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  1. So what happens if you use all 100 DU and then a friend joins, dropping your cap to 70? This also doesn't address the issue of people who like playing DPS heroes. Sometimes you don't want to have to build towers, you just want to go in and beat the crap out of enemies. This forces everyone to contribute as a tower builder. Additionally, it means you can't join games until you get a leveled tower character. I know I leveled a dps character first, and only later once I started getting mythics did I really start to deck out my tower characters. That would have taken much longer if I had to keep a
  2. The monk would be the one that gets all the women. The tavern keeper would own every establishment that the characters go to, and always be working at whichever one they are at. Series EV would not understand human emotion.
  3. Trendy is releasing the two game modes independently. They chose to release the MOBA first. Because of that, they are releasing information on the MOBA first. When the MOBA is released, the spotlight will probably start shifting over to the traditional campaign mode. So far, we have no reason to believe that Trendy has lied or been dishonest about anything.
  4. I think the one thing that is lacking is gameplay footage. I understand if you don't want to show any footage of combat between characters, but it would be cool if you could just load up a game and show us all the animations of the attacks and things like that.
  5. I for the most part agree with you. However, I think instead of having an in game loot atlas, having an official wiki with both community and TrendyEnt involvement would be the best thing to do.
  6. when you have to pay for a game you try and get your monies worth. If you make it free to play you will get alot of people who just play the game to annoy you. Look at ps3 vs 360. People on playstation often mess about, drive the wrong way around a racetrack etc. Xbox i find is generally more mature players. If its free people dont care if they are banned, they can just make a new account. If its paid you can lose real life money. So i dont like this whole free to play idea. However i do know why trendy have done it. And ultimately purchasing lots of little things separate is going to get al
  7. i'm not a big fan of 'DLC' to start with, season passes are... just worse. if a developer wants to expand the content in their game, sure. take a hint from Battlefield 2 and make an honest to god expansion pack. add enough content with the one addon to make it worth buying as an expansion pack. don't penny everyone to death with a map here and there. To be fair, I wouldn't phrase that as "Take a hint from BF2" so much as I would want to say "Take a hint from every computer game ever that didn't come out in the last couple years." But yeah, expansion packs were so much nicer than DLC's an
  8. For variation between players, there are going to be a lot more characters in dd2 than dd1. I think they are going to release it with over 20 characters. That said, I think it makes more sense that if you see, say, an apprentice then you know exactly what he is going to be capable of without having to ask which of 10 different builds he could be.
  9. I honestly don't like the concept of a season pass in general. It's even worse than a preorder. You are paying ahead of time for the promise of some unknown content pack. Remember, DD2 is going to be free to play, so there probably woon't be DLC in the DD1 sense, so much as unlockable characters and items, probably closer to how a game like league of legends operates.
  10. I signed up and I've been waiting about a month so far with no key.
  11. I would like to think that "dumping" X number of upgrades into armor resists actually has more effect than simply making your hero more durable. I'd much rather see something defensively oriented work on *both* the hero wearing it and the defenses they build. Ex: Some units have the damage they take from being attacked reduced by armor resists. Other units get a chance to *ignore* an enemy's elemental-properties based on those same resist levels. "Nope, can't ignore this gas trap. I've got 90% poison!" Resistance was already a mandatory must have item. It shouldn't do MORE beyond what it a
  12. This idea is very simple and similar to what is currently in other online games that i know about. Stops the whole 'AFK' shop thing. But at the same time it takes out an aspect of the game that in a way many people like. its what racks up the game play hours, and there is nothing like making a big sale from loot that u have collected and dumped on ur floor lol =] With an auction house though, I can turn my computer off when I'm not using it instead of running dungeon defenders and still make just as much money. Possibly even more, since it would create some sort of bidding system. And player
  13. In response to your original question: it is impossible to 100% guarantee that a service is impenetrable. However, the way it is going to be set up, it will make it significantly harder, to the point where the vast majority of players that were hacking won't even bother, and those that do attempt to will be much more likely to be detected.
  14. It's a little differently designed than DD1, since to prevent hacking a lot more of the work will be done serverside. However, hopefully some form will still be implemented.
  15. I am pretty excited about it. Been an avid league of legends player, so I'm excited to see the TrendyEnt take on the genre.
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