did OMF and what a cluster it has become. All my towers pushed in a way that I couldn't get through them myself to get to the other side of defenses. I was stuck. I spend the entire build phase redoing what I already redid. Not fun at all. I don't understand how stuff can be pushed through walls/rock/cement etc...They should stop if anything. I cannot even sell the wall back as it's magically submitted into rock out of range. All this from ONE shark. If this is the way it's going to be, I would like to recommend getting rid of any and all build phase timers. I cannot even enjoy going through the map seeing what has dropped due to rebuilding and upgrading...everything. Give us something in return for this. In the end however, I cannot get on board with this change in game play. Sure, the others had their moments, but this ruins it. Sorry to say.
  8. ...with laser beams attached to their heads?
  9. Looks like they added it to patch, which is submitted to Valve.
  10. You guys are acting like toddlers. They're fixing the Sharken, relax a bit. It's not like they were doing anything malicious to ruin your gameplay. No toddler acting here. Just see people voicing there concern. If nobody said anything they wouldn't be changing it at all. But ok.
  11. we need a "net" blockade, they aren't strong but will stop the sharken's charge, so they will be similar to the reflector walls. I think we need more characters that have ablities to stop the new mob types, like Barb's turtle stance stops him from being webbed. It would have been neat if EV had something to instantly stop desummoning, like say if you drop down the hologram, it will instantly arggo the djinn to it. Perhaps the Summoner will have beasts that will tackle the sharken but won't take up DU, something like this will be handy if you are soloing. New class idea...Fisherman. You place bait. And then your primary weapon will be a fishing pole. And then you catch it. And then I don't know.
  12. Amazing ! I could AFK farm OMF quite easly. I started a new one to see how sharks are. First Wave : no more def Seconde wave, 4 sharks and i'm dead :D So i decided to put Gas Trap + Slow aura + Beam and.... I died again :D They can charge from a waaaaayyyy to far to be slow/root. And about their hp ? The 50% reduction is totaly needed !!!! So i perfectly understand the people who complain themself. And i agree with most of the post. I found it is boring to be unable to farm mythical whereas i was looking for transcendental. I'm not overstuffed like the ones who can say "guys, you're noob, I can handle it with my 3K stat heroes. It's easy ! u noob" and i found this is a bit to much. Let's see what the new patch does. Yup, stat's don't mean much as of right now.
  13. At least the djinn just "destroyed" things. No different than any other tower getting destroyed really. This new headache of a creature moves stuff. MOVES stuff. Not cool.
  14. Hehe, handle it. Yep...just go out there and handle it. You just weren't handling it before, that's why you lost. But yea, to OP, sharks are a game breaker, literally. People can't get close to what they did yesterday. Nerf is coming but as I said in another thread. The fact that they can move stuff is wrong. I always thought the spider queen moving things was a bug and get so angry. Who knew.
  15. Here is my problem with this patch. Most Dungeon Defender players are either unable to do Nightmare Hardcore effectively or too unpleasant for me to play with, causing me to solo. I'm happy to solo. Sharken make soloing impossible. Sharken also make the game a lot more difficult, which makes even less people able to effectively do Nightmare Hardcore. Sharken makes this game unplayable for me. Please make Sharken so that it does not break solo gameplay or you'll be losing loads of customers. New content is supposed to make the game more fun, not troll the players. -Rhadamant The fact they move defenses at all breaks 4 player gameplay as far as I am concerned. People are already having a hard enough time with defenses that don't get moved (myself included).
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