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  1. Hey Timeless, yes I mean steam trading cards. ATM I still need the complete trading cards from DD2 :) I think a complete set got 15 cards. How sounds 2 complete sets for a key? I bet its still cheaper than buying it on humble bundle :)
  2. I still have 3 Keys for trade. If someone is interessted. Taking other games or trading cards :)
  3. I gave away all my good gear. I kept some trans sets an i guess I still should have 1 or 2 Ult Sets :)
  4. @Alhanalem quote: I'm not deleting official maps that was only the ones from the workshop. Someone told me the get auto deleted after the get unsubscribed
  5. @starfox64_0 quote: Pretty much the same for me. Got a new SSD and I downloaded the game complete new. My open profile is so much better than my ranked one :D Still got all my celebration hats ;)
  6. Good evening, I cant find anything about such an backup system. An Idea was that maybe Trendy save the open online profiles on a server like the ranked ones. More infos would be nice :D
  7. patch made me install DD1 again and I pretty much forgot all. Maybe someone can help me, after a new install and the 1st. time starting the game, it started downloading all the costume maps. I found out how I can deactivate it, but what do I need to delete from my HDD? I found the maps in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders\UDKGame\CookedMods but what do I delete else to remove all costume maps? Or was it all I need to delete? I can't waste any space on HDD :) And what really surprised me, I still have all the old stuff in my "open" online profile. Always thought it will saved on pc.
  8. That would help me alot, but still no PSU. Its so annoying that the manufacturer repaired it super fast but frakkin DHL isn`t delievering it. Its since Monday Night already in my city... With that speed I maybe get it next week :(
  9. I'm not that far that I could do that mode nor have that map unlocked. Couldnt play since December. @Hover Yep, its like the game is cursed. Everytime some Event is running some PC part is breaking. As an collecter it sucks
  10. That is the problem, no spare PC which I could use :( The months before my videocard was too weak. Best is I give up playing this...
  11. I dont know when I will get the PSU back. I'll ship it tomorrow and hope it will be fast back
  12. Hello, I have a problem. I really would love to get the costumes, but I couldn't level my characters to 25 till now. A few weeks ago I needed to send in my videocard for repair and now where I got it back my power suply failed. So I'm again offline for some weeks. I cant believe my luck :( Anyway will it be possible to buy them later or are they really exclusiv?
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