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  1. omg i hope u follow through on this im sick of being kicked from games or seeing people claim they got the gear in a certain wave on nightmare then u see the gear and tis +250 of all stats or better. im in full myth gear u get from farming the lvls and some survival and i barely have 900 tower attack 500 attack speed etc...with 30 of all resists. people with drastically better gear than that (which is alot of people that play nightmare) are either hacking or one of their friends is. You sir have obviously never made it very far on Nightmare Hardcore Misty Mire. :squire:
  2. I agree with haker, even though I am one of those people that actually got a boost out of the tower changes because of my 2000+ tower stats. This game as it was originally made on mobile devices has always been based off of offline mode where you could solo everything. Then there was online mode where you could find people to help you if you so desired. Why do you think this game gets harder with more people in the game? It's because it was intended to be soloable and made harder as more people joined so that the maps would still have some difficulty. All of you need to relax and actually re
  3. in 7.10 ray guns did drop with multiple projectiles on glitterhelm insane mix mode. just letting you know :squire:
  4. i do it with an uber hunt guardian and a 13 death strike towers :squire:
  5. Same here, starting to get aggravating :wyvern: Edit: It just let me in :D
  6. True, but its interesting the way I felt the game should be played was the way the game was played on mobile, the way the game is still currently being played on consoles and the way the game was released. So either you're telling me the game originally was nothing at all like the devs wanted it, or they've changed it to suit the flavor of the month complaints they get in the forums. Honestly, my opinion (don't freak out) is they were trying to get a good reputation, ala Terraria, Minecraft, etc. And be very responsive at first. And they ended up being TOO responsive and the hiccups th
  7. Just because someone didn't develop the game doesn't mean that their opinion doesn't have merit. Some of the most innovative ideas come from individuals that have no industry experience (for a period of time some of the best ideas for toys came from a consulting firm conducting focus groups with parents as opposed to large toy manufacturers such as Mattel.)that is completely true but when the complaint is about how someone. Thinks a part of a dlc doesn't count because they will never play it (pvp) does not mean that it did not take resources and time to create none theless also I didn't say t
  8. Its not so much the money itself for me just the content. I dunno, I guess how I look at it is I paid $5 for The Binding of Isaac, so for $4 for 1 map that I'm actually going to play is it worth it? Honestly I would rather just use that $4-$16 and pick up a few games on the Winter Sale and play those instead. Could I do both? Yeah, easily. Do I have time for both? Dear god no, I've got a huge backlog as it is. The only reason I'm even taking the effort to post here is because there was SUCH potential in this game when I first played it. It had those beginning stages where I knew I
  9. All this for only 4 bucks? considering you've captured 206 hours of my time for 17-18 bucks, this is an instant buy. I love this game and it's addicting. You guys get a lot of hate, for everything under the sun, and I'm so glad you're going to support this game and see it live a long life! If you look at 1:54 of the trailer it says "Part 1 - MistyMire Forest" so I don't think it's all of the content we saw in the trailer tomorrow.
  10. 1/63 Animus, 179 base, it does have -21 tower health sadly. steam ID is "jerloch" I added you, and yes I am interested :D
  11. Mana is not an issue and I have plenty of uber pets with 100^+ to trade I have uber animus for all the other classes and would like to complete the set :squire:
  12. I do 430k dps normal shots on my dude hunt(cant remember what thats called) and each of my 3 piercing shots do around 150k depending on what pet i have equipped.
  13. Good point. If you're on the CONSOLE as you say that you are, just use the glitch and stop trolling the forums with redundant arguments. It's been proven that you can enter UMF in less than a day, so stop saying that you FAILED on it because of some outside reason. A tip: don't use enrage/ensnare auras. They waste time. I meant gliterhelm actually sorry for the auto correct fail. It has been edited. Also never one did I mention that I am on console. I am on PC and my ID is pyroemaniac if you don't believe me. And also, the only person in here I see trolling is the person demanding that they g
  14. I played 1 game with it so far this morning when I found it.... I set up enrage auras in a stupid place that prevented mobs from getting to me and failed on time. (EDIT: not to mention those who are successfully completing the maps are 500-600 ups on their traps, auras... whereas mine are currently 290-325/350 Mobs just simply aren't dying fast enough)I made a mistake that cost me in the late waves of a map... 750k DPS or not... legit or not... it doesn't matter. The focus isn't on the item or that I failed wave 11... you mocking me and throwing in a red herring into this discussion does no
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