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  1. Agreed, these two seperate defenses shold never have become one....
  2. In dd1 the reflect beam was essential to put in front of barriers (preventing ranged units hammering them from afar) and around crystal (to prevent stray shots 1hko it). It was rediculously cheap in dd1, with it's cost increasing by how long it is and was soooo useful. Had high hopes for it in dd2, but why did they have to combine it with the silly torpedo thing or make it prohibitively expensive? :(
  3. The spectrals really aren't that hard... All it takes is one competent person doing them. As somone who isn't strong enough to solo any nm4 maps all the way through yet I solo'd this incursion to round 5 on my first try (so essentially ignored my defences for the first half of each wave)... Use a couple of speed up medium spheres and boost the hero hp if you're struggling. The curse pet ability makes it really easy if you have it.
  4. Doesn't the fact that people have obtained it barely three hours after release show how pathetically easy this monthly is? :P Other than possibly last months I've never seen an easier one (and I have the original Drago)
  5. It just adds everything straight to the inventory. You shouldn't be necro-ing an old thread that has nothing to do with what your comment though. This belongs in bug reports :)
  6. Uploaded video and sent to ice. While recording I tested suiciding and it did get the game moving again, so at least there is a workaround :D
  7. For me I can reproduce it about 95% of the time. Start a hard mode onslaught on throne room. Lose in first round. Press retry. No chests will fill and the round will never start. On other levels it seems a bit rarer.
  8. Dreaded hoard waves? They the best :D Just equip all of your jackpot gear, your cash +30% medium sphere and the medium sphere that gives a chance for a defeated enemy to give 100 coins. Then you chuck up some walls backwards (so tthey don't hurt the enemies) and you run around cutting them to shreds and make an absolute fortune :D
  9. Defender medals really aren't as hard to earn as people ssem to be suggesting. Having played just a few of hours spread over 3 days since the release I already have 1.5k medals. Perhaps the issue is that people can't just grind for them in a day (which seems to be what a lot of people want). They can't be too easy to get or there will be no proffit in making them as nobody would buy them for premium currency. Yes, if you want to be f2p you have to save up for your new hero. But it's a NEW HERO, adding 25% extra towers and skills to your arsonal. Plus you'll probably be able to save up for the
  10. Considering the cost of costumes in the game, 1500 gems for a new character is cheaper than I expected. It is essentially an extra premium character and the fact that you can earn it at all for free is great. If it were possible to grind for the character in a day then nobody would ever pay the gem cost and making new heroes would not be proffitable and soon they would stop appearing. The f2p price of a character may be considered high, but at the end of the day you don't need to do anything special to get them... you just need to play the game...
  11. You can still use the old way, pressing i and dragging them in still works :)
  12. I would have said apprentice ubers are pretty good too :) They have Hit many targets at onceHigher dps than flame burst and benefit from the +40% flame damage sphereDon't draw [much] aggro (When well placed they don't get targetted at all)Placement is a bit tricky with them as you can't just place them behind walls, but most lanes have a spot that really benefits from them... and they do crazy dps :D
  13. You needed to have read our conversation in entirety. You must be referring to 100% universal loot, which is something we all agreed on early in this thread was a horrible idea. The 8% chance was referring to 75% hero-favored universal loot. Say 100 items drop over the course of one map. - 75 are for the hero you're playing with - 25 are for the other three heroes in your deck 25 divided by 3 is rounded to 8. So you have an 8% chance of finding gear for your squire. 8% chance finding gear for your monk, etc. Then take that 8% and divide it between the useless gear and the keeper gear. I alre
  14. I should clarify and include some math. 25% reduction in chance to get gear for hero used for an 8% chance to get gear for a different hero in mind. The 8% decreases with each hero you add. When the new hero comes out soon, that'll decrease to 6%. That is only the percentage of gear dropping for that hero in general. Now you have to divide that up between the useless gear and keeper gear. So why bother with such an immensely insignificant opportunity when it comes at the cost of a much larger opportunity? To trade 25% for 8 or 6% is nonsensical. Yeah, the hero deck is frustrating and yes, m
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