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  1. Yeah, and I hate all the people complaining about people "asking" about controller support. We want it on the PC for DD2, without having to install some 3rd party app that kills the normal controller support in every other game that already has it. And I don't know how old you are but if you want people to respect you then you're going to have to learn a little yourself and stop calling people whiners. It's rude and uncalled for. And not that is is any of your business but I am disabled and can't use a mouse and keyboard for very long without considerable pain which makes it so I can't play. I can hold a controller without too much pain.
  2. Don't feel bad. I believe the post is gone now and it can be easy to miss something after it sits without someone posting to it.
  3. This map was intended to be a multiplayer map, as we'll mention in today's Digest. Well that's not very nice. I can't get any of the 12 or 13 friends that have the game to play anymore. Something about ever since shards part 4 came out the game was no longer fun for them :copter: . Anyway, why make a map that forces you to play multiplayer, and why wait until after it was put out to tell people?
  4. So what are we supposed to do and where do we go? I've never done an event before and have no idea what to do.
  5. SID: Stroxuss Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006535635/ Day: Friday Edit: 10/18/2012 Can some one take me off the list? I'm afraid my gear just isn't up to the task and I've been working all week trying to get some upgrades with no luck. I just don't want to hold the rest of my team back because I'm gear is no where near what it needs to be to run in NM right now. Thanks and good luck to everyone! EDIT: Dredd talked me into giving it a try so I'll go ahead and stay. I just hope I don't mess up my team who ever I end up with I just want to say sorry, but I will give it all I got and hope that it is enough. :hunter:
  6. Umm, I might be wrong here but what I think he was asking it where the stats that people talk about being in the 1000's are on his character(s) which if he didn't play for long or did and still only got to 70 with godly gear his stats would be no where near the 1000's. So all you need to do is open your character sheet and look at all those stats in the 400 to 700 range and those are the stats people are talking about being in the 1000's, I believe. :squire:
  7. I'm having an issue where the game locks up while trying to setup Mistymire Insane, HCMM, Ranked. Last time I played almost a week ago it was working fine. I've been very sick all week and hadn't tried playing until last night. I did the steps to verify my game and it said there were 5 files it needed to fix but even after that it still isn't working. System: Windows 7 Premium 64 on and MSI GT70 notebook, i7-3610QM, 12 gig DDR3 1600Mhz, GTX 670m DDR5 3gig, using x-box 360 controller for windows. This is the first time I've had any issue playing the game since I started playing it on the PC back in May. Two other things that just started happening, when the game starts up it will drop to desktop while still running in the background all I have to do is click on the game down on the task bar to bring it back up and I've noticed both DunDefGame.exe and DungeonDefenders.exe are running in task manager when it locks up, is that how it is supposed to be? Edit: OK, I found out what was going on with my system. Steam has a new beta interface that I had opted in on and after turning it off my game no longer dropped me to the desktop while loading and I've setup my map and have been playing for 15 minute where I wouldn't get 2 or 3 in before.
  8. I'm posting here in hopes that the good people over at Trendy see this and at least let us know if it is possible to get controller support for the mobile version of Dungeon Defenders. It is impossible for me to play DD on my tablet because of medical issues that have come in in the last few months with my hands. I even bought a Bluetooth controller that has the same button setup as the Xbox 360 controller that connects just fine with my Xoom. Anyway, please can someone at least let us know if it can be done and if you might be willing to do it? Thanks!
  9. Im sure this isnt just my problem as shown by the fact that on pc, all of a sudden, there are NO nightmare matches most time running. No, you are not alone. I started playing around the end of May made 2 of everything but barbarian one builder one dps, got all the builders so they could use Mythical gear and found a dps I liked to play and had them to 83 before the cap went to 90. My builder's stats very but the stats that matter are 1.5 to 1.8k with the rest 800 to 1.3k I've been working on getting the mana to fully upgrade all the armor and weapons but I've dumped billions into their gear and still haven't maxed out. I did all this by farming Ramparts, I actually started like most I assume doing Alchemical Labs on NMHC working my way up to Ramparts. For the last week or so before shard 4 came out I had Ramparts down and I also beat Mist boss fight on NM so I could get ready for moving up sometime soon from Ramparts. Well with the adding of just these two new critters, the copter and it's cargo I can no longer make it through Ramparts because of getting overran with Ogres that are dropped behind what use to be my line of defense. Not to mention the copters blasting the heck out of me. Now I'm guessing they did this addition to help make things more challenging for the people like Zach who have stats that are at least twice what mine are but they missed the mark if that was what they wanted. Because Zach can still do the maps they were doing no problem but it's the people like me that had just gotten into doing NM mode that are unable to do what they use to because of this change. I almost quit the first time I got my rear handed to me doing Ramparts after shards 4 went live but I like the game way too much and I have invested time and money buying all the DLC so instead I've had to go back down to some of the earlier maps to slowly gain mana to continue my upgrades in hopes that it will get better.
  10. I've been having the same issue and it started within the last week. Before that I never had issues with disconnects.
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