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  1. I get that nm4 is supposed to be hard, but this seems wrong! So while trying some liferoot nm4 I noticed something odd with the drakin hp. wave 1: drakin hp ~820k hp wave 2: drakin hp ~610k hp I'm pretty sure this needs to be the other way around or is not properly tuned? I haven't checked with other monsters yet, I wonder if anyone noticed the same and whether it's intentional or not!
  2. I'm not a regular poster or anything but this thread got me itching. This is mostly regarding solo play. I think, asides from the step from insane to nightmare the balance between NM 1-4 is simply not there. I've been tweaking my builds and I can literally afk on NM1, yet I do not even stand a remote chance of beating NM2, the gaps are just enormous. This is not a good progress curve in my opinion, this is simply beyond hard or challenging content (that's what nightmare 1). The problem is there is no way to progress on gear, the gear that drops op NM1 simply isn't beating NM2 (I haven't tried multiplayer yet, I normally like the added challenge of solo play). Overall I think the monster HP in nightmare is just way and way to high, 200k hp on wave 1 in NM2? Good luck beating that with i285!
  3. I've long since concluded that the nature of online forums is whining and complaining :P But yeah, this game is frigging great and i've never seen a developer so responsive as Trendy so props for that.
  4. /sign I have literally pages full of trans and supreme weapons collecting dust and far from enough armor to gear all my characters!
  5. Well the drop rate for armor is just really, really low. I've gotten 9 supreme weapons so far, which are just lying around doing nothing and just 1 piece of armor, it just doesn't seem to drop unless insanely lucky. Same with trans really, I got 14 trans weapons in a row now without a piece of armor.... A change is really needed in my opinion, having 90% weapons dropping is just not cool! A simple solution would be just an option to turn weapon drops on and off, but I don't see that happening really. No idea how hard it would be to do just change the drop rates, but it would make such a difference.
  6. Aquanos seems to have a good chance of dropping trans, not really much luck with supremes so far. Best is trans at 11 in aquanos, fairly decent item as well. Usually getting 1 or 2 after per wave around 15 Though today seems i'm having a bad day, just did a run 0-25 and got zero trans :(
  7. Oh yeah, I did it! Solo'd as well. Took a few tries to learn how to dodge most of the boss' attack but I got it in the end. Used my own build, but it kinda similar to Kandar's. But for the mid section I placed out the wall at bit further, since I had very low hero HP boss tended to one shot me everything I got hit with anything and that way the boss would just hack away on the wall (and doing some very weird movement). Might help someone else with similar problems!
  8. I use this to farm monkeys. I didn't try it for Campaign, but it should work just fine. It's based on disciple's build. http://ddplanner.com/?l=4903,monkey-farming hehe, I use pretty much the exact same build based on disciple's build! :P works like a charm though. Just got an 245^ monkey with 289 hero damage so I think i'll leave jungle alone for a while. edit: I did it with only 580 range on my aura monk, so it's a very good build :P
  9. I did it solo a few days ago using combinations on the builds on this forum. First round, build walls and harpoons. second round traps and buff beams and snares is what worked for me. This map is a real pain to solo so unless you have super stats it's probably going to take a while. For the sharken, well yeah haven't really found a good solution for that so far.
  10. Quick bump: Got myself a decent dps set: 1400ish health and around 2k dps fully upgraded. Got an 245^ nosferatu and a 174^ monkey with that set. Reckon I can kill the boss with that fully upgraded? (or using the monkey on squire and blocking my way through :P)
  11. Lovely, wave 14 and a ogre jumps past my wall somehow and 1 shots my crystal!
  12. Ok ill just get both for the long run :D Guess for kraken specifically a monkey is better then with long range and heals. Just cleared jungle on nightmare after a few tries so monkeys incoming!
  13. So, In my trying to clear aquanos I am now making and gearing up a dps character, where as I didn't have one so far. I have more than good enough gear for my builders (all 2+ in their main stats) and building a build that can afk and focus on the boss is not an issue, just need to make a decent dpser. Never bothered with jungle though, and farming seahorses on insane gives so pretty decent ones! So my question if anyone has upgraded one yet and how does their dps compare to the monkeys?
  14. Only the tentacles require alot of dps and respawn really fast! not to mention the boss hits rather hard on nightmare.
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