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  1. Just wanted to say tyvm for taking this huge job on and doing a fantastic job. New level is nicely done but like how others have said there is a lot of open useless space not sure why there is so much. I didnt get to far in the survival cuz i was short on time but wanted to get something up here so at least u know its being played and enjoyed. I was worried that you guys would get discouraged by the lack of feedback/playerbase willing to do this beta test since the game has had no new content other then moonbase in a very long time. im sure that most of the people that played the game over the course of the past few years still dont even know that new content is being produced for the game. I think that in some time when word of mouth gets around or people just happen to click on dd1 in the library tab of steam and see new updates (its how i found out) this will get some of the players playing again. Again keep up the good work its much appreciated.
  2. Does anyone know if the explosion does the sheet stat for THP or if it does the actual tower HP that is shown when you build the tower. Its extremely hard to see what dmg it is doing due to all the ticks and everything else going on at the same time. Im guessing since the other passives add to the tower hp, that its the actual not the sheet but i dont know for certain. Can someone plz shed some light on this for me.
  3. no i just said that i did get them... not did not get them
  4. i meant i have gotten both of them double passives on the weapon and blockade, the ones that are possible of course. for weaopns its sploody and speedy for trinks its speedy and hearty.
  5. i can confirm that it is still possible to get this roll just got one today i can link if needed. It is not pre wipe like i said i just found it today. also have gotten speedy and hearty on trinks. dunno if u were asking that as well.
  6. Ive found lots of info on it, like i has said i just found nothing up to date everything was about several patches ago and it was working for some time then broken. Latest info i found was in august saying that it was broken. Still no help on whether or not it is from anyone?
  7. not what i was getting at, but ty for the info. i wasn't asking about probability of it rolling on gear but about if the towers/traps/auras effectively utilize crit chance and dmg. I was able to get my blaze balloons to something like 2500 crit dmg and burn dmg of 4000. what is the dmg supposed to be at.
  8. i tried looking thru posts on the current state of crit and crit dmg but wasnt able to find something up to date. Does it work properly now or is it still bugged? does the new huntress passives work/scale with crit dmg? Ive been getting the idea that it is still bugged/not working as intended but would love if someone knows for certain. Its hard to tell with all the dmg numbers popping up and the different colors what is a crit or not. I had been under the impression that the red ones were crits, is this still the case or does it depend on the tower type of dmg? Hope someone could shed some light on this for me.
  9. why dont you make it a requirement to show the bosses hp/lvl. i dont know if that can be faked or not but its the only thing i can come up with to differentiate between the NM's.
  10. If waisting a couple of hundred hours doesnt bother u, you've got some serious issues. i have no clue why ud even say anything, i didnt attack you or anyone. I was frustrated and needed to blow off some steam. I really cant say what id like to or it would get deleted.
  11. TYVM for patch, i just had finished onslaught got to wave 15 and got a golden egg, due to patch kicking me off right before i could move the items out of temp bag, guess what happened before i could log in again. I applaud you guys for trolling me so hard. Whoever thought up the 2 hour temp bag thing should have thier head examined, or figure out some way to code in when booted off the timer doesnt start till u log in again. Here nor there lost 53 prime items legendaries etc. im so freaking livid i cant see straight. On top of the full wipe that wasted about 400 hours of my time you guys sure know how to make your players feel rewarded for spending hundreds of hours on this game. In fact i just think im done why waist more time that you will probably end up finding a way to make useless as well. My hat is off to u trendy keep up the pro trolling.
  12. i was playing dde yesterday when all of a sudden i got booted from game, i coudlnt re log into the game and during one my attempts i recieved a strange error. it was in words and i cant remmeber the exact string but when i exited out of the client and restarted it asked for my playverse account. i never made a playverse account to begin with so i thought that was odd. i tried my steam credentials to no avail tried to reset pw to have it say that the email doesnt have an account linked with it. it is the same email i use with steam. so i was hoping that maybe if i setup and account under my email that it would re link my account on dde. it did not now when i log into dde its under a different name then the one i was using prior, the new name is the account i setup. today when i tried to log into dd2 i noticed it logging into the new account name and ofc when i got into game it was a fresh account all my progress gone. I have tried reinstalling the game several times doesnt work, i tried going to playverses site to have them say that the account doesnt exsist with the old user name i had. i dont know what to do or how to fix it all i know is that im freaking livid due to hundreds and hundreds of hours going poof. i really need this fixed or my money back for the 2 games. im not going to spend another several hundred hours to get back to where i was its just bs. please help me get my accounts back.
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