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  2. I'm sorry if this has been answered already but is there a list of the CDT map reward weapons and what they do/unique effects? I just recently got back into playing (aiming for 118/118) and I noticed that a lot of weapons have some pretty cool properties, what really made me want to ask is the honey staff in particular. There is a debuff effect on the tavern dummy but it doesn't cause them to take further damage so I can only assume it's like a targeted Str Drain so they deal less damage? Some other weapons that I've tried so far Spear of the New Kingdom (Tomb of Etheria) - Mo
  3. Survival is pretty much Campaign just in higher waves. If you've done the monster fests you'll know and see what I mean. If anything they should add a new gamemode which caps at around wave 12 but introduces NM+ level mobs. wave 1-5 purple mobs, 6-10 gold mobs, 11-12 some new higher level or nonstop gold ogre/djinn rushes while still keeping the current mob count and have the drops be similar to the appropriate wave 20+ drops. That would probably be hard enough for people while still helping speed up the process into endgame.
  4. If they move towers like the spider queen why not just use EV physicals instead. IIRC she can't move those. *edit* ninja'd above without reading my bad.
  5. On the note of exp Not really a big problem since majority of the game you're going to be riding on Myth grade items. Trans/level 83 gear is going to be a bonus since you're going to be grinding countless hours to even be able to find an appropriate matching set that will surpass your current Myths. Can't invite new friends into end-game? If you can solo build insane glitter HC no core DMG then you shouldn't have a problem. 2 hours -> gets a friend to 74 2-3 hours -> Gear him/her up with a few runs of ES NM HC. Within 5 hours you have a friend that's actually viable in N
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