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  1. It seem like I only have a other reason to play it. Why should I keep playing a game which is not rewarding me for the time I spend in it? With better pieces its possible to do new builds. With better pieces the runs are gonna be faster. All the new CDT Maps are made for the best of the best pieces. The whole balancing of the game is pretty much broken. I dont know what they have done to the squire, but the towers of him are not longer lure the ogres away from the core. As short example when you are using Harp's and got like 10 ogres in a row you see how th
  2. Wouldnt it be the same now? I mean, everyone is only farming alone on his own session with 3 more added own heroes being affraid that someone could steal his stuff. The same map over and over again. Than spending hours with showing off in Discord with a lot of hours trading one lucky drop. This game become more an trading simulator than a Tower Defense Game. The main change in my opionion would be that even players with a life who can run DD 24/7 get the chance to get some really nice pieces. It will not change the sh*tty droprate, it will just get you th
  3. Basically, yes. But even with that possible it will take forever untill its perfect. I saw similar solutions on games like "Alienation" were you can reroll your weapons and it took even with that methode really long until it came out good. When I see statistics on Discord were some "Building Weapons" got a chance of 1: 250.000 to drop that way. You can imagine how long it even will take with rerolling and getting enough mana for it. With that method it should be possible for everone got get good stuff.
  4. Where is the problem? When each "Reroll" would cost like 50b Mana you still cant make that fast better pieces. And like you said the RNG is bad. I bet it will take a lot of rerolls until a good pieces comes out. You cant reach end game that fast even with "Rerolls" The Idea is that a piece can only be the same quality. Like I said till a Ult++ will drop you still need to spend arround 10h min. in game. With that method mana became again useful cos you need a lot of it to reroll. Btw. I dont find it bad when Events will not be
  5. Greetings Defenders, I would like to make a suggestion for the next patch that will be released from the developers. Make a place where you can reroll your items! I play DD pretty much since the start of the game. First on PS3, changed to PC and played it there arround 3 years, quited and came back last year. Strategies from back than dont work anymore cos the whole game changes with the rise of the apprentice. All the new maps need crazy stats to beat them in compare to the "old" maps. The only problem I got with the game is that the dro
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978141573/ Akatiki Jungle - still one of the best Maps
  7. Speedrun - Normal HC - Solo - No App Natural Born Skiller https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978141573/
  8. Hello everyone, I'll auction today this nice tower boosting piece. It will reach 1200+ TB with Set Bonus Auction ends 15th Oct 22:00 CEST Events accepted: FP: 500 Celebracers: 200 NPC: 200 Celebration/Elf hat: 130 Crackers: 80 Magicite: 80 Butterscotch/Limepie: 30 Ginger: 30 Amplifiers: 50 Diamonds 5/10/15 Only accepting up to 200cv as add. If price is too low, I have the right to refuse the sell
  9. Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978141573/ Done all 4 Maps, reported bugs and filled out the form ;)
  10. StillPad

    FUTURE DD1 Development

    Oh great, where can a post my actual feedback about this game? I think I try it here and hope this will hit the right persons. Let me fast introduce myself. I'm Pat, started with DD on PS3 at the launch of the game and switched over to PC a few months later though to major Bugs in the EU Version of the game. So I played from 2012-2015 activ until I quited it at the end of 2015, cos I was frustrated about it and dont wanted to spend so much time on it anymore. I also was DD Eternity Beta Player and played later the full game until the message came that it wont be anymor
  11. Moonbase All Solo :( Natural Born Skiller https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978141573/
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